Top 140 Futuristic Boy & Girl Names With Meanings

Top 140 Futuristic Names for Boys and Girls

Many teens still believe that they should change their names as they do not often know why their parents have chosen them. Sometimes, they even find the names out of fashion. It can be a good idea for parents to search for futuristic names for their teenage kids who want to relate their names and enjoy them as well. Trendy names are also apt if you are expecting a child because nothing can be better than having a name that your child simply adores! Here are some unique futuristic baby names that are sure to impress one and all.

70 Futuristic Names for Boys With Meanings

The current trend is to pick a potential name that is not only unique but also futuristic. Here are some futuristic baby boy names with their meanings:

1. Adlai

The name Adlai derives from a Hebrew word meaning “God is noble”.

2. Anakin

Anakin is a unique name, and it means “warrior”.

3. Artemis

A Greek-origin name, Artemis, refers to the Goddess of the moon and also means “of hunting”.

4. Arsenio

Arsenio means “strong and virile”. It has Spanish roots.

5. Auryn

Auryn is referred to as “Gold”, and it is a name of Welsh and Celtic origin.

6. Aurelius

The name Aurelius means “golden”.

7. Azriel

Azriel means “God is my help”. It is a special name of Hebrew origin.

8. Carrew

Carrew, a name of Welsh origin, refers to a fort near a slope.

9. Cael

The name means “rejoiced” in Italian.

10. Caspian

The name comes from the Caspian Sea.

11. Cedro

Cedro is a unique futuristic name that comes from Spain. It means “strong gift” or a “special gift”.

12. Cillian

Cillian means “church”, and it has an Irish origin. It is also a holy person’s name.

13. Cian

The name Cian has an Irish origin, and it means “old.”

14. Crispin

Crispin means “a person who has curly hair”. It has a Latin origin.

15. Derry

This name has an Irish origin, and it means “oak grove”.

16. Drake

Drake refers to a male duck. It also means “dragon”.

17. Edsel

The name Edsel is derived from an English word, which means “the estate of a rich man”.

18. Elson

The name Elson has an English origin. It means “son of Ellis”.

19. Elwyn

Elwyn refers to a “noble or wise friend”.

20. Ephraim

The name Ephraim has a Hebrew origin; it means “productive” or “fruitful”.

21. Espen

A Scandinavian name, Espen, means “God bear”.

22. Esai

The name means “God is my salvation”. It is the Spanish version of the name Isaiah.

23. Everard

Everard is an old English name, which means “hardy”.

24. Evander

The name Evander has a Greek origin, and it means “good man”.

25. Eythor

The name Eythor has an old German origin, and it means “thunder”.

26. Finian

The name Finian has an Irish origin. It means “fair”.

27. Fio

Fio means “flora of flowers”. It has an Italian origin.

28. Freddy

The name Freddy is taken has Old Germanic and Old English origins. It means “peaceful ruler”.

29. Harlin

The name Harlin means “army land”.

30. Jacob

Jacob, a name of Hebrew origin, means “supplanter”.

31. Jax

Jax means “God has shown favour”.

32. Jethro

Jethro means “eminent”. It is of Hebrew origin.

33. Jonas

This word is derived from the Hebrew name John which means “God is kind”.

34. Kaiser

The name Kaiser has an ancient German origin. It means “king or ruler”.

35. Kasper

Kasper refers to a “treasurer”. The name has Persian and Polish origins.

36. Kalel

The name means “star child”.

37. Klay

The name Klay means “Spiritual warrior” in Japan.

38. Knox

Knox means “round hill”. It is a Scottish name.

39. Luca

Luca has an Italian origin, and it refers to a person from Lucania, an ancient region in Southern Italy.

40. Ludek

Ludek means “a famous warrior”. It has French and German origins.

41. Mircea

The name comes from Romania, and it means “peaceful glory”.

42. Micaiah

Micaiah is a Hebrew name, and it means “the one who is like God”.

43. Noe

Noe means “peaceful”.

44. Nye

The name Nye has a Welsh origin, and it means “man of honour”.

45. Oren

Oren means “pine tree”.

46. Perrin

Perrin means “rock”, and it is a Greek name.

47. Renan

Renan means ‘luxuriant’ in Turkish.

48. Rivo

The name Rivo has an Italian origin. It means “stream”.

49. Rui

Rui refers to “renowned or famous ruler”. It has a Portugal origin.

50. Ruairi

The word Ruairi means “Red-haired King”. It is a rare Irish name.

51. Rune

Rune means “secret”, a common name in Norway and Belgium.

52. Ryker

The name Ryker has a German origin. It means “rich”.

53. Rye

The name means “Island meadow”.

54. Salix

It is a Latin name related to a willow.

55. Saylor

The name of Saylor means “boatman”.

56. Schyler

A name of English and Dutch origin, Schyler refers to a scholar.

57. Solon

The name Solon means “wise man”.

58. Stallan

The name Stellan is of Swedish origin. It means “calm”.

59. Sulien

The name means “sunborn”.

60. Sven

The name Sven comes from Scandinavia. It means “young man”.

61. Tae

A name of Korean origin, Tae, means “great”.

62. Tovio

The name comes from Finland, and it means “hope”.

63. Tyrion

Tyrion is a unique name derived from the Latin name Tyrianus, which means “rock”.

64. Uriah

The name Uriah is of Hebrew origin. It means “God is my light”.

65. Wilbur

The name Wilbur means “resolute”.

66. Wystan

Wystan is an old English name, which means “war stone”.

