Eyebrow Threading During Pregnancy: Benefits & Side Effects

Eyebrow Threading During Pregnancy – Is It Safe?

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The change in the shape and size of the body, combined with an increase in weight can make a pregnant woman feel less confident in her skin. Hair growth changes pace during pregnancy as your hormones are going haywire. This can cause more hair growth, which means that your eyebrows will also go out of shape. You might feel uncomfortable and want to indulge in self-care to feel better. However, it is always important to check if a particular beauty treatment is safe during pregnancy. If you are wondering whether you should go ahead with eyebrow threading in pregnancy or leave it for after delivery, read the below article.

Can Pregnant Ladies Do Eyebrow Threading?

Pregnant women deserve to feel and look their best, and eyebrow threading is a safe activity. Taking care of your skin and looking beautiful won’t bring any harm to you or your baby. That said, make sure the tools you use to carry out the process are safe on your skin. You can also try eyebrow waxing during pregnancy unless you have sensitive skin.

Benefits of Threading While Pregnant

Tweezing eyebrows during pregnancy can have its own share of benefits that might not directly affect your journey, and can certainly keep you safe from other harmful factors.

  • Threading is a safe option for you and your baby. Since there is no involvement of chemicals or substances of any sort (like in waxing), you will be safe from any harm those substances might bring.
  • Most usual techniques such as waxing do not remove all the hair present on your skin completely. With eyebrows, even a few stray hairs can immediately disturb their perfect alignment. Tweezing or threading your eyebrows can ensure that each and every strand is taken care of.
  • It is quite difficult to give your eyebrows a good shape using any other technique that doesn’t involve lasers. Threading is quite effective in that regard and can give your eyebrows that perfect edge and shape you desire.

Side-Effects of Plucking Eyebrows During Pregnancy

Compared to shaving, bleaching or laser treatment, plucking eyebrows is comparatively much safer and better for pregnant women. However, there are a couple of drawbacks to eyebrow threading in early pregnancy.

 Acne during pregnancy

  • Certain women tend to suffer from a lot of acne during pregnancy, primarily due to the changes in their body and the elevation of certain hormones. In such a scenario, threading of the eyebrows is best avoided since it can accidentally cause acne to rupture and cause immense pain and other complications.
  • Threading exposes your pores to dirt, dust, and grime, which makes them susceptible to a specific type of bacterial infection. If this happens, your skin will become extremely irritated and cause pigmentation in the area.
  • Since the removal is not permanent, your hair is bound to grow back. This will lead you to return for another round of plucking. Having an experienced person constantly available for this might not be viable.

Here are some precautions you should take when considering any kind of beauty treatment during pregnancy:

  1. Ensure that you do not go for any procedure that raises your body temperature. It is essential for you to maintain your body temperature during pregnancy.
  2. Avoid the use of harsh chemicals, as the risks associated with them are not good for you and your baby’s health.
  3. It’s best to make sure that the salon serving you has an idea about how to cater to pregnant women. If you are not showing yet, let them know that you are pregnant.
  4. Always keep yourself in a well-ventilated room so that you are comfortable throughout.


1. Is It Better to Wax or Thread Eyebrows When Pregnant?

It is relatively safer to thread your eyebrows as there is no involvement of chemicals. If the tools used are disinfected and your skin is taken care of, it is safe to go for it. However, with waxing comes the possibility of chemical additives and also raising body temperature if you are nervous or have sensitive skin. In such a case, opt for threading.

2. What Hair Removal Treatments Are Unsafe During Pregnancy?

Avoid laser hair removal, hair removal creams, or even bleaching, as these contain chemicals that could be harmful. If you do however want to go ahead with any of these, consult your doctor first to understand possible risks.

Pregnancy is a time when your definition of beauty takes a different form altogether. However, this shouldn’t be a reason to shy away from being your best self. Undertake the threading procedure in a safe environment and be ready to flaunt your look when you step out.


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