Developmental Milestones for 8 Year Old Child

8-Year-Old Child Developmental Milestones – What to Expect

Sometimes parents wonder if their kid is growing at the right pace. Knowing about various milestones of a particular age can be used as a benchmark to see if your child is developing at the right pace or not. But at the same time, it is important to remember that every kid is different and may achieve various milestones at differe5nt intervals. If your child is 8-year-old and you want to know what the common milestones of an eight-year child are, then read the following article.

Physical or Motor Development

Your 8-year-old kid’s physical development may include refinement of the basic physical skills rather than any remarkable physical changes. Following are some physical changes that you may notice in an 8-year-old child’s development:

  • Your kid may have more precise and accurate physical skills.
  • Your kid’s baby teeth or temporary teeth may still be falling and making room for permanent teeth.
  • Your kid may gain approximately 4 to 7 pounds of weight and gain around 2 to 2.5 inches of height, since his last birthday.
  • Your kid may show refinement in his muscle control, coordination, and other physical skills.
  • Your kid’s fine motor skills may develop better around this age, and he may be able to perform daily chores of brushing, bathing himself or dressing himself up, more effortlessly.
  • Your kid may be able to write neatly within the lines and may also be able to cut irregular shapes.

Physical or Motor Development

Behavioural Development

What can you expect from your eight-year-old kid’s behaviour? Well, the following points may give an insight into what to expect from an eight-year-old kid in terms of his behaviour:

  • Your kid may exhibit a more independent nature and may tell you comfortably what he likes or dislikes.
  • Your kid may like to help you with your daily chores.
  • Your kid may be far from adolescence, but he may begin to be concerned about the way he looks and may tell you how he wants his hairstyle to be or what kind of shirt he likes to wear.
  • Your kid may want to spend more time with you, though he may not act clingy and needy.

Social & Emotional Development

Social and emotional development of a child should be monitored along with their physical growth. A child should be able to interact with kids of his age and beyond and should be able to make new friends. Social development forms the basic foundation of a child’s life and helps him later in life. Here is what may be happening in terms of the social and emotional development of a 7 or 8-year-old child:

  • Your kid may be able to exhibit more complex emotions and may show more sophistication in his interactions with elders, peers, and family members.
  • Your kid may begin to need his little me-time.
  • Your kid may be able to handle emotions such as failure, frustrations, or disappointments in a better way.
  • Your kid may look for a hug or other such physical comforting gestures during stressful situations, from his parents or primary caregivers.

Social & Emotional Development

Cognitive Development

Cognitive development relates to logical thinking and knowledge. You must make sure that your child’s intellectual development takes place with age. If you’re wondering what may be happening with your 8-year-old kid’s intellectual development, here’s what may be going on:

  • Your kid may have increased problem-solving capabilities, however, not like an adult.
  • Your kid may develop a better long and short-term memory.
  • Your kid may have better concentration and may spend more time doing a single activity.
  • Your kid may be able to understand and appreciate other’s thoughts and views.
  • Your kid may be able to make plans and implement them, like calling over friends and playing hide and seek with them.

Language & Communication Development

Language & Communication Development

By eight years, a child’s communication skills should develop. He should be able to speak clearly and give his opinion, too. To know more about an 8-year-old kid’s language development, here is what you will notice:

  • Your child’s pronunciation may improve, and he may be able to follow more instructions or commands than before.
  • Around this age, your kid’s vocabulary is enriched with almost 20,000 new words, and he may be able to understand and use most of them.
  • Your kid may be able to indulge in some verbal humour and may even make use of irony in his conversations.
  • Your kid may have an improved attention span and focus around this age.

Learning and Educational Development

Learning and Educational Development

Following are some educational and learning milestones that your kid may achieve by eight years of age:

  • Your kid may develop better reading skills around this time. You can improve your kid’s reading skills by encouraging him to read often.
  • Your kid may be able to understand fractions.
  • Your kid may know the dates, days, and months in their correct order.
  • Your kid may develop a hobby and may like collecting things.
  • Your kid may have a vast vocabulary by this age and may know that words can be used in different connotations.

Tips for Parents to Help Development in 8-Year-Old Child

Here are some ways parents may help their kids in reaching or achieving various developmental milestones:

  • Be friendly with your kid and answer or discuss topics related to peer pressure, drug abuse, or violence in the age-appropriate ways.
  • Encourage and create an environment for your kid to read. The best you can do is to lead by example and therefore, it will be a good idea to take out some time in a day and read with your child.
  • Engage your kid in basic physical activities like swimming, running, badminton or other such sports to help him develop his motor skills.
  • Keep encouraging your kid and boost his self-esteem by telling him his strengths and helping him work on his weaknesses, this may help your kid in striving to do better in all spheres of life.
  • It is very important to teach your kid to accept failures with grace. Tell him that it is absolutely normal to fail sometimes but what is important to remember is, the lesson that failure teaches you.
  • Keep time in a day for some free play. Let your kid engage in any activity that he may like to do on his own as this is very important for a child’s development.

When to Worry

As parents, you should be careful enough to notice any developmental delays in your kid. Where some kids may achieve certain milestones sooner, other may achieve them a bit later, but this is absolutely normal. However, there are certain situations that may not be normal, and you should seek a doctor’s advice for the same, such as:

  • If your kid has some health issues.
  • If your child’s physical developmental is affected or you notice developmental delays.
  • If your kid has learning difficulties.
  • If your kid exhibits extreme emotions such as anger, sadness or anxiety.
  • If your child stays isolated or aloof and does not mingle with peers or friends.

Watching your little baby grow into a young lad too soon may be quite intimidating for the parents. However, give independence and freedom to your kid, to grow into a mature and sensible adult. Just keep a track if he is meeting his development milestones on time, if not then consult a doctor.

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