67. Xavion

Xavion means “fighter”.

68. Xander

This name is a short form of the name Alexander. It means “defender of men”.

69. Zen

A name means “living” or “religious meditation”.

70. Zephyr

The name comes from Greece, and it refers to the messenger of spring.

70 Futuristic Names for Girls With Meanings

Here are some baby girl names that have a futuristic vibe.

1. Alessa

The name means “defender”. It has a Greek origin.

2. Annora

This is a Latin origin name, and it means “honour”.

3. Archie

The name is related to “brave”.

4. Ariana

An Italian name, Ariana, means “something extremely religious or spiritual”.

5. Arvilla

Arvilla means “Eagle ruler”. It is a name of Germanic origin.

6. Ariella

The name Ariella means “Lion Of God”.

7. Arwen

The name Arwen is of Welsh origin and refers to a “noble maiden”.

8. Arya

The name is likely derived from “Aria”, which means “song” or “melody” in the Italian language.

9. Astra

A Greek name, Astra, refers to “star”.

10. Ayelet

Ayelet means “deer or gazelle”. It is of Hebrew origin.

11. Azura

Azura comes from the Spanish name Azure that means “blue sky”.

12. Baila

Baila has a Spanish origin, and it means “dance”.

13. Blythe

Blythe is an old English name; it means “carefree” and “happy”.

14. Calla

The name means “beautiful”.

15. Caia

The Caia has a Latin origin, and it means “to celebrate” or “to rejoice”.

16. Camila

The name means “a young ceremonial attendant”.

17. Candela

The name comes from Spain, and it means “candle”.

18. Carabella

Carabelle means “a dear person”. This name has Portuguese, Italian, Irish, and Latin roots.

19. Charolet

The name has a French origin. It means “free man” or “coral”.

20. Cosima

This Greek name refers to “harmony” or “order”.

21. Crescentia

The name Crescentia means  “rising or growing” or “crescent-shaped moon”.

22. Cytherea

Cytherea means “from Cythera Island”.

23. Dael

Dael refers to someone who lives in the valley.

24. Dalla

Dalla means “valley”. It is derived from Dahlia, a name of Scandinavian and Swedish origins.

25. Delya

Delya, a special name from Greek, refers to an individual that was born on Delos island.

26. Drea

Drea, in Greek, means “brave”.

27. Eila

The word is of Hebrew origin, and it means “tree”.

28. Elenyi

The name Elenyi is of Old English origin, and it means “shining bright light” or “sun ray”.

29. Elowen

Elowen means “elm”, and it has a Cornish origin.

30. Eliette

Eliette means “my God has answered”.

31. Ensley

This English name means “one’s own meadow”.

32. Erinna

This Irish name refers to Ireland, and also means “from the island to the west”.

33. Eulalie

Of Greek origin, Eulalie refers to someone who talks sweetly.

34. Evrim

Evrim means “evolution”; it has a Turkish origin.

35. Falynn

This name comes from Ireland, and it means “leader”.

36. Fantasia

Fantasia is a name of Greek origin, and it means “imagination”.

37. Felicity

The name Felicity is of Irish origin. It means “good fortune” and “to be happy”.

38. Harper

The name Harper means the one who plays the harp.

39. Ilaria

It derives from the word “Hilarius,” which means “happy and cheerful”.

40. Imelda

Imelda means the “universal battle”. The name has Italian and Old German origins.

41. Ivara

This name refers to an “archer”.

42. Junia

This Latin name refers to “Queen of Heaven”.

43. Juniper

Juniper has a Latin origin, and it means “evergreen” or “young”.

44. Karis

This Greek name means “grace”.

45. Kiska

It has a Russian origin, and it means “pure”.

46. Lilium

Lilium is a cool futuristic name for a baby girl. It means “lily”.

47. Luna

The name Luna means “moon”.

48. Lyra

The name Lyra means “lyre”, a string instrument that is particularly common in ancient Greece.

49. Lystra

The name means “that dissolves or disperses”.

50. Malone

The name means “by the grace of God”.

51. Mazarine

This name, in French, refers to a deep blue colour.

52. Minerva

This name has a Latin origin, and it means “intellect” or “the mind”.

53. Morena

The name means the one who has brown hair.

54. Natania

A lovely name, Nathania, means “God’s gift”.

55. Neriah

Neriah has a Hebrew origin and refers to the “Lamp of the Lord”.

56. Novelia

This name means “new” or “fresh”.

57. Nolwenn

This Welsh-origin name means “holy”.

58. Ophelia

The name means “help”.

59. Orsa

It refers to “a small she-bear”.

60. Paisley

The name means “Church”.

61. Rhett

This name has a Dutch origin, and it means “advice” or “counsel”.

62. Riella

This lovely name means “God is my power”.

63. Saretta

A Hebrew name, Saretta, refers to a princess.

64. Secora

The name has a Spanish origin, and it means “a person who helps others”.

65. Siloh

This Hebrew name means “the one who has been sent” (in reference to the Messiah).

66. Thyra

It has a Scandinavian origin, and it means “the thunder warrior”.

67. Tove

The name Tin Swedish means “beautiful”.

68. Vanina

Vanina refers to the one who brings good news. The name has Spanish and Portuguese origins.

69. Wynn

It means “pure” in Welsh.

70. Zeline

The name has French or Latin roots, and it means “dignified or solemn”.

These futuristic baby names are exclusive and also have a touch of elegance. Choose a beautiful, majestic name for your little one that will surely suit your baby’s personality in the longer run.

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