12 Best April Fools’ Day 2023 Pranks for Kids

12 Fun & Safe Pranks to Play on Your Kids This April Fool’s Day 2023

Playing April Fool’s tricks on kids will not be an easy feat. Parents need to think quick and smart if they want to outwit their little ones. So, what are the best, time-tested tricks that you can try out on your children?

Want to outsmart your kid on April Fool’s Day? Simple, outsmart yourself and be the best mischief master! Taking the road less travelled is key to springing the best pranks on your kids. Don’t take the old school route while you’re thinking up tricks; instead, put yourself in your kid’s shoes and let your inner child loose. Of course, we can make it a tad simpler for you. We give you a list of 12 best pranks you can pull off and make your child giggle:

Top 12 April Fool’s Tricks on Kids

1. No More TV

All kids enjoy watching their favourite cartoons or movies on TV. So, the best way to spring an April Fool’s surprise would be to remove the batteries from the remote the night before. When your kid tries to put the TV on with the remote, he will be in for quite a shock. Wait for him to come begging to you to fix the problem. When that moment comes proudly announce, ‘April Fool’s. This should be a harmless prank to get back at your kid.

2. Switched Beds

For this prank, you might have to wake up a little early. Switch your kids’ beds and watch as they wake up to a morning surprise. They’ll be wondering how they landed in each other’s beds. Of course, the look on the face would be priceless. This should definitely be one of the best April Fool pranks for kids.

3. Eyes on Them

Say hello to an edible surprise. What is it you ask? Get set to stick googly eyes and nose on the cut fruits you’re packing for your child’s school lunchbox. Once they open the lunchbox at school, they will be in for quite a fun and humorous surprise. Your kid will for sure relay the excitement and surprise about the prank when he gets back home.

4. Bathroom Balloon

Looking for an early morning jolt to ring in April Fool’s Day? Put a balloon that says, “you’ve been tricked” inside your baby’s pot. Put the lid down. When he visits the toilet in the morning and opens the lid, your kid’s sleepy peepers will open to this crazy shock and amazement.

5. The Disappearing Act

One of the best kid-friendly April Fool’s Day pranks would be to empty a packet of chips and fill it back with cut carrots or apples. Glue the packet back together, so that it looks like a new one. Give it to your child while he’s watching his favourite show. Watch your unsuspecting kid open the packet and fish out a carrot instead of chips. You’ll confuse your little tot to no end.

6. Cold Breakfast

This prank should definitely incite weird and funny reactions from your kids. Wake up early and put your child’s cereal in a bowl and place it in the freezer. Serve it to them when they come down for breakfast. It will be quite a sight to watch them with their spoon stuck in the cereal. Make sure you have a backup breakfast plan, lest your prank gets out of hand.

7. Oversized Clothes

Buy a pair of oversized school pants for your kids. Gift it to them that same evening. When they try to wear it the next morning, they wouldn’t know how the trousers turned out so big on them. This confusion will be hilarious to watch.

8. Colourful Cereal

Add a drop of food colouring to your kid’s cereal. When your child begins to pour milk in the cereal pot, he will be surprised to see the cereal change colours.

9. The Money Bait

Attach a wire or string to a money bill and keep it lying on the floor. Once your kid see it and goes to pick it up, pull on it. He will be chasing that note, till he finds out who holds the string.

10. Stuffed-up Kicks

Use toilet paper or tissue to fill in your kids’ sneakers. Watch him struggle to get them on in the morning just before leaving for school. The flustered face will make you laugh uncontrollably.

11. The Brownie Prank

Take a brown colour construction paper and cut several squares in the shape of a brownie. Place the square pieces in a pan and cover with foil. Tell your kids that you have made their favourite brownies from them and watch them as they get tricked.

12. Freeze the Frame

This prank is perfect for kids who love to spend their time in front of their phone screens. Take a screenshot of the phone’s home screen and save it as a screensaver. When your child sees the phone, they will be fooled that the screen is frozen!

These April Fool’s Day pranks are fun, innocent, and quite cute too. They don’t just embody the spirit of the day, but also make a refreshing change in your day-to-day schedule. As parents, this is the only time when you have the freedom to play a prank on your kid without any tears or guilt involved; so make the most of it. Have fun and make April Fool’s Day a memorable one!

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