Preschooler Month 61-66 — Development

Preschooler Month 61-66 — Growth and Development

Your little one is now quite big! Your child is running, speaking, eating on his own, if he wishes to, and can dress himself up fine. Don’t worry, the growing up is far from done. You can still have your little baby and you are still the most important person in his life. Let’s look at some fun things your child will be doing between months 61 and 66!

At 61 months changes are slower than before but they are still happening! Keep an eye out for the following developments in your little one in these months so that you don’t miss out on the beauty of growth in your child. This is actually the most vital time to give your child your attention more than ever before.

Physical Development

  • You already have a little runner at hand but now you child will be able to change and alternate directions while running quite easily.
  • If your child is accustomed to gadgets then you will notice how effortlessly he uses the keyboard and mouse to navigate. But do ensure that your child gets as much physical activity as he does mentally, you do not want a case of ‘too much tech and no play’!

Socio-emotional Development

  • On the obedience front, your child would have acknowledged his parents are not just caregivers but also disciplinarians he can trust. This means that he will comply with requests from you much more now.
  • You child also knows how to share his attention amongst all the people he knows and loves like parents, teachers, friends and siblings.
  • Emotions are much more controlled and he knows just how to express extreme emotions like sadness and anger.

Cognitive Development

  • You’ll find that your child will reason a lot more now. He will try and think of why things happen and probably ask questions about his reasoning.
  • He will also become a lot more observant. The little genius will also know everyday things now like the use of money, importance of food and why appliances are used and for what.
  • By now your child most likely has a set of friends and enjoys playing in groups both indoors and outdoors.
  • He can trace around his own hand with a crayon. This is a great time to appreciate arts and crafts so as to encourage the skill in your child.

Linguistic Development

  • Your child’s speech will keep improving as he gets older. Now he can speak more clearly and uses more complex sentences to express his ideas.
  • He can also make use of story cards appropriately. He understands the sequence of a short story well and enjoys arranging cards in a sequential order.

Very soon you’ll be in the midst of tiffin boxes and homework, but not so soon! Let’s see what’s in store as your little one moves on to the next stage of life.

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