20 Best Star Wars Jokes for Children

The 20 Funniest Star Wars Jokes For Kids

Children love jokes, whether it be cracking them or listening to them. And what is better than star wars jokes? Whether you have recently enjoyed the original trilogy series, or you are that obsessive fan who doesn’t miss out on any movies and tidbits about star wars, you’ll find star wars jokes on those characters. Moreover, these are something from which you can be highly relatable. The star wars dad jokes take the humour to the next level – they can be hilarious and, at the same time, so brilliantly dumb that they’ll be a hit with both the super ultra fans as well as the uninitiated in equal measure.

Best Star Wars Jokes For Children

Whether your child is an ultimate fan of Yoda or Darth Vader, you can totally relate to the star wars name puns or the common shorthands. Look into some of the ultimate collection of an extensive collection of Darth Vader jokes that will lead to muffled giggling:

  1. What’s the Tauntaun’s interior temperature?
    Answer: ‘Luke’warm
  2. What did Darth Vader say when he walked into a vegetarian restaurant?
    Answer: “I find your lack of steak disturbing.”
  3. What melody does Darth Vader like to sing at Disneyland?
    Answer: When You Wish Upon a Death Star!
  4. What was Lando’s nickname before he became a skilled pilot?
    Answer: Crashdo.
  5. What do you call a rebel princess who only shops at Whole Foods?
    Answer: Leia Organic
  6. Why can’t you count on Yoda to pick up a bar tab?
    Answer: He’s always a little short.
  7. What did the dentist say to Luke Skywalker?
    Answer: May the floss be with you.
  8. Why did the tapeworm stay far away from Palpatine?
    Answer: He didn’t want anyone to say he was in Sidious.
  9. Where is the best place to shop for lightsabers?
    Answer: The Darth Maul
  10. What does your Canadian friend cooking dinner for you have in common with the Empire from Star Wars?
    Answer: Pal-poutine.
  11. When did the Jedi start to think Anakin was heading towards the dark side?
    Answer: When he was in the Sixth Grade.
  12. What do Jawas have that no other creature in the galaxy has?
    Answer: Baby Jawas.
  13. Why does Princess Leia keep her hair tied up in buns?
    Answer: So it doesn’t Hang So-low.
  14. What’s the most popular Star Wars movie in Italy?
    Answer: The Phantom Venice.
  15. How does Luke Skywalker always know what he’s getting for his birthday?
    Answer: He feels the presence.
  16. What did Darth Vader say to the Emperor at the Star Wars auction?
    Answer: What is thy bidding, my master?
  17. What did Obi-Wan tell Luke when his young apprentice was having difficulty using chopsticks at the Chinese restaurant?
    Answer: Use the forks, Luke.
  18. Where does Kylo Ren get his creepy black clothes?
    Answer: From his closet.
  19. Which Star Wars character travels around the world?
    Answer: Globi-wan Kenobi.
  20. What’s a baseball player’s least favorite Star Wars movie?
    Answer: The Umpire Strikes Back.

On Star Wars day, of 4th May, it might be a good idea to relive the scenes, memories, and characters with some giggles and introduce the fascinating world of star wars to your kids if you haven’t already! The star wars flavoured jokes can not only make you laugh but also have the little Jedis asking for more.

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