Amazing Facts About Babies in the Womb

5 Things You Didn’t Know Your Baby Could Do In The Womb

The amazing things babies do in the womb before coming into the world can leave you wide-eyed. Yes, babies discover and develop numerous abilities even as they are growing within you. Take a peek into the most impressive things that you would never expect your unborn to do.

Ever wondered what babies are up to in the womb? Apart from growing up and sleeping, they are also exploring and developing new abilities at all times. Unbelievable as it may sound, there have been serious studies that have reported these infant activities, even while they’re in their gestation period. Read here a list of five amazing things sure to make you sit upright.

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Interesting Facts about Babies in the Womb

1. Stress Affects Them Adversely

Can babies see in the womb? Yes, they can feel all palpable tensions too. Anxiety reported by moms make foetuses use their left hands for touching their face. This clearly suggests that a mother’s emotions do impact a baby’s movements in surprising and subtle ways. This also means that moms-to-be must be relaxed at all times.

2. They Taste Your Supper Too

Certain food ingredients such as ginger, garlic, anise, and other sweet flavours find their presence in the amniotic fluid. They often alter the flavour of the same. Now, this seems to be nature’s way of introducing an unborn baby to other food flavours that she’s likely to enjoy after entering the world. So, if you’re still wondering what babies do in the womb, then do know they are relishing your favourite recipes too!

They taste your supper too

3. They Smile and Express Emotions

From the onset of the thirty-sixth week, babies start showing facial expressions. They bring forth a downturned mouth, wrinkled nose, or a frown in their mom’s womb. Yes, foetuses may also sport a beautiful smile, relax their faces, or shut their eyes in complete bliss. So cute!

4. They Love Your Stories

According to studies done on babies during reading times, foetal heartbeats become less hurried as they are more relaxed while listening to the stories narrated by their would-be-moms. Among the many facts about babies in the womb, this proves to be the most interesting one, as babies are known to become receptive to the calls of their relatives too. They start recognising others by their voices once they are born – wow!

5. Your Baby Knows How to Breathe

True that the umbilical cord is useful for providing the oxygen needed by the foetus during pregnancy, but then the baby knows how to breathe too. At just nine weeks, they start practicing breathing, going through the respiratory motions and thus perfecting this necessity of life. Really! There’s no end to what babies learn in the womb to think of it.

Go ahead and ask yourself do babies dream in the womb or do babies sneeze in the womb? You may be surprised by the answers given back by your research!

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