The First Personality Trait your Baby Is Quietly Learning From You

The First Personality Trait your Baby Is Quietly Learning From You

From the moment you first find out you are pregnant, to when you hold your baby in your arms, there is one thing you promise yourself. You will do your very best for the little one. You pledge to look after him always, teach him beautiful lessons of kindness and hard work, and hold his hand as he takes his first steps. But he is too little to learn all that yet…or is he? Well, as it turns out, there is something that your baby begins to learn soon after birth, in every moment that you spend together. Wondering what we are talking about?

Science has shown that babies are adept at picking up cues from their mother even at an early age. They can sense it when you are frazzled and anxious, and also when you are self-assured and calm. Every day, your baby sees you running around changing his diapers, moisturising his skin, giving him a bath, and tucking him into bed. You may feel sloppy and stressed about your new role, but to his observant little eyes, you are the best. It is through this daily observation that, as per child development experts, your little darling learns his first personality trait. Self-confidence.

How you can develop your self-confidence as a new mother

Before you set out teaching this lesson to your baby, it must first be strong in your heart. After all, it is only when you come across as a confident mother will your baby will learn to imbibe this as he grows up. As a new mom, it is easy to give in to doubts and contradictions coming in from family and friends. The overwhelming flow of advice and information can leave you nervous and confused. So, what is the best way to instill confidence in your choices and decisions?

#1: Draw strength from within, and others who feel this way

Motherhood can often feel solitary. It helps immensely to draw strength from inside you, from your instincts as a mother. It also helps to draw support from others who feel this way, portraying motherhood as is, without resorting to untrue stereotypes of ‘perfect mothers’. The philosophy that Baby Dove believes in, for instance, is a great way to restore your self-confidence. There is no right or wrong way of parenting at all – and certainly no perfect mothers, they say. There is only one way of parenting, and that is the one your heart tells you to follow. This supportive message for every new mother, comes in the form of a newly launched range of gentle skincare solutions that are not just mild on baby’s skin but also replenish it with moisture. With the reassurance of superior care to rely on, it becomes that much simpler to ward off apprehensions and anxieties, and embrace confidence instead.

#2: Fill your life with positive thoughts – and words

Self-confidence also has a lot to do with how you see yourself. Becoming a mother changes a lot about your body, your career and your relationships, and this may breed negative thoughts. This can take a toll on your overall wellness too, and in turn, rub off on your baby. Do you constantly labour to meet perfect standards set by society – for postpartum body, for career after motherhood, for how you should look, talk and behave? This can be utterly damaging for your self-belief. Mothers are not defined or restricted to definitions of perfection laid by the society. Tell yourself this, and believe in it.

#3: Take time out for yourself, and keep making little changes that bring you happiness

Finally, another big blow that your self-confidence may receive is from dissatisfaction. It is easy to fall into a rut, especially with baby care taking up so much time. Quitting – or not quitting – your job? Meeting – or not meeting – your friends? There are some things you cannot change but some you can! Like getting a new outfit or hairstyle, or taking a mini break. They may be only temporarily gratifying, but can be a huge boost to your self-confidence and a great way to ward off stress. Yes, stress is inevitable for a mother, but being frayed and nervy around your baby only damages the confidence she has just started learning.

It is said that a mother is a child’s first teacher, friend, caregiver and confidante. Her role begins right from conception and goes on throughout her child’s life. You’ll be teaching your baby many worthwhile lessons as you grow up together. You are best-suited for this, as you have the deepest connection with your child. Let this first lesson of self-confidence set the foundation for many beautiful things to come!

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