Does Appearance Matter at Workplace for Working Moms?

The Workplace Bias: Working Moms and Looking Good

From frowned upon maternity leaves to wage cuts and lost promotions, working moms have to go through a lot at their workplace. Add to that the woes of having put on weight or not being able to take time out for grooming. The monetary impact of appearance at one’s workplace can trigger off a hundred concerns!

As a working mom, you may be going through a lot of workplace woes. If you’re wondering whether your looks matter for work pay, then do know it does- to quite an extent! Lack of attractiveness at a meeting or while requesting for leave can raise quite a few eyebrows and lead to financial setbacks.

Looking Good at Work – How Important is That?

1. Does Appearance Matter for Work Pay?

Looks can be deceptive, they say. This rings all the more true in the case of exhausted mothers rushing through their presentations — so that they can be in time for their baby’s next feed. But then, does that mean the quality of work meted out by them is anyway inferior to that of others? In most cases, the answer will be a stoic “no”. Then, why does lack of physical attractiveness, weight gain, or weaning breasts come in the way of higher paychecks? That’s one logic that’s hard to explain.

2. Attractive Workers Have Better Success Quotients

While most hardworking, modern women don’t believe in using their looks for moving up in their career graph, there’s more than what meets the eye. According to the results of a 2010 Newsweek survey, average looking ladies end up earning approximately 5 percent less than their prettier counterparts. Moreover, good looking candidates remotely influence the decision of interviewers and HR personnel too. Makeup, clothing, personality, weight and all other perceived factors related to female beauty do come into play, yes, at workplaces too.

Attractive workers have better success quotients

3. Why are Working Moms Less Appealing?

Seriously—there are very few employers who care about the inner beauty that emerges once women become moms. But then, becoming a mother is no mean task and leaves behind love handles, a bulging abdomen, heavier hips and oodles of extra weight. Exercise needs time away from the crib or desk; that’s one luxury most working moms fail to enjoy, unlike childless peers. And then there are wardrobe and makeup woes to be handled too. So, how do they compete with their leaner colleagues, who end up earning significantly more than them?

4. Make Commitments to Yourself, and Keep Them

At the very onset, stop feeling sorry about your looks. Gear up and take charge. Make it a habit to exercise regularly. Twenty minutes at home is good enough. Ask for help and sleep when you must—8 hours at the minimum. Pre-plan your work clothes and keep them handy in advance, so that you waste little time on the more stressed days. And makeup? Less is always more in this case. Just a swipe of lipstick and mascara and you’re good to go.

A little planning in place is what working moms need. Get that sorted and you’ll no longer be subjected to one of the harsh truths of the society we live in, where appearances do matter!

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