10 Heart Warming Happy Birthday Poems for Brother

Top 10 Heart Warming Birthday Poems for Brother

Brothers are our first friends. They are, in fact, the first best friends, partners in crime, and closest companions we grow up with. A birthday poem for a big brother is probably the sweetest way to wish your elder brothers. For the naughty and jolly ones, you can choose funny birthday poems. We have gathered some poems in this article that are perfect for brothers who are sweet, naughty, older, or younger. Take your pick and surprise your brother with heart-touching poetry on his birthday!

Best Birthday Poems for Brothers

Your brother’s birthday is the perfect time to show how much he means to you. Happy Birthday verses for brothers can be great ways to wish your brother and express your love on his special day. Here are some of the best birthday poems for brothers that will fill his heart with joy and feel your love.

1. Birthday Poem for Big Brother

Dear older brother,
You make me happy,
like a bright summer.
On your very special day,
all I really wish to say,
Is I love you more than little puppies,
and chocolate cake.
I love you more than ice-cream,
and strawberry milkshake.
I love you more than rainbows,
and the first snowflake.
I love you more than,
all the money I could take.
So here’s a hug,
and here’s a handshake.
Let’s celebrate your birthday, my dear,
Let’s celebrate you today and another year!

2. Special Birthday Greetings

It’s your birthday today,
I hope it’s extra special just like you.
I wish you all the happiness in the world,
and wish away your blue.
May all your dreams come true,
Whether they are old or new.
May your triumph reach the sky-high,
May you always succeed in your first try.
May life never ask you any questions,
Not what and definitely not why.
May this year bring you joy and hope,
Like a day brand new.
Wishing the best for you,
Wishing a very happy birthday to you!

3. Happy Birthday, Mischievous Little Brother

You’re the most mischievous person,
I have ever known.
I know you well,
for together we have grown.
Together we played,
and together we fought.
With our mutual mistakes,
we learned, and we taught.
You were the most important part,
of the lovely childhood, we had.
The amazing family we were,
you, me, mom and dad.
The memories and nostalgia,
of our childhood is my life’s best part.
Thank you for loving me,
with all your heart.
You mean so much to me,
that words can never say.
May you get all the health and happiness,
dear brother, this is what I always pray.
Happy Birthday to you!

4. Happy Birthday to the Partner in Crime

You are my perfect brother,
My partner in crime.
With you, I have spent,
the most fun time.
We make the perfect duo,
dear brother, you know,
With no one else,
I have a bond so strong,
When I’m with you,
I’m sure nothing can go wrong.
With you, my whole life,
and my happiness belongs.
With you, I share all my joys,
and sing all the happy songs.
With you, I want to spend,
my every happy moment.
With you, I want to laugh and cry,
every minute, every second.
There’s nothing more,
that I can really say, dear brother.
Wishing you a very happy birthday

5. Happy Birthday to the Perfect Companion

You and I
Are like bread and butter
Always accompanying
One another
You and I
Are like salt and pepper
Wherever we go
We go together
You and I
Are like leaf and flower
together we radiate,
more glamour
You and I
are like table and chair
incomplete without each other
but a perfect pair
You and I
Can’t do without each other
We are the best duo
Of a brother and sister
Here’s to another year that you grow
Here’s to wishing happy birthday, bro!

6. Happy Birthday Brother With Memories and Nostalgia

From the day I first met you,
up until now.
I have loved you with all my heart,
oh little brother, you know.
From the day I first hugged you,
and shushed you down to sleep.
I knew you were the best brother,
I get to keep.
From the day I first helped,
mom to change your nappy.
I knew you would,
make me very happy.
With your warm snuggles,
and your wide eyes.
With your toothless smiles,
and your loud cries.
They made me happy,
they brought me joy.
As we celebrate your first year,
Wishing you a very happy birthday, dear little brother!

7. Pillar of Strength: Birthday Poem for Big Brother

You are my pillar of strength;
You are my strongest support.
You make my life shine brighter;
and make me smile wider.
I look up to you,
I follow your steps.
Thank you for always guiding me,
motivating me,
and encouraging me,
to do better,
and be the best version of myself.
It’s your special day,
Wishing you a very happy birthday!

8. Happy Birthday Brother: The God’s Gift

A brother as sweet as you,
Can only be God’s gift, pure and true.
Your innocence gives me strength,
and your laughter fills my heart with joy!
Even your infinite questions,
do not annoy.
My buddy, my secret keeper,
my best friend in the whole wide world,
A special birthday wish is only meant,
for a brother like you, who is God sent!

9. Birthday Wishes

Dear brother,
On your birthday,
I wish you succeed in,
every endeavour you take on.
I wish your life be showered,
with love and blessings and more.
I wish you good health,
and all the luxuries and wealth.
I wish that you be as kind-hearted
as you are now, today, tomorrow,
and for the rest of your life.
And may happiness,
love and good luck engulf you all the time.
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, dear brother!

10. Sugar and Spice Wishes

You are the perfect combination
of naughty and nice.
With you, every fun moment
brings laughter twice.
You are as sweet as berries
and as cool as ice.
Whatever you do,
please don’t change
this is my advice.
I always wish that
you are healthy, wealthy, and wise.
On your birthday,
here’s a little surprise.
Wishing you the very best
little brother.
May your life be full of
Sugar and spice!

So wish your brothers with these birthday poems that are funny, cute, playful, and sweet, just like them. Write these poems on greeting cards, handmade cards, or e-greeting cards, or send them e-mails or text messages. These poems are the sweetest and most heartwarming birthday greetings one sibling could wish for from another sibling. These poems will surely bring a wide smile to the birthday boy’s face and make his day extra special!


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