Threading Eyebrows during Pregnancy – Is It Safe?

The change in the size and shape of the body combined with the increase in the weight can make women feel a little less beautiful, even if their skin might have a wonderful glow to complement them. Hair growth reaches a peak during pregnancy since the hormones tend to go haywire. This can not only cause some hair to cover the skin but make your perfect eyebrows to not be at their best form, too. This is where most women wonder if I can shape my eyebrows during pregnancy or should I leave it for later. There are a few benefits to getting them done but not without the possibility of certain unwanted effects.

Can Pregnant Ladies Do Eyebrow Threading?

Pregnant women deserve to look their best as well, and carrying out some eyebrow threading shouldn’t be forbidden for them. Taking care of your skin and looking beautiful won’t bring any harm to you or your child. That being said, make sure the procedures you use to carry out your eyebrow finishing are safe for you and don’t affect the baby in any way. You can also try eyebrow waxing during pregnancy unless you have sensitive skin.

Benefits of Threading While Pregnant

Going ahead with tweezing eyebrows during pregnancy can have its own share of benefits for you that might not directly affect or improve your journey, but can certainly keep it safe from other harmful factors.

  • On matters of safety for you and the child, threading is the best option to go ahead with. There is no involvement of chemicals or substances of any sort, which might be present in alternative methods like waxing or so. This keeps you safe from any harm the absorption of such substances might bring.
  • Most of the usual techniques such as waxing do not remove all the hair present on your skin completely. With eyebrows, even a few stray hairs can immediately disturb their perfect alignment. Tweezing or threading your eyebrows can ensure that each and every strand is taken care of.
  • It is quite difficult to get a great shape for your eyebrows from any other physical technique without the intervention of other methods such as lasers or so. Threading is quite effective in that regard and can give your eyebrows that perfect edge and shape you so desire.

Side Effects of Plucking Eyebrows In Pregnancy

Compared to shaving, bleaching or laser treatment, plucking eyebrows is comparatively much safer and better for pregnant women. However, there are a couple of side-effects that women can possibly face.


  • Certain women tend to suffer from a lot of acne during pregnancy, primarily due to the changes in the body and the elevation of certain hormones. In such a scenario, threading of eyebrows is best avoided since it can accidentally cause acne to rupture and lead to immense pain and other complications.
  • Threading exposes your pores to the outer air, which also make them susceptible to a specific type of bacterial infection. If this were to happen, your skin will become extremely red and irritated, as well as cause pigmentation changes in the area.
  • Since the removal is not permanent, your hair is bound to return back, leading you to return back for another round of plucking them out. Having an experienced person constantly available for this might not be viable.

Pregnancy is one of those times when your beauty takes a different form altogether and it shouldn’t be a reason to shy away from being your best self. Undertake the threading procedures in a safe environment and be ready to flaunt your look when you step out.

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