Ways to Make Hide and Seek More Enjoyable for Your Child

Ways to Make Hide and Seek More Enjoyable for Your Child

Peek-a-boo! Followed by a cackle of laughter! Have you ever tried playing this game with your baby? If you have, you’ll know just how interactive and fulfilling it can be. If you haven’t try it now, with some exciting new variations!

  • It will help your baby judge volume and concept of size and shape.
  • The game will also teach your little one the concept of team work.
  • Hide and seek will improve balance, posture and agility in your child.

Hide and seek is fun for kids between the age of 9-10 months and can continue till 10 years. Now while traditional hide and seek is always fun for children, there are many ways through which you can improvise the game and make it more enjoyable for your kids. Scroll below to find them. ||

Toy Rotation

Your little one will often get bored with a single type of toy. Why not rotate the toys to add more fun? Your baby will be amused to find the new toy or spend time looking for the old one. You need not hide the old one in a difficult place so that it becomes really hard. Your little one may get bored looking for it.

Play at Station

Spend some time with your little one while playing the game. Hide a small toy in your palm and let your baby find it. It will be a thrilling experience and he will love it. Or hide behind your back. Your baby will know it and eventually find it. In that pursuit, your baby will have an improved agility and balance. The works better on younger ones.

Fun with Peekaboo

This will indeed be exciting to your baby, followed by hearty laughter. Hide yourself behind the mirror or curtain and let your little one find you. Clue your baby with a sound or call by name, the little one will be alert and excited to look for you. This variation of hide and seek has never failed to amuse any child, try it if you don’t believe us!

These activities help you bond with your baby better and trigger various skills in him, ranging from enhanced motor skills to sharpened cognitive ones. Mark out a safe area for the game so that the little one doesn’t end up in any unforeseen accident. Also make sure that even from your hiding place you can keep an eye on your little one.

We’re sure your baby and you have cackled away at a game of hide and seek, do write to us to let us know how much fun you had!

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