Top 12 Valentine's Day Games for Children

Top 12 Valentine’s Day Games For Kids

You love Valentine’s day for the spirit of romance, but when you have kids, romance is not all you need to think about on this day of love. Children are not into romantic love, but they have many other love relationships that can be celebrated. Relationships with parents, friends and siblings are just as worthy of attention on Valentine’s day.

If you are worried that Valentine’s day games for the kids is going to be boring, think again! With delicious chocolates and lovely poetry to celebrate loved ones and friendships, your children can enjoy the Valentine’s Day spirit. However, Valentine’s day games can make the day more fun and memorable for your little ones.

Awesome Valentines Day Games Your Kids Will Love

As long as they have a reason to play games and have some fun, children are easy to please. The day may be celebrated as a day of romance for most, but you can get those little hearts pumping with these fun games:

1. Heart Ring Toss

Like your regular ring toss, the only difference is the valentine colour scheme and heart ring. You can use this idea as one of the valentine party games for kids at your Valentine’s day party.

How to Play 

  • Grab six bottles and pipe cleaners.
  • Paint the bottles in different colours, like pink, red and white. You can add more bottles if you like.
  • Make the pipe cleaners into heart-shaped rings.
  • Line the bottles up, with the last row having three bottles, the second row, two and the first, only one.
  • The kids can take turns to toss the heart ring and snag a bottle.

2. Match the Candy

This is one of the simplest valentine games for children.

How to Play 

  • Get a bag of chocolates, such as Hershey’s kisses, or something else similar.
  • Place different stickers on the bottom of each chocolate.
  • Place all of the candy neatly in a grid and then play the memory game with them.
  • When someone makes a match, the candy is theirs.

3. Guess How Many Candies Are in the Jar

This game is not only fun but educational as well. You can do a bit of math when you explain the best way to guess how many sweets are inside. This is one of the best valentine games for preschoolers.

How to Play

  • Fill a clear glass jar with candy.
  • Set it down in front of the kids and have each one take a guess as to how many candies are in the jar.
  • Whoever makes the closest guess will get to take the whole jar as a prize.

4. Stack the Candy

If you want a challenging game for the kids, this timed game is a must-try. 

How to Play 

  • Get flat candy that can be easily stacked.
  • Set a timer for sixty seconds and have the kids start stacking the candy.
  • The one who’s stacked the most candy gets to keep his stack.

5. Breaking Cups

This one is a great game if you want to shower your little ones with little gifts.

How to Play 

  • Go to the dollar store and get lots of little treats for your kids.
  • You will need to get paper cups and red or pink napkins.
  • Attach the paper cups to a poster board and then place some little treats in each cup.
  • Cover the cups with the napkins.
  • Have your kids throw something like a little rubber ball to try and break or drop the cups.
  • When a kid breaks a cup, the contents go to him/her.

6. Match the Broken Hearts

This one is great for playing with a group of children.

How to Play 

  • Cut out paper hearts, and then cut each in half. Keep a slight variation when cutting each heart, so the kids need to search for a perfect match.
  • Shuffle them in a bag and have a child pick one half.
  • At the mark, have the children start looking for the other half of the heart that they have.
  • If you want to make this one of the valentine games for toddlers, you can make each heart a different colour. This will make it easier for them to find the matching pair.

7. Cupid Says

This is the valentine’s day version of Simon says. It is so simple and easy you won’t even need any props.

How to Play 

  • Think of all the blood pumping activities that you can get the kids to do.
  • Say “Cupid says, run!” and the kids should obey.
  • If anyone obeys a command without you say “cupid says”, they are disqualified.

8. Hunt the Hearts

This game is so easy that even little kids can join in.

How to Play 

  • Get lots of different coloured papers.
  • Cut them out into heart shapes. Make one heart out of one paper, so they are big hearts.
  • Hide these around the house or classroom.
  • The kids should go around the house, collecting the hearts.
  • If your kids are older, make it a little more complicated and assign numbers to each colour.
  • Then, have them add all the points and whoever has the greatest number of points, wins.

9. Catch My Heart

You will need a cushion to make this game more legit.

How to Play 

  • Have the children sit in a circle.
  • Give the cushion to someone to start the game.
  • The child will have to call out the name of someone else and then throw the cushion to them.
  • The children must keep doing this till someone takes the wrong name or misses the catch, in which case, they will be disqualified.
  • If you want to make it more fun, add more cushions to toss.

10. Picture Valentine

This is a version of Pictionary that you can play with the kids.

How to Play  

  • For this Pictionary, you will need to have only valentines’ themes.
  • Make teams and have them draw out the words for their teammates to guess.
  • The team that makes the most number of correct guesses will be the winner.

11. Heart Beat

This is a relay game option that the kids will have a lot of fun with.

How to Play 

  • Cut paper hearts, and on each, write out instructions, such as hop, skip, etc. and keep them in bowls.
  • Form teams.
  • The bowls filled with the heart instructions should be kept on one side of the room.
  • Each team member needs to run to the bowl, grab a heart and then follow the instructions as they return to their team.
  • Some will have to hop back, some skip, etc.

12. Showers of Hearts

This one can get messy, but clean up is almost instantaneous.

How to Play 

  • Make a lot of little paper hearts in pink, red and white. Put a stamp on some of them.
  • Then mix them all together and pile them on a bedsheet.
  • The players will need to stand around the bedsheet filled with hearts, pick it up and then gently move it up and down to get the hearts to move.
  • Then count to five, and have everyone lift and tug at the sheet, sending the hearts flying around in a shower of hearts.
  • The players will now have to run around the room picking up as many of the hearts as they can.
  • You can give a prize to the player who collects the greatest number of hearts, and a special prize to those who have the greatest number of marked hearts.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to make valentines day a really fun day for the children. You just need to put in a little effort, but the joy you get seeing the kids have such fun is worth it. Hopefully, by the end of the day, your children will be worn out by all their games and remember their valentine’s way with fondness.

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