Simple & Small Things That Show Your Love for Your Child

Show Some Love – Telling Your Kids You Love Them

Actions speak louder than words. It holds true in terms of parenting too. Don’t just tell your kids that you love them or are proud of them. Show it to them through actions that tell your kids that they mean the world to you, starting now.

Do you hug your kids before they leave for school? Do you make sure that you say ‘I love you’ before they step out to play? If yes, you are doing an excellent job as a parent. However, it’s important that you constantly show them your love through actions too. Innumerable studies have shown that children raised in a happy and loving environment grow up to be responsible, compassionate and caring adults. So, no matter how busy or demanding your professional life is don’t forget to tell your children how much you love them – unconditionally.

Small Things That Show Your Love For Your Child

1. Quality Time is Essential

Nothing says you love your kids more than spending good time with them. In a world that keeps children and parents equally busy, sneaking in a few hours of quality time with each other shows your kids they are your priority. Try to spend time with each child individually, minus their siblings. Do fun/outdoor activities together, go on lunch/dinner dates, take a day-trip or perform household chores with them.

2. Make Family-Time a Ritual

Make mealtimes a ritual where every family member is present. Ensure that TV and electronic gadgets are switched off during such occasions. Kids appreciate parents’ companionship; it helps them develop healthier bonds and enhances their personality.

mother showing love to her child

3. Listen to Them

Kids can talk nineteen to the dozen. When they have something to say about their school, friends, day etc., listen to them. Don’t interrupt them; show genuine interest in what they have to say. Take away all technological distractions and give them your undivided attention. Ask questions and respond to what they say. Sometimes, all you need to show your love and appreciation as a parent is listen to them.

4. Take Action When They Are Unhappy

Your kids may face some problems in school and they might not open up to you for different reasons. Identify a change in patterns or their behaviour, and find out what’s bothering them. If they look unhappy or tell you frankly about an issue at school, take an action instead of just listening. Talk to the concerned school officials and participate in campaigns that matter to your child. They’ll appreciate your efforts and know that you have their back always.

5. Leave Funny Notes

Adding humour to life is always a good idea. Leave notes around the house or in your kid’s room. Write something that only the two of you know, like an inside joke or a funny incident. Throw in some appreciative and affectionate notes too. Your kids will know that you think of them even when you aren’t around.

Love is the primary ingredient in ensuring a happy childhood. Nurture your kids with it and watch as they become wonderful individuals. The bonus? You and your kids will share a solid bond with each other that will last a lifetime!

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