Girly Things Men Wish They Could Do

5 Things You Do that Husband Wishes He Could!

With a society so clearly defined by stereotypical gender roles, there’s a surprising list of girly things men wish they could do. Who can blame them? Women rock, after all! Let’s take a peek into the typical male psyche.

Girly Things Men Wish They Could Do but Probably Won’t Say

1. Multitasking!

Ever seen your hubby give you strange looks as you rush around home cooking, feeding your little one, memorising points for a presentation at work and firing away instructions to your maids? That’s because you are doing what most women excel at and men long to excel at: multitasking! Studies have shown that the male brain slows down when confronted with multiple tasks while the female brain kicks into high gear to try and juggle them all.

2. Gossiping…anywhere and anytime

Men love to gossip just as much as their female counterparts, but are restrained by the fact that gossiping is considered to be a ‘girly’ activity. Men would like nothing better than to be able to drop everything and share bits of juicy gossip about their friends and colleagues without coming across as strange.

3. Have free drinks on girls’ night

Who wouldn’t enjoy having such a privilege? Drinking out isn’t cheap especially when you’re celebrating something or want to treat your friends. With most pubs and nightclubs introducing the concept of free drinks for girls on certain days of the week, women definitely have scored an edge over men in this area.

4. Playing with one’s children without reservations

Daddies love to goof around with their kids. But the ones who do so without inhibition sometimes end up getting strange looks from people around them. One of the girly things men wish they could do is to clown around with their kids, no-holds barred, without having people wonder what kind of dads they are.

5. Show emotion openly

The biggest stereotype we’re brought up to believe is that a strong man doesn’t show emotion in public. While a subtle shift in this thinking is coming around, it’s still a long way from being acceptable to see a man cry. Men feel no less intensely than women and almost all men wish they could express their feelings and emotions as openly and freely as women do.

The next time you’re gearing up to fight for women’s equality, take a moment to remember this list and smile. There are at least some things we own!

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