Preschooler Month 67-72 — 6 years Olds Development

Preschooler Month 67-72 — Growth and Development

Your child is almost a pre-teen now! He will soon complete six years of age, and as his mom, this is exceptionally hard for you to fathom! Track the developmental milestones he will reach in this time frame so you know that he’s growing up just right.

We bring you the major developmental milestones your preschooler will hit this month. Observe his behaviour carefully and in case you perceive any major lags or diversions, make sure to check with his paediatrician.

Physical Development

  • Your child will be now be able to walk down steps by alternating his feet. This is just like a little adult and there’s no more hesitation or nervousness. Would you believe that!
  • Just like with the stairs, your preschooler’s ability to climb and play in a jungle gym is also much better now. He enjoys being physically active now that he is so much better at all these activities. As his mom, make it a point to encourage him all you can. Fitness habits start early!

Social and Emotional Development

  • You can now be calmer about your child as guess what, he understands risk and danger! Yes, he now begins to anticipate risks and takes precautions to protect himself. Talk about growing up!
  • The good news is that as he grows up, he also understands the rules and boundaries set by his parents. He will respect your guidance and instructions and be less adamant, especially with that much-hated toddlerhood word “No!”

Cognitive Development

  • You have a little engineer at home! He can now build complex block structures using most household tools and stationery. Watch out for some amazing handiwork as he uses everything in the house for construction.
  • At this age, your child’s classification skills also improve further. For example, he can sort food according to fruits or vegetables, animals according to whether they live in water or land, etc. This is a great skill for his future lessons in school.

Linguistic Development

  • Finally, you have a confident talker! Your child can describe events clearly when relating a personal experience and he loves doing this proactively. Have lots of conversations with him and encourage other family members to do the same. Practice makes perfect!

It seems impossible to believe that your child is now so grown up. Make sure you spend lots of time together, tell each other stories, and share wonderful moments that are possible only between a mom and her child. Here’s wishing both of you a beautiful childhood together – make the most of it while it lasts!

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