Preschooler Month 55-60 — Development

Preschooler Month 55-60— Growth and Development

What?! Your little one is about to turn all of 5 years old. Take a look at all the exciting changes you can look forward to!

Physical Development

  • Your sprightly child will now be able to hop and do somersaults. Make sure you childproof the house well to avoid any accidents.
  • She will now be able to consistently use one hand to perform fine motor tasks. This is a big milestone…your child is now becoming more like you!
  • She’s not far behind in the use of technology as well.  She will now be able to meaningfully browse your smartphone or tablet, so say goodbye to meaningless swiping on your smart devices.

Social-Emotional Development

  • Your child will become super confident, both at home and school. She will want to make her own choices all by herself, such as deciding what to wear, where to go, and even choosing activities without her teacher’s help.
  • She will also feel tremendous self-esteem now. She will feel good about herself and take due pride in her accomplishments.
  • She will finally begin to understand and respect the property of others.
  • On the flip side, she will also experience negative feelings like jealousy. Help your child understand and cope with her strong emotions and impulses.

Cognitive Development

  • Your child is becoming smarter. No longer concerned with just day to day activities, she will now ask questions about future events.
  • Finally! She will now willingly participate in–and follow the rules of–sporting activities. However, if your child is not interested in sports, don’t pressurize her.
  • Your child will become a master creative manipulator as in she will be able to move and position objects using just one hand.
  • She will also become better at conflict resolution and will negotiate solutions during conflict with you.
  • And here’s a really fun development: she will also learn and sing simple songs! Look out for lots of fun as she sings away to glory!

Linguistic Development

  • Your pre-schooler will now move on from referring to herself in the third person and will start referring to herself in the first person. This is a big developmental leap and you will be proud of how she now talks like a grown-up!
  • She will also recognize her first name in print. And yes, she will be delighted whenever she sees her name anywhere, including on notebook covers and birthday cakes!
  • Her writing skills are also improving now. She will now be able to hold a pencil in an adult grip and write. If she is still struggling to hold her pencil right, check out these 5 ways to teach her to get it right.

Whew, so much to look forward to at this time, right? Make the most of it and ensure your child stays in good health to be able to really enjoy these fun developmental milestones.

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