Simple Tips to Teach Your Kids the Importance and Joy of Sharing

Simple Tips to Teach Your Kids the Importance and Joy of Sharing

Sharing is an important aspect of life skill that every child must learn. It is something that kids need to learn so that they can make friends and play together. As a parent, it is our responsibility to make our children understand the basics of sharing and that too right from a tender age. Sharing teach kids about compromise. They learn that if we have ‘giving’ hands and open to sharing things with others, we will also get something we want. Once your child starts going to childcare, preschool or kindergarten, he or she will need to be able to share with others.

Here are Some Tips for Teaching Your Kids Joy of Sharing

Simple Tips to Teach Your Kids the Importance and Joy of Sharing

1. Lead by Example

Best way for your child to learn generosity is to witness it. So share your special things with her and she will also learn to share with you eventually.

2. Make It Fun

Kids copy things easily when they learn through fun activities. Play games, like pretend play, with her by using a turn by turn basis so that she learn to share.

3. Praise Your Child

When she shares proactively or when told to do so by you, as a parent, make sure you praise her. Tell her that you are proud of her and you are happy that she is behaving in a good way.

4. Create an Environment

When you teach about sharing to your child, it is important that you realise that you can’t teach her forcefully. Instead, work to create an environment of sharing in order to encourage the habit of sharing.

5. Talk to Your Child

Help your child to express emotions that are related to sharing. If your child is snatching or holding something back, make her realise how her friend might be feeling. Tell your child how happy her friend would be if she would share the toy with him/her and play together.

6. Make It a Game

Give her some biscuits and tell her to share with everyone in the room. This will help your kid to learn the value of sharing. Another way could be to eat together on the same plate as you can share food with the child.

These are simple tips to teach your kids joy of sharing which I follow too as a mother. Don’t always force your child to share. Just teach her with patience and love!

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