Why Preschoolers Need to Play With Clay

Why Preschoolers Need to Play With Clay

Your toddler will soon see the doors of a preschool, and as a parent, you are naturally very excited. It is always a good practice of a great parent to subject your little toddler to learning sessions at home. The learning experience should be in the form of a physical activity or game and it is here that clay can be very useful!

Kids develop very rapidly in their preschool years and learn several skills. Playing with clay adds to these developmental skills and is thus considered a must before joining preschool.

1. Therapy

Playing with clay is fun and the same fun acts as a stress buster for your child. The calming effect of handling clay will soothe kids. It has the same function as a stress ball. The physical activity will also help your kid physically express their emotions.

2. Motor Skill Developer

Kids will squeeze, pinch, and tear the clay to form shapes of their own choice. The various shapes will actually help develop the overall motor skills. It will also improve the central nervous and hand-eye coordination. The intricate designs will also teach them to make complete use of fingers and hand. ||

3. Problem Solving Skills

Clay modelling will initiate a positive quality in your pre-schooler – that of solving problems on their own. The shapes made using clay will have specific edges and corners which your child will figure out eventually. He will have a great time learning to do this all by himself.

4. Confidence Booster

Playing fun games with clay will boost confidence in your preschooler. The various shapes made by your kid will develop his artistic side and help him feel accomplished. This positive confidence is great for your kid’s future success.

5. Creativity & Motivation

Clay modelling puts your child’s brain to good use, thus effectively unlocking his creative side. Your kids may come up with something wonderful and when you appreciate their work, their joy knows no bounds! Remember, motivation is a basic necessity for success and your preschooler must have lots of it at this age.

6. Making Learning Enjoyable

Make learning fun by playing with clay along with your child. Shape out letters and you will see that your preschooler has learnt the art in no time. Do mathematics with clay and you will find that sums will never be difficult again!

Let your kid have the space and time to play with clay. Have patience and see your kid unlock numerous passions. It is a terrific way to teach him some great lessons for life!

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