41 Lovely Good Night Messages for Your Wife

41 Romantic Good Night Messages for Your Wife

There’s nothing like a romantic message to show your wife how you feel about her and leave her thinking about you. It doesn’t matter whether your love quote is cheesy or witty, texting her one out of the blue or when you’re away will definitely make her feel special.

Good Night Text Messages and Wishes That Will Impress Your Wife

Here are some good night text message ideas to send your wife:

  1. Even the brightest stars in the night sky pale in comparison to the twinkle in your eyes, Good night love.
  1. Days and nights will come and go, but my love for you will ever grow. Worry not about the future or the past, because my love for you will forever last. Good night.
  1. You light up my nights, brighter than the moon or any star ever can. Now they envy you and look at me in anger. Good night Babe!
  1. This message for the most special woman in my life comes with the following attachments; the sweetest kiss, cosiest hug, the warmest snuggle and the tightest cuddle. Sleep tight, good night!
  1. When I come home, you’re all that I need; when I grow old, you will be all that I need, my wife, my queen. Good night, sweet dreams!
  1. Your angelic voice, your gentle touch and the light in your eyes is everything that makes my day. Your presence is like a love story that I wish never has an end. Good night.
  1. Every time I think of you, I can’t help but smile. I have to admit that you have completely taken over my mind. I only wish I could make you smile just as much. Sweet dreams.
  1. Every night I look forward to snuggling with you, so I can fall asleep in the comfort of your embrace and wake up in the morning knowing I have you on my side. Sleep tight.
  1. Like the dandelion blown softly by the gentle breeze, may your worries scatter away so you can sleep at ease. Sweet dreams darling!
  1. You’re the centre of my world, the apple of my eye, the sparkle in my sky and the light of my day. I love you, good night!
  1. Our love is a rushing waterfall, majestic and strong, beautiful and deep. I long to feel its passion every moment as we cuddle each other to sleep. Good night.
  1. There are thousands of stars that shine far and bright, you, my wife, are the favourite star in my sight. Much Love, good night.
  1. When you are away from me, when you are dreaming in your sleep, I hope it’s about me, and how lucky I am to have you. Sweet dreams!
  1. If I were the Sandman, I would make your sand extra sparkly and your dreams extra sweet. Here’s wishing you a peaceful sleep and sweet dreams!
  1. When I sleep, I dream of you and me, I dream of you dreaming about me, I dream that this distance between us will only remain a dream. Sweet dreams!
  1. Just as the stars light up the sky, your love lights up my heart. In the darkest of nights, you’re my shining light. Good night!
  1. I hope you sleep well knowing I’m thinking of you. Good night!
  1. Every night as I count my blessings, you are the first one on my mind. Good night!
  1. Words can’t describe just how much more I love you with each passing day. Good night!
  1. Sometimes when you fall asleep sooner, I watch you sleep knowing I’m a lucky man. Sweet dreams!

Romantic Ways to Wish Your Wife Good Night

  1. When I think of you, I know there is no dream too lofty to achieve; I know there’s nothing impossible. Good night!
  1. When you fall asleep tonight, I want you to dream of me, because I’m dreaming of you. Good night!
  1. This silence is deafening as I go to sleep without you in my arms. Sweet dreams.
  1. Good night to the woman who means everything in the world to me.
  1. Tomorrow is a fresh start, a blank page. Good night!
  1. Romantic hugs, naughty tugs, slow kisses and long cuddles are how I want to wish you good night tonight.
  1. My day begins with you, my day ends with you, in between you’re all that matters to me. Good night!

28. You’re the delicate flower that completes the garden of my life, everything else in it is beautiful, because you are. Sweet dreams.

29. As I think of you lying there in deep sleep, I know how much my love for you overwhelms me. I cannot put into words how much you mean to me. Good night.’

30. You’re a breath of fresh air in this existence of turmoil and chaos. You’re my only hope. Good night.

31. As I lay here alone, I need you to know that my day has been incomplete without you. Good night.

32. We rushed to pursue our lives this morning, but I want to take this moment of your day to remind you how much it means to wake up next to you and see your beautiful face again tomorrow. Good night.

33. In the morning, I can’t wait to get out of bed to seize the world for you. At night, I can’t wait to get into bed to find my world in you. Good night love.

34. With every passing day, my hopes grow stronger, ambitions grow greater, love grows deeper, and the heart grows fonder – only for you. Good night and sweet dreams.

35. I think about you all day, and I can’t wait to get home to your angelic face, your tender voice and your warm embrace. So I end this day, telling you how perfect you are to me. Good night.

36. Although we’re miles away, I know what it’s like to have you lying next to me. As you sleep like an angel, breathing quietly as you smile peacefully. Sleep tight.

37. If I had just one wish, I would ask for a longer life with you. I don’t know how many years fate has granted me, but I do know that they’re not enough to tell you how deeply I love you. Good night.

38. The night is too long, for you to be away. I am desperately waiting, for it to turn to day. My heart will rot away if things keep going on like this. All I want to do is give you a kiss. Good night.

39. Your love is passion and its kind. The darkness or the night is getting to me; there’s nothing more left to see. You know I love you, and I miss you, there’s nothing more to tell. Sweet dreams.

40. It doesn’t matter if the sun doesn’t rise, it doesn’t matter if the moon doesn’t shine, it doesn’t matter if the world comes to a halt as long as you are mine and I am yours. Good night.

41. How can I fall asleep without wishing goodnight to the woman who makes every moment of my day special and every day of my life worth living for? Good night honey.

A good night quote is one of the most thoughtful and romantic ways to wish your wife before bed. Choose the best quote that fits your situation, and expresses your feelings to the fullest.

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