Can Squads Help to Induce Labour?

Do Squats Help to Induce Labour?

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There are many ways in which pregnant women can induce labour. These methods can either be natural or through the use of medical intervention, both of which are accepted practices. However, as most women prefer the natural method, the question arises whether squats actually help induce labour. Read on to find out more about whether squats actually help induce labour or if it’s just a myth.

What are the Benefits of Squats to Induce Labor?

Although squatting alone is not a foolproof method, it definitely has its benefits when it comes to inducing labour. A lot of women opt to do this as doctors have seen positive results associated with squatting and labour induction. Here are some benefits.

1. Pelvic Output

Squatting is a natural pose for humans to open up and relax the groin muscles. The American Pregnancy Association states that squatting can help improve pelvic output by up to 10%.

2. Strong Muscles

Squatting leads to stronger leg muscles which are necessary for the third trimester when it comes to the final push.

3. Decreased Labour Time

It is believed that squatting can lead to a decrease in labour time by eleven whole minutes! That seems to be a long time as each minute can feel like forever while trying to give birth.

4. Eases Constipation

Squatting helps ease constipation which can happen in the last few weeks of pregnancy.

5. Creates Space

Squatting also helps to create more space so that the baby can move to the birthing canal by assuming the right birthing position.

Right Way to Do Squats to Induce Labour

Now that we have covered the benefits of squatting in order to induce labour, it is important to know the right way to perform a squat so that you can keep your form right and not injure yourself. Read on to find out more about the steps involved:

Right Way to Do Squats to Induce Labour

  • Stand straight with your feet spread apart.
  • Lower your body in such a way that you are going to sit on an imaginary chair until your hips are parallel to the ground.
  • Do not arch your back and make sure that you are able to maintain balance. If not, use your husband’s help.
  • Ensure your heels are always touching the ground.
  • Use your leg muscles and core to return to a standing position.
  • Repeat this process as many times as your body allows you.

Things to Note When Doing Squats to Induce Labour

Squatting is a harmless exercise for the most part but, when you’re pregnant, you must be extra cautious with every move you make. In case you notice a baby breach, squatting may do more harm than good. In this situation, the baby is forced into the birthing canal without assuming the proper position. Make sure to take regular tests and keep in touch with your doctor so that you can exercise caution and make this an enjoyable process.

Things to Note When Doing Squats to Induce Labour

Do Squats Help in the Water Breaking?

Squats have their own benefits, not only for building strength but also for the process of pregnancy. Performing squats every day during the final weeks of your pregnancy helps direct the baby into the birthing canal and into the right birthing position. This has actually resulted in the water breaking and assisted many women in giving birth naturally.

Precautions to Take When Doing Squats

Squatting comes to most of us naturally, but there are certain points that you should keep in mind while performing squats to start labour to ensure the safety of you and the baby.

  • Make sure to exercise only on a flat surface.
  • Wear loose clothes so that you do not feel suffocated.
  • Make sure to eat healthy so as to meet the nutritional requirement.
  • Do not let your knees cross your feet when you squat to prevent injury.
  • Be sure to stay hydrated all day, every day.
  • Do not push yourself to a point where you feel very tired. Listen to your body and be careful.
  • Squats to bring on labour is a natural process but must be performed under supervision.

We have understood the benefits and as well as the precautions that need to be taken while performing squats in order to induce labour. However, make sure that you are the baby are in safe hands and don’t get injured while performing these exercises. If you are very comfortable with squats, you can try variations of it or try to add weights by including kettlebells, only after the approval of your doctor.

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