Teaching Preschoolers All About Plurals

Teaching Preschoolers All About Plurals

When you give your child a favourite food, say chocolate chip cookies, doesn’t he ask you, “Could you please give me one more mommy?” There’s no better time than now to teach your kid about plurals, because preschoolers are really into counting things at this stage. So you see, it’s really not all that hard to teach him plurals. All you need is a little creativity. Check out these activities to teach your little moppet all about plurals.

1. Use flashcards

What does your child like? Fruits? Animals? As per his preferences, pick a type of flashcard. Then, as your child identifies the picture on the flashcard, teach him the plural form. For instance, if the flashcard has an apple on it, tell him that the plural is apples. Doing this repeatedly will help him understand about the concept of singular and plural without you having to get too technical about it.

2. Sing it out

Is your little angel a music lover? Then this is by far the best way to get him to learn all about plurals. Play any of his favourite rhymes, say “twinkle twinkle little star”, and sing it in plural form. Showing him the stars in the sky while singing this while help him understand and remember better.

3. Choose appropriate books

Certain picture books like Green Eggs and Ham are full of plural nouns and accompanied by images too. Read aloud to your child and explain the concept of singular and plural form by pointing at the images as and when they come. Sound excited while teaching this so that your child doesn’t get bored or stops listening. After all, moods are contagious, aren’t they?

4. Use a reward system

For days when your child is not interested in learning (for whatever reason), give him something to look forward to if he sits patiently and listens well. For example, any preschooler will find to resist a slice of his favourite cake at the end of a session. However, make sure you use this sparingly, or your child will associate learning with bribery.

5. Rinse and repeat

Teach your child on a regular basis if you want him to pick up and retain the concept and usage of plurals quickly. Practicing for as little as 15-20 minutes a day will do your child a world of good.

Learning can be fun only if it is taught in an engaging manner. Inject as much enthusiasm as you can into your games, and your little one will soon be excited and interested in learning all about plurals. And in no time, he will become quite skilled at using them in his daily speech. Not only will this help him improve his social skills, it will also be of great help to him when he joins school.

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