Getting Familiar with Facts about Orgasm during Pregnancy

Things You Should Know About Orgasm During Pregnancy

Many women worry that sex or orgasm can harm their baby during pregnancy, and hence they avoid sex while pregnancy. And men avoid it because of the fear that they might harm the baby or their partner. However, the good news is that sex or orgasm doesn’t harm the baby. In fact, having sex during pregnancy can lower stress levels and promote the emotional well-being of a woman. Read this article to learn about having an orgasm during pregnancy.

Is it Safe to Have an Orgasm in Early Pregnancy?

A mom-to-be may have heightened levels of sexual feelings and orgasms in their pregnancy. And it is perfectly normal and safe to have an orgasm during pregnancy. In the case of a healthy pregnancy, orgasm doesn’t increase the risk of preterm labour or miscarriage. However, if it is the case of an unhealthy pregnancy, there might be a risk of premature labour and sex can prove unsafe.

Earlier it was believed that orgasm could harm a baby and even result in a premature delivery as the uterus contracts during orgasm. When a woman has an orgasm, the hormone oxytocin is released, could cause contractions or labour, hence having sex during pregnancy was avoided. But there is no study to prove that having an orgasm during pregnancy can harm the baby.

Some Facts About Pregnancy Orgasm

Mentioned below are some facts that will help you understand better about sex and orgasm during pregnancy:

  1. Orgasm can Be a Stress Buster: Orgasm causes an adrenaline rush. Having sex during pregnancy and achieving orgasm can promote emotional well-being and lower your stress levels, and thus help you get good sleep. It can also help manage your blood sugar levels and act as a stress buster.
  2. Prepare You for Labour: Orgasms help strengthen the pelvis which is good for labour. The pelvic muscles are used extensively for pushing the baby out and experience a lot of strain. Orgasms act as workout sessions and can strengthen your pelvis before the big day.
  3. Strengthen the Muscles: While pregnant, you will probably take frequent bathroom breaks. And as your baby grows in size, there will be a strain on your bladder which can make you run for the loo every now and then. Orgasms can help strengthen the same muscles that control urine flow and thus, work to your advantage!
  4. Boost Your Confidence: Due to hormonal fluctuations, you may experience mood swings and bouts of depression. Having sex with your partner and achieving orgasm may make you content and happy, and you might also feel confident!
  5. Can Cause Cramps: Cramping is quite normal in pregnancy and varies in intensity for each orgasm. These cramps are similar to menstrual cramps and subside on their own after a while.

Why Are Orgasms More Intense During Pregnancy?

During pregnancy, a woman’s breasts and vagina become highly sensitive due to the large volumes of blood in these regions. This sensitivity helps in experiencing heightened sexual pleasure.

A pregnant wife and husband in bed

Can Orgasms Affect the Foetus?

Sex or orgasms do not affect the foetus as it is protected by the mucus plug as well as the amniotic sac. Having sex during pregnancy won’t affect your baby; however, doctors suggest otherwise in the following cases:

  • If you have had any miscarriages earlier
  • If you are at the risk of premature birth
  • If you experience any spotting or cramping
  • If you are at the risk of catching infections or any sexually transmitted diseases

Are Orgasms Ever Less Intense?

In the third trimester of pregnancy, your uterus will not be able to contract fully, because of the size of the baby and your belly, and hence you may not achieve a complete orgasm.

Why Does Pregnant Belly Get Hard During Orgasm?

Orgasms during pregnancy can cause the uterus and the muscles in the pelvic region to contract. This may make you feel as though your belly has become hard. But there is no need to worry as it is just one of the pregnancy-related symptoms that will disappear post-delivery.

Pregnancy is a special time for couples – make it even more special by celebrating it with your partner. Yes, you can have sex with your partner during pregnancy whenever you are in the mood. It will help strengthen the bond between the two of you and may even help induce labour during the final months of pregnancy.

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