The Fox and The Grapes Story In English (with Moral)

The Fox and The Grapes Story In English (with Moral)

A well-known children’s tale containing a lesson is The Fox and the Grapes. The fox in the tale notices a bunch of grapes hanging from a tree. What does the fox do to obtain the grapes, and is it successful in its mission? The story of this impressive character is not only entertaining but also full of wisdom. Imparting moral lessons is one step easier with ‘the fox and grapes story’. Here is the complete fox and grapes story moral.

The Fox and The Grapes Story

Once upon a time, a fox was strolling in the “Sundervan” forest someplace in Asia on a hot afternoon. After strolling alone for a while, he got hungry. 

Soon, he reached a lush green garden with beautiful trees and flowering plants. Then, he abruptly noticed a sizable bunch of grapes on a grapevine. A luscious bunch of grapes suspended from a tree limb made him drool. The fox’s mouth watered as he peered longingly at the grapes, which appeared ready to burst with juice.

The thirsty fox exclaimed, “Wow, the grapes look so juicy! They seem ready to be eaten.” The fox wanted to eat them since he was so hungry and thirsty.

The grapes were high, yet the fox jumped up with full force and confidence. He backed up a bit before running and jumping to reach the grapes.

The first time he jumped, he missed it by a long way. After that, he was not even close to being able to touch them.

He gathered all the courage and said, “Let’s try again,”

Again, he tried, but all went in vain. He again fell short. The grapes were still out of his reach.

The confident fox declared, “Third and the last time, this time grapes will be mine,” but despite his best efforts, the grapes remained entirely out of his reach.

Disappointed, the hungry fox remarked, “What a fool I am; this is not the correct season. Grapes must be sour for sure,”

He walked away, trying to console himself.

What is The Moral of The Fox and The Grapes Story?

The sour grapes story for kids taken from Aesop’s fables “The fox and the grapes” is a popular story having a moral. The lesson that we can learn from this interesting story is that “it is natural for us to dislike or scorn something that is not within our reach.”

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