Reasons Other Women Slept with Your Husband

Why She Had an Affair With Your Husband

Some women want to add another dimension to their lives, others seek erotic pleasure, while those going through troubled times desire emotional security. How do you explain the reasons other women slept with your husband? These guesses throw light on why some women snatch other women’s fairy tale.

Was it plain thrill, selfish motivations, or simply the desire to prove that they were accessible? Think what you may, but there isn’t any easy way to say why that women chose to sleep with your husband. An understanding of what these women were thinking may help you calm those frazzled nerves.

She Slept With Your Man- Here’s Why!

1. Yes, you live with a cheater

Yes, she probably showcased her accessibility and seduced your husband into a nooky, but your partner was equally responsible too. Refrain from acting childishly or questioning the other woman’s lack of worth; it’s not the way you would like others to assess you as a mature person. With more and more women seeking “fun”, both online and offline, there is a lot more than what meets the eye, especially when you’re seeking answers to why women sleep with married men.

2. Attention or passion seeker?

The vacuum experienced by a woman in her current relationship makes her wander beyond her limits to enjoy praise and passionate emotions with a married man. Be it in the form of a sexy demi-goddess on an online dating site, a secretary with a plunging neckline to make her boss ogle, or simply an opportunity monger who acts without much forethought. Some women feel alive, desired and more passionate by such acts. Your man may have succumbed to that opportunity.

3. How lonely am I?

Sexting late nights, emailing under an anonymous identity, and indulging in cyber sex on adult sites – they are all precursors that make them long for those willing to listen and get intimate with. Even though the guilt factor lingers in their minds, especially when they are sleeping with married men, their heightened libido gets the better of them.

4. Was she a savior?

Is it possible that your man wanted an out from the relationship he shared with you? If that was the case, he intentionally created a situation that made him believe that the other woman was a protector, rather than a home wrecker. Your man craves to be appreciated too and if the other woman makes him feel capable or sexy, then you stand a solid chance of losing your husband to the one he’s enjoying sleeping with now.

5. No baggage allowed

Full-time sexual relationships with unmarried or divorced men often lead to expectations that go beyond emotional and physical pleasures. So, the burden of managing household chores, delivering your husband’s baby or cribbing with reducing savings accounts isn’t her cup of tea. Do understand, if she was thinking of long-term commitment, she wouldn’t have looked back at the “married” guy who showed interest in her.

These facts may well explain the reasons other women slept with your husband. Rather than just quickly blaming the women, it’s time for you to understand why your hubby strayed and invited an intruder to rob what you both shared. You may want to think hard on that one!

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