10 Easy & DIY Scarecrow Art & Crafts Ideas for Children

Easy Scarecrow Craft Ideas for Kids

The possibilities of fun learning with scarecrow crafts are limited only by our imagination! Celebrate Thanksgiving by making easy scarecrow craft preschool while explaining its purpose to them while they get busy making thanksgiving gifts for friends.

10 DIY Scarecrow Art Ideas for Children

The origin of scarecrows dates back some thousands of years to the Egyptians and Greek farmers. A scarecrow is a mannequin or decoy, often made in the shape of a human. Having derived its name from scaring away crows, humanoid scarecrows are wooden frames often dressed in old clothes and installed in open fields to deter birds and animals. Since autumn is the season of ripening crops, scarecrows are closely associated with the harvest season when farmers try to protect their recently cast seed, shoots, fruits, and ripened crops. The scarecrow of popular tradition is stuffed with a straw while its free-hanging reflective parts sway with the wind. Closely associated as a symbol of fall, scarecrows make a classic costume for kids alongside other Halloween favorites like witches and cats! Sometimes adorably animated in autumn songs for children or depicted as kindly creatures in kid’s literature, scarecrows evoke feelings of amazement, fear, or sometimes mystery among kids. So, when summers are ending and the season is getting cooler, it’s time to greet autumn and think of making some cute scarecrow accessories and costumes to engage kids creatively. Whether staggered, tattered, ghastly, quirky, or crazy, scarecrow crafts are perfect for kids of all ages. This class activity can help them to interact, exchange ideas and work together as a group. Challenge your child with some interesting Scarecrow craft ideas that will get them curious about nature, seasons of the year, and the fun factor associated with the pleasingly plump-looking creature adding a decorative element to their classroom or home. Here are some of the best scarecrow craft ideas that would get them excited about crafting.

1. Paper Bowl Scarecrow Craft

This super-cute scarecrow craft would be the perfect hung up on a harvest-themed bulletin board in preschool.


  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Tacky glue
  • Black button
  • Paper bowls (size 20 oz)
  • Tan paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Black and yellow marker
  • Yellow tissue paper
  • Yellow construction paper strips or raffia
  • Brown, pink, orange cardstock, or construction paper
  • Scarecrow craft pattern


  • Start by painting the bottom of the paper bowl with your tan paint. Leave it aside to dry.
  • Print out the scarecrow craft pattern and use it to cut a brown scarecrow hat and an orange scarecrow nose. Print the cheeks of the scarecrow.
  • Cut the raffia to about 12-inches long. Stick them with glue to the top of the paper bowl. Hold it down for a minute to make the raffia hold securely.
  • Staple the brown scarecrow hat to the top edge of the paper plate.
  • Stick the black button eyes, a printout of the nose and cheeks with glue.
  • Layer three yellow tissue paper squares together and crumple them up together to make a yellow flower. Glue it onto the scarecrow hat.
  • Use a black marker to draw the mouth with stitches and add some markings to the scarecrow hat with the brown marker.

2. Cupcake Liner Scarecrow

If your child loves all things about autumn and can hardly wait for all that the season has to bring, making this simple craft might help to kick the season off early.


  • Cupcake liner
  • Yellow yarn
  • Construction paper
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue stick
  • Marker


  • Flatten out a white cupcake liner & stick it to the center of a piece of construction paper.
  • Cut several strands of yarn. Glue them along the top of the cupcake liner in an uneven manner. Stick few strands under the liner.
  • Cut out a hat and squares from different colored construction paper. Make hash marks around it with a marker & glue it on the hat to form a patch, or you can opt for foam flowers.
  • Cut out a triangle shape for the nose and glue it to the center of the face. Glue the googly eyes above the nose & draw the mouth with stitches.

3. Paper Bag Scarecrow Puppet

Made from a few common craft supplies and our free printable scarecrow template, this activity is fun to play with while narrating scarecrow stories with these puppets.


  • Brown paper bag
  • Black marker
  • Scarecrow template
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Colored card stock


  • Print and cut out the pieces from the scarecrow template.
  • Glue strips of hair straw to the sides of the hat
  • Stick the completed hat about 1″ to the top of the brown paper bag leaving enough space for the facial features.
  • Glue up the eyes
  • Place the triangle nose cheeks, and eyes in their respective places on the face.
  • Draw the mouth with a black marker.
  • Cut a piece of colored paper for the shirt and fit it to the paper bag’s bottom. Trim its top-end to make it look rounded, like a collar. Place this beneath the smile with glue.
  • Stick the square patch to the middle of the shirt.
  • Draw hash lines along the square to give it the appearance of being stitched.

4. Paper Plate Scarecrow Craft

Easiest to find around the house as leftovers from a birthday party, paper plates are very convenient for making craft items. This Paper plate Scarecrow craft will teach toddlers hand-eye coordination while entertaining the kids of the playgroup.


  • Large paper plate
  • Scissors
  • Black sharpie marker
  • Stapler
  • Orange/brown/yellow/white cardstock
  • Tan tissue paper
  • Glue


  • Cut tan tissue paper into small squares.
  • Put glue liberally all over the paper plate.
  • Cover it completely with the tan tissue paper squares.
  • Cut out the embellishments from the cardstocks.
  • You need a triangular hat, eyes, nose, and mouth to finish the scarecrow’s facial features.
  • Trace your child’s hands and make their cut-outs as the hair of the scarecrow.
  • Decorate the hat with embellishments of your choice.
  • Staple them to the paper plate.

