Peter Rabbit Baby Shower Theme, Invitation & Decoration Ideas

Peter Rabbit Baby Shower Themed Ideas

The Tale of Peter Rabbit, a classic written by Beatrix Potter, has stood the test of time to entertain and amuse children and adults alike. Hence, the Peter Rabbit Baby Shower theme has gained quite some popularity. Try this theme for a baby shower and make the event unforgettable.

Peter Rabbit Inspired Baby Shower Ideas

This popular character was recreated for a 3D live-action and animated film released in 2018. It was directed by Will Gluck. The rabbits in Potter’s stories are anthropomorphic and wear human clothes. The adventurous and mischievous hero of this contemporary comedy has captivated generations of readers and audiences with his own cute attitude. Telling tales of his great adventures, this adorable and vibrant bunny has become an integral part of every child’s life. It, thus, is a fantastic theme for a baby shower!

Recreate a scene of the English countryside from the book or the movie with these fun-filled Peter Rabbit baby shower ideas.

Let’s begin with the invitations.

Peter Rabbit Baby Shower Invitations

A cordial baby shower invitation card in honour of one special mother-to-be can be the perfect way to start the party on a perfect note. Filled with Peter Rabbit illustrations, carroty embellishments, messages in calligraphic letters, a teeny-tiny carrot, and watercolour details on the RSVP cards will create an invite that is a reminder of one of the famous book covers. Bunny invites can be made from paper and DIY-ed with a little creative cutting. Adding a pun like ‘bun (ny) in the oven’ for a baby shower can add a fun element to the invitation card.

Peter Rabbit Baby Shower Decorations

A springtime fete filled with lush plants, fresh produce, and blooms of spring, like tulips, daffodils, poppy’s, and hydrangeas, just like Mr McGregor’s garden, would provide a storybook setting for your baby shower. Big cutouts of your favourite characters or any oversized decorations in an array of springtime colours can bring alive the scenes of Potter’s world. Domestic accoutrements, decorative items like balloons in soft pastel shades, wooden garlands, banners, partyware, and paper-crafted goods bearing Potter’s quaint drawings and adorable floral prints can add to the picturesque tablescape while keeping it both classical and whimsical in its appeal. Vases of flowers, candy dishes, food trays, and Peter rabbit centrepieces are a great way to dress up things at your Peter Rabbit Baby shower.

Peter Rabbit Cake, Food and Dessert Ideas

Bake a cake that Beatrix Potter herself would have written about. Think of a gorgeous triple-tiered showstopper featuring handcrafted gum paste Jemima Puddle-Duck, Peter Rabbit figures and blooming sugar flower accents that would attract attention.

Delicious candy dipped ‘strawberry’ carrots and Peter Rabbit ‘cabbage’ oreo truffles can easily whisk you away into this fantasy world. Or, make lip-smacking treats like a few peanut, butter and jelly sandwiches dusted with powdered sugar and topped with clipart from the book, or healthy carrots as snacks for the little party bunnies who would find it hard to resist.

Adorable bunny ears will add a brilliant finishing touch to your cupcakes served in cabbage-shaped ceramics. Open book-shaped cookies and cake pops decorated with Peter Rabbit characters and veggies can be the perfect addition to the dessert table.

White picket fence dessert, colourful fruit platter, bunny rabbit shaped sandwiches, aromatic veg stew, chicken salad including lettuce leaves and croissants stuffed with pimiento cheese are some more options to add. Then, add cool refreshments like lemonade, sparkling fruit drinks, blackberry spritzer or tea to round off a farm-fresh menu for your guests.

Peter Rabbit Baby Shower Games

Your baby shower would be incomplete without games and activities to inspire laughter, break the ice, and keep guests of all ages entertained. 

The game ‘pin the tail on the bunny’ is most suitable for kids attending your party. Draw or print a large outline of a rabbit on A3 paper. Glue some cutouts of bunny tails with some double-sided sticky tape inside the cutout. With their eyes covered, the guests can go and put their initials in any of the cutouts with a marker pen to ascertain which tail belongs to them. 

Bring Mr McGregor’s garden to life with the ‘Grandmother’s Footsteps’ game. Assign one person to be the gardener while others can stand at the far opposite end of the room, with their back turned to the rest of the group. The rest of the group can be bunnies standing in a line. The bunnies can sneak up on Mr McGregor when he isn’t watching. However, if he turns around at any point, everyone has to freeze. If they get caught moving, they need to go back to the start. The bunny who reaches McGregor first is the next one to be the gardener. Maximise the fun by playing a few rounds. 

The baby shower ‘calendar game’ is another activity to play with the guests. It’s fun, but the guests will also create a keepsake that can fit in any baby book. The participants predict the due date and, with a choice of colours, write something interesting for the mom-to-be and the baby. Remember to maintain the Peter Rabbit theme; you can give them colours, stickers, etc., that the guests can decorate the calendar with.

Peter Rabbit Baby Shower Favours

To keep up with the gardening theme, you could plant succulents in little mini terra-cotta pots decorated with Peter Rabbit tags. These can make for great party favours. Other than this, you can gift cellophane carrot bags filled with cheddar bunnies or goodie bags of candies that align with your party theme. If you prefer a non-food gift, pick up mini gardening tools or watering cans as fun take-home items. A plush Peter Rabbit stuffed animal, cutest Peter Rabbit stationery items like sticker sheets, carrot-shaped ornaments, seeds, orange playdough, cookie kits, Beatrix Potter colouring or mini storybooks, toys, miniature characters from the book, etc., would impress guests of all ages.

There is nothing sweeter or more adorable than to cherish the feeling of entering parenthood. As the bundle of joy is on its way, every parent-to-be wants to share their happiness and expectations with their loved ones. Make this event memorable by planning properly and using mindful decor that conveys the love and care every soon-to-be mommy deserves.

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