Easter Speeches - Ideas and Tips for Kids

Easter Speeches – Ideas and Tips for Kids

Easter brings along joy and hope for a better tomorrow for many. For kids, it is the day for Easter egg hunts, Easter egg activities, delicious foods, and lots of fun and frolic! However, when it is time to educate them about the significance of the day, some parents may wonder what they can do. Well, there are several activities that kids can partake in, and in the process, learn about Easter and understand its importance. One of these activities is giving a speech for the occasion. Here are some easy Easter speech ideas that your child can work around to prepare an Easter speech in her own style.

Short and Simple Easter Speeches for Kids

These short and simple Easter speech ideas are perfect for children to prepare their own speeches and wow the listeners with their knowledge and presentation skills.

1. History of Easter

Easter is the day Jesus Christ is believed to be resurrected, three days after His crucifixion. His resurrection is said to be the foundation of Christianity. This day, therefore, is a significant day for Christians.

But, do you know why it is called Easter? The word “Easter” is believed to have various derivatives. Some say it is derived from Eostre, the Goddess of spring and fertility. Some say it comes from eostarum in the Old High German language, which itself was derived from a Latin phrase “in albis”. This phrase is the plural of the Latin word “alba”, which means “dawn”.

We celebrate this day to commemorate the return of the Son of God from the dead. This day strengthens the faith of the followers in God and His working, and gives them an opportunity to resurrect themselves spiritually.

2. What Easter Means to Me

Easter, the day Jesus Christ was resurrected from the dead, is the day to celebrate the return of the Son of God. It has great religious significance for us, but it is also the day that marks our transition into the spring season.

The arrival of spring after a cold winter, when the earth is at its fertile best and gifts us lush green meadows and fragrant blossoms, reminds me of regrowth, rebirth, and resurrection.

Martin Luther King, Jr. once said that our Lord has written the promise of resurrection, not in books alone, but in every leaf in springtime. The flourishing flora during springtime is nothing but the same promise for us.

Come, let’s celebrate the day together. Let’s rejoice and sing praises on this day, for the Son of God had risen from the dead and given us hope that life never ends, and His blessings always shower upon us.

3. Easter Speech for Toddlers

I always wondered why Jesus sends bunnies on Easter to deliver his gifts to every child in the world, and then it occurred to me – bunnies are like little pieces of heaven!

They are soft and white, like the clouds of heaven; they are fast, like our journey through life, and they probably haven’t committed a sin in their lives, which makes them pure! And, they eat healthily!

I think Jesus won’t have to worry about them eating all of the jellybeans, and I’m pretty sure they don’t like to eat eggs, either.

Happy Easter!

These Easter speeches for kids are only a few examples. These can be customised to suit the occasion and the speaker. Let’s take a look at how you can help your little one customise her Easter speech. Below, we have also given some topics your child can choose from to prepare her Easter speech this year.

How Your Child Can Customise It

With these ideas, your munchkin can easily customise her Easter speech and leave a lasting impression on her audience.

  • Write down the key points, and weave a personal experience around them.
  • Share your thoughts and knowledge about Easter, ensuring that they do not hurt anyone’s sentiments,
  • Always focus on the message when writing the speech.
  • Write and deliver your speech in a way that captivates the listeners.
  • You may include a relevant quote in the beginning, middle, or at the end of the speech.
  • You can add a hymn or two to put up a great presentation, too!

Easter Speech Topic Ideas for Kids

While most Easter speeches will tell the story of Jesus Christ’s resurrection, there are a few other topics your child can explore to write her speech. Here are some of them:

  • The Story Behind the Easter Rabbit
  • Easter and Spring
  • The Significance of Easter Eggs on Easter
  • Easter Traditions Across the World
  • Why Does Easter Fall on Different Dates Every Year?
  • How Does the World Celebrate Easter?
  • The Importance of the Holy Week
  • Colours of Easter
  • The Springtime Flowers that Represent Easter

These ideas can come in handy for your kid to prepare a beautiful Easter speech for your church, community, or family. Encourage her to personalise it to make it a sincere and thoughtful speech using the tips provided above, and help her develop her presentation and speech skills to give a meaningful Easter speech this year. Happy Easter!

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