5. Popsicle Stick Scarecrow

When fall is in full swing, it’s time to make a popsicle stick scarecrow. The crafting value of popsicle sticks cannot be undermined. This scarecrow craft is unbelievably easy to make and looks funny and scary at the same time.


  • Popsicle sticks – 12
  • Googly eyes
  • Flesh-colored paint
  • Raffia
  • Fall flower
  • Orange felt
  • Orange paint
  • Black marker
  • Hot glue gun


  • Trim two of the popsicle sticks.
  • Now line up nine of the popsicle sticks to create a square shape.
  • Stick two of the trimmed popsicle sticks across the back (one up and one down) using a hot glue gun.
  • Draw a diagonal line across the top as the brim of the scarecrow’s hat.
  • The popsicle sticks for the hat can be painted orange and flesh-color for the face. Attach the hat brim at the bottom of the hat.
  • Stick the googly eyes, fall flower, felt nose, and raffia hair using a hot glue gun. Draw on a cute scarecrow mouth with a black marker.

Scarecrow crafts for kids

6. Coffee Can Scarecrow

Teaching kids to recycle empty coffee cans into something new can be great fun. Make this adorable fall décor and watch them display them on the front porch with pride.


  • Felt
  • Silk flowers
  • Coffee can
  • Straw hat
  • Glue scissors buttons
  • Twine raffia


  • Put the lid on the coffee can. Cover coffee with tan felt with glue.
  • Cut twine to fit on the glue smile and press in place.
  • Cut a triangle from orange felt and use glue to attach it to the face.
  • Fix the buttons for the eyes.
  • Cut raffia into 18” lengths for the hair.
  • Place on top of the lid covering the lid.
  • Glue two silk flowers to the hat.

7. Mason Jar Scarecrow

This easy and gorgeous craft can be a fancy fall décor that will get your little ones super excited. The addition of sunflower brightens up the scarecrow’s face while lifting up the mood of your kid on the gloomiest of days.


  • Burlap ribbon
  • Googly eyes
  • Tan, cream, black and orange acrylic craft paint
  • Mason jar
  • Faux hay
  • Fake sunflower
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Black marker


  • Paint the exterior of the Mason jar with tan color and let it dry.
  • Make a triangle-shaped nose at the center with orange paint.
  • Draw a wavy smile with several dashes through the smile and around the nose.
  • Paint two small cream circles on the cheeks.
  • Stick two googly eyes with the hot glue gun.
  • Cut two sets of 10 straw strands about 3-4″ in length. Tie the strands with another piece of straw for the hair and glue them up together to each top side of the Mason jar.
  • Measure and cut a piece of burlap ribbon to fit around the top of the Mason jar. Attach it with glue.
  • Stick a sunflower on the burlap to decorate it.

8. Toilet Paper Tube Scarecrow

This fantastic scarecrow craft can be made in a jiffy using things you have lying around the house.


  • Construction paper
  • Muffin cup
  • Glue
  • Masking tape
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  • Popsicle stick
  • Toilet paper roll


  • Cut 2 slits down the TP roll, opposite each other, and about 2/3 down the roll.
  • Slide the popsicle stick into the slits. Wrap the top 1/3 of the roll with masking tape.
  • Cut a strip of yellow construction paper about 5″ X 11/2″ big. Cut fringes at either end for the hair. Fold it to fit the top of the roll and attach it with glue.
  • Glue on your muffin cup hat on top and draw the scarecrow face. Cut out small square patches and glue them up around the body.

9. Torn Paper Scarecrow

Tearing pieces of paper improves hand strength and endurance of the small muscles in your child’s hand. Hence this playful craft is ideal for developing motor skills, teaching about colors along adding some action to their art.


  • Red, brown, yellow, orange, white and tan card stock paper
  • Brown/black/red marker
  • Scissors
  • Glue


  • Draw and cut out a circle for the face with nose, eyes, and a hat from the cardstock paper.
  • Draw the scarecrow’s body with a red marker.
  • Tear up pieces of red and yellow paper. Longer yellow ones can resemble the straw for the hair.
  • Put glue and paste the torn pieces on the body. Attach the red-colored nose and eyes. Draw the scarecrow’s happy smile with hash marks.

10. Terra Cotta Pot Scarecrow

Superfun, easy and quirky, this inexpensive scarecrow craft transforms simple clay pots into adorable scarecrows. You can even place them on your front porch to greet guests or use them as a Thanksgiving gift.


  • Hot glue gun
  • Little flower pots
  • Twine
  • Raffia
  • Paint
  • Burlap


  • Insert twine through the bottoms of the pots and knot it up, so it stays.
  • Stick raffia on the insides of each pot with hot glue except the bottom one.
  • Cut a piece of burlap and wrap it around the main pot.
  • Paint the face for its features.
  • Stick raffia sticking out between the two pots.

Scarecrow craft for toddlers offers educational and enrichment opportunities for them. Apart from enhancing fine motor skills, increasing dexterity, promoting innovation and socialization, crafts pave the way for a host of cognitive development in children. On the other hand, young children can learn about scarecrows as a part of popular culture around the world. A scarecrow is more than just a figment of fantasy used for practical purposes in our life. In fact, the character of a scarecrow, as portrayed in the movie Wizard of Oz, teaches kids about confidence by believing in themselves and being comfortable with their own abilities and strengths.

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