Mucus in Poop during Pregnancy: Reasons, Signs & Treatment

Mucus in Stool While Pregnant – Should You Be Worried?

When a woman is pregnant her body goes through many changes and it can be a difficult time for a mother-to-be. It is extremely common for a mother-to-be to get anxious if she notices a usual change in her body. Everyone tells a woman about the good changes that a baby will bring in her life, but no one tells her about the unpleasant problems she may face during pregnancy. One such problem that scares most women is the presence of mucus in their stools while pregnant. Find out whether this problem is common or not.

Is It Normal to Have Mucus in Stool during Pregnancy?

The presence of mucus in stool in early pregnancy is considered normal. This is because the presence of mucus in stool can be due to the changes your body goes through during pregnancy. If there’s only a little mucus in your poop, you probably don’t need to worry. But if you notice blood along with mucus in your stool during pregnancy and notice it often, then you should contact your gynaecologist. Also, if you have lower abdominal pain and you notice a lot of mucus in your stool, don’t take the problem lightly. You should consult a doctor.

What are the Possible Causes of Mucus in Stool while Pregnant?

Usually, digestive problems can lead to mucus in your poop. Some of the causes of mucus in poop are mentioned below.

  1. A hormone imbalance in your body can cause mucus in your stool.
  2. Another common cause for the presence of mucus in your body during pregnancy could be the prenatal vitamins you take. If these vitamins have an excess of iron or calcium, you may notice mucus in your poop.
  3. The expansion of your uterus commonly also displaces your intestines and this can also lead to mucus excretion in your body.
  4. If you have food allergies associated with nuts or lactose, it can cause mucus in your stool.

Mucus in stool diagnosis

Treatment for Mucus in Stool during Pregnancy

When you notice mucus in your stool during pregnancy, try to find its type as it will help you identify its cause. You will be able to tell if it is because of an infection, dehydration or something else. This problem can be treated with antibiotics, which your doctor can provide. Other than that, here is what you can do to treat this problem at home.

  1. Change your prenatal vitamins.
  2. You can ask your doctor if you can use a stool softener during pregnancy.
  3. In case of an infection, complete the course of antibiotics your doctor has prescribed for you. Do not stop it midway.

Tips to Prevent Mucus in Poop while Pregnant

The best course of action for any condition is prevention. Here are four ways to prevent mucus in your stool during pregnancy.

1. Stay Hydrated

The presence of white mucus in stool during pregnancy could be due to dehydration. Consult your doctor about the amount of water you should drink during pregnancy. Drink plenty of water and, if needed use hydration salts. This will help avoid mucus build up.

2. Exercise

You should try prenatal workout as it can improve your immune strength. A strengthened immune system will be able to combat infections better and keep the infections that cause green mucus in the stool at bay. However, before you try any exercise, talk to your doctor. Perform the exercises that are safe and don’t exercise for more than 45 minutes. It is crucial that you listen to your body during this time and take rest if you feel tired. You can resume the workout after a short break.

3. Follow a Balanced Diet

Constipation is a common cause of mucus buildup during pregnancy, this is why your diet should be well-balanced and you should consume plenty of minerals and vitamins. Take supplements if necessary. Make sure your meals are high in fibre. Dietary fibre helps soften the stool and can keep you full throughout the day and combat constipation.

4. Stay Calm

The presence of mucus in your body could be due to numerous different aspects, but you need not stress. In fact, it may make it a lot worse. Stress can also increase the likelihood of further complications that lead to the presence of blood or abdominal pain in your body. Both of which are signs of anything from IBD to premature birth. So, remember to quell the anxiety by exercising. You can try yoga, tai chi or meditation. Use essential oils and diffusers to calm yourself down.

When to Consult a Doctor

You need not worry if you see a little mucus in your stool. But in the following cases, you should consult a doctor –

  • If you notice blood and mucus in your stool.
  • If you have lower abdominal pain.
  • If you have haemorrhoids.

Although the presence of mucus in early pregnancy is not a big problem, it is best to talk to a doctor if that’s what is making you anxious. Discuss this problem with your doctor, he will provide the right treatment. Furthermore, don’t strain yourself during pregnancy. Make sure that you complete the course of medications you have been prescribed. If you are afraid the medication is the cause, consult your doctor.

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