Top 20 Activities for 8 Year Old Kids

Top 20 Activities for 8-Year-Old Kids

There is a strong reason why reading activities for 8-year-olds along with many other creative activities and outdoor games are recommended. This is the age where kids start developing a better sense of their motor strength and get a bearing on their strengths. Social interaction is also at a high and involving other kids together helps them pick up the skills of discussion, debate, and teamwork in a safe setting.

Educational and Learning Activities

We have managed to put together a list of some great activities that can be educational for your kids and open them up to learning a few other skills as well.

1. Chatting With Alphabets

Considered one of the easiest writing activities for 8-year-olds, you can mix it up with some conversations as well.

How To Do?

One kid writes a word on a whiteboard. The next kid needs to write another word which begins with the last letter of the previous one. This cycle continues for as long as it can go.

What Does It Teach?

This activity allows your child’s vocabulary to expand quickly and learn newer words and their meanings from their friends.

Chatting With Alphabets

2. Decode The Message

Turn your kids into detectives with this mysterious and fun-filled activity.

How To Do?

Use simple substitution cyphers such as alphabet numbers or replacing previous alphabets in the message and send the decoded message around. Let children rack their brains to find the true message, with some hints from you.

What Does It Teach?

Kids learn to start thinking out of the box and learn how a simple sentence can be written in different ways.

Decode The Message

3. Find The Location

Get your child’s geography skills brushed up with this wonderful activity.

How To Do?

Hang a large world map on the wall. Mention names of countries, cities, mountains, or any other geographical entity. The kid to point out the correct location of it in the map gets points.

What Does It Teach?

Children will begin to remember locations easily and start making connections between names and their possible locations.

Find The Location

4. Brain Teasers

This is one of the fantastic math activities for a 8-year-olds, this one will get your kids absolutely ecstatic while getting them done.

How To Do?

Use the Internet or books from the market to put together a bunch of math-based riddles for the children. These could even be descriptive puzzles that need math skills to solve them.

What Does It Teach?

Children begin to look at numbers beyond arithmetic operations and understand how real-life scenarios can make use of mathematical understanding as well.

Brain Teasers

5. Writing A Letter

A long lost art in today’s age, don’t let it die, teach your kids to write a letter for it can teach them a lot.

How To Do?

Ask your child to pick someone he hasn’t spoken to in a long time. It could be a friend or even a relative. Let him write a letter to that person describing events of his own life and inquiring about theirs.

What Does It Teach?

Communication is a two-way street and writing a letter helps your child to express his feelings better as well as be an inquisitive person interested in other people, too.

Writing A Letter

Art and Craft Activities

Letting the creative side of your child get its own time is necessary as well. Which is why we have listed out some interesting art and craft activities for him.

1. Beetle Dice Drawing

Turn the act of drawing a beetle into one of the coolest creative activities for 8-year-olds with this brilliant twist.

How To Do?

Assign a number from 1 to 6 to each part of the beetle, such as 1 for a leg, 2 for an eye, 3 for spots, and so on. Each kid needs to roll the dice and draw that particular body part, working together to finish the drawing before others.

What Does It Teach?

Apart from understanding the beetle’s structure better, it helps kids get excited about drawing easily.

Beetle Dice Drawing

2. Bridge Construction

Let your children work together in building the strongest bridge that they can.

How To Do?

Gather as many ice cream sticks as you can. Let your children refer to a drawing of the bridge and glue the sticks together to make one. Add coins on it and note how many it can hold before collapsing down.

What Does It Teach?

Your kids will learn a lot of bridges by emulating their construction, while others can come up with ideas to make it stronger than before.

Bridge Construction

3. Aeroplane Challenge

Bring back your nostalgia with these paper aeroplanes and let your kids warm up to it right away.

How To Do?

Let each kid pick a paper of their favourite colour. Teach them to fold it the right way to form an aeroplane. Each child then throws it as far as they can while you measure the distance.

What Does It Teach?

Right from making their own toy, your children will be excited to look for better ways to make an aeroplane and ensure it flies as far as it can.

Aeroplane Challenge

4. Origami Primer

This might be one of the most popular fun activities for 8-year-olds but it is also a great skill to learn at an early age.

How To Do?

Print out origami instructions from the Internet or get an origami kit for the children. Start off with some easy shapes and help out your kids in completing them. Allow them to paint those to make them even more attractive.

What Does It Teach?

Spatial and visual perception are great when developed at an early age, and the art of origami can open up their minds to all the wonderful possibilities it holds.

Origami Primer

5. Cardboard Creations

Wondering what to do with all those cardboard boxes you’ve got? Well, let your kids handle them for you.

