These Are 5 Things Happily Married Couples Do Right!

This is What Happy Couples Do Right

Neither do couples find happiness with each other overnight nor do their happiness stem from being perfect for one another. On the contrary, happy couples work through their imperfections and misgivings to strike a happy chord in their marriage and relationships. Learn how.

Happiness radiates from within. So when two people are happy it’s reflective of a strong and loving bond that’s almost palpable. It’s the little things they do and the many things they don’t do which contribute to a happy relationship. Read on to find out how they get it right.

Healthy Habits of Happy Couples

1. They Don’t Keep Mum

Communication plays a key factor in knowing how to keep a relationship healthy and strong. It doesn’t necessarily mean saying, ‘I love you’ or showering praise on your spouse or talking about household matters. But, it involves discussing personal matters and one’s innermost feelings openly. Happy couples share anything and everythiHabits of Happy Married Couplesng with each other and that’s how they keep their relationship going.

2. Snatching Some Quality Time

Spending quality time instead of quantity time is how couples maintain a joyous relationship. They don’t need to be stuck to each other 24/7. It can be a shopping trip to the supermarket, preparing and eating a meal together, or even going for a morning or evening walk in the park. If work and the kids and the daily chores take up most of their day, they can still find comfort in engaging in some quality time together.

3. Going to Bed Together

A happy couple is able to enjoy a fulfilling relationship because of the little things they do together. One of those little things involves going to bed at the same time and it doesn’t even have to be about sex. Just the closeness one feels in snuggling up to the other is good enough. It’s what happy couples do to stay bonded and in love.

Going to bed together

4. Allowing Each Other Space

Couples who are inseparable aren’t always the happiest of couples. Suffocating your partner in a relationship by constantly wanting to be by his or her side will eventually end in disaster. Happy couples know that giving each their own space to indulge in their interests or hang out with their own set of friends every now and then makes for a loving and lasting relationship.

5. The Sex Potion

Sexual intimacy as we all know is an essential ingredient in the recipe for a happy and fulfilling relationship. It can also be the root cause of all problems. In the initial stages of marriage, sexual chemistry is intense. As the years wear on, it’s only natural for the intensity to wane. That’s the catch. Rock solid couples don’t let sex die down altogether. They experiment and make the most of their chemistry.

It’s easy to fall in love and but hard to keep the love going. After you’ve passed that stage of marital bliss, you certainly have a task on your hands that needs constant care. Good relationship habits stem from mutual love, trust, understanding of each other, and even a few compromises along the way. So “if you’re happy and you know it clap your hands.”

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