How To Do?

Put together an array of boxes, sellotape, glue, safety scissors, and other material. Let your children make different items out of the boxes, right from ovens to televisions that they can sit in, or even a pet house.

What Does It Teach?

Creativity can be expressed even in old waste items, and this activity allows your children to stop depending on typical play items, giving them a chance to go beyond them.

Cardboard Creations

Indoor Activities

A hot afternoon or a rainy day can get everyone holed up in the house. Don’t let that stop you from indulging in some crazy activities with your children.

1. Family Tree

Amongst all the lovely activities for 8-year-olds at home, this one takes the cake for bringing your child closer to you.

How To Play?

Give your child a large paper and a pencil to form a tree. Then use your family albums to go through the photos, identifying your family members and putting them in the appropriate positions on the tree.

What Does It Teach?

Children have a difficult time in putting together people and their relationship with the family. This helps them understand and appreciate their family better.

Family Tree

2. Magazine Art

Get out all those old magazines and let your child turn them into a work of art.

How To Play?

Give each child a theme of sorts around which he needs to make something interesting. Let your children peruse each magazine, cut out any parts they want, and create something wonderful for you.

What Does It Teach?

Children begin to understand how to wade through a lot of unnecessary stuff to find that which matters most.

Magazine Art

3. Cleaning Race

What better time to get your children to help with household chores than this?

How To Play?

For each child, assign the same activity and time them to see who finishes it up first. Keep all activities simple, such as making the bed, arranging the books or toys, and so on.

What Does It Teach?

It helps children know the effort that goes into keeping the room clean and instil a habit of being disciplined.

Cleaning Race

4. Cooking Time

Unleash your child’s inner Masterchef with one of the popular Montessori activities for 8-year-olds.

How To Play?

Let your child choose an episode from the show. Ask him to note down the ingredients and the steps. Then, work together in making the dish for everyone in the house.

What Does It Teach?

Not only does it increase his interest in cooking, but your child will enjoy the happiness of cooking his very own meal.

Cooking Time

5. Playing Cards

UNO might be your child’s favourite, but does he know of the other classic card games as well?

How To Play?

Get the usual deck of cards and teach your child a variety of other games such as rummy, don’t hold the joker, and so on. Start with simple ones at the very beginning.

What Does It Teach?

Your child will know the variety of games a standard deck of cards can provide that is completely different from UNO.

Playing Cards

Outdoor Activities

You don’t need to take a picnic or go to the mall to have fun everytime you step outside. Go with any of the following activities to make your child’s day.

1. Washing The Car

You don’t need a helper or a cleaner when you have an army of kids at your behest and a collection of play activities for 5 to 8-year-olds at any time.

How To Play?

Get those soap solutions and buckets ready and hose up a pipe to the nearest tap. Make sure your kids are wearing clothes that are comfortable even when they get wet and let them go wild with cleaning your car.

What Does It Teach?

It makes the entire concept of car cleaning a fun-filled activity and teaches your kids about how to clean a car properly.

Washing The Car

2. Reverse Hide and Seek

Turn the tables on your children with this twisted variant of a popular game.

How To Play?

This starts with one child hiding while everybody else looks for him. Whenever a person finds him, he has to hide with him as well. It ends with one child looking for everyone hiding in a constricted space together.

What Does It Teach?

Team effort and compromising with others is learnt effectively with this activity.

Reverse Hide and Seek

3. Balloon Toss

A large open area and a nice big balloon are all it takes to keep your kids happy.

How To Play?

Blow up a balloon and take your kids to an open garden. Ask them to keep the balloon up in the air as long as they can by passing it to each other with a simple tap of the hand.

What Does It Teach?

Your kids learn to be competitive and cooperative at the same time with this game.

Balloon Toss

4. Bullseye Toss

Amongst numerous fine motor activities for 8-year-olds, this is the easiest to pull off.

How To Play?

Draw a dart-board on the ground and let your kids stand at a distance. Ask them to toss a wet sponge onto the board as close as possible to the bullseye. Give points accordingly.

What Does It Teach?

It helps kids make a better judgement about weight, distance, and energy to land the target.

Bullseye Toss

5. Map Making

Turn your children into brave explorers with this group activity.

How To Play?

Task each group of kids to investigate an area of the neighbourhood and draw as accurate a map as possible. These can then be compared with maps on the Internet and scored.

What Does It Teach?

This simple game helps to improve the sense of direction in kids and makes them adept and reading maps.

Map Making

Putting together summer activities for 8-year-olds as well as at any other time of the year can be quite a task. By knowing what children love and integrating them with any activity, you can soon come up with a massive list of interesting ones all by yourself.

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