60 Nicknames Your Wife Will Actually Love

60 Nicknames for Wife That Will Make Her Blush

Other than just giving your wife a nickname derived from her real name, there are so many other affectionate ways by which you can address her. If you are looking for some inspiration for good pet names for wife, you have come to the right place.

Romantic Nicknames for Wife

Here are some romantic nicknames for your wife:

  • Heartbeat: Just as you cannot live without a heartbeat, you cannot live without your wife.
  • Mi’Lady: Every knight has his lady, and so do you.
  • Cherub: If you feel your wife is an angel and a blessing in your life.
  • Dream Girl: The perfect name to call the girl who made your dreams come true.
  • Diamond: Diamonds are long lasting and considered precious stones –  the perfect name to symbolise your long-lasting love for your precious woman.
  • Gorgeous: Calling your wife gorgeous will make her blush. Women love it when their men let them know they think they are attractive.
  • Angel Eyes: If your wife’s eyes are one of her best features, you can always highlight the point by calling her angel eyes.
  • Rani: Rani means ‘queen’ and that says it all about what your wife means to you.
  • Evergreen: Symbols for the immortality of the soul, ‘evergreen’ is a lovely way of telling your wife that your love for her is immortal.
  • Moonbeam: Just as the moonlight is the only source of light on a dark night, your wife is your light on your darkest nights.
  • Beloved: The word itself should say enough, but if you love your wife more than anything in this world, ‘beloved’ is a romantic nickname to give her.
  • Juliet: Romeo and Juliet have been seen as the most romantic couple ever for their devotion to each other in the face of adversity. If your wife is your lifeline and strength, this is a great nickname for her.
  • My Drug: Drugs are addictive, and if you feel your wife is just as addictive, this is a romantic, yet playful nickname to give her.
  • Apple of My Eye: Long, but conveys the importance that your wife has in your life.
  • Sexy Mama: You find your wife as attractive after childbirth as you did before.
  • Meri Jaan: Your wife is your soul and your life, and hearing this name will make your wife blush.
  • Mi Cara: Italian for ‘my dear’, this nickname is a romantic way of addressing your wife.
  • Mehbooba: ‘Sweetheart’ in Urdu, this is a romantic name to give your wife.
  • Princess: One of the more common nicknames, but apt if you adore your wife and love to spoil her.
  • Sunshine: A great nickname for the wife who is always smiling and full of joy. Such a woman surely brings warmth into your life.

romantic nicknames

Sweet and Cute Wife Nicknames

Here are some cute and sweet nicknames for your wife:

  • Cupcake: This is great for a wife you think is the sweetest thing around.
  • Cuddles: Your wife loves to cuddle, and you love nothing more than indulging her.
  • Bon-bon: Your wife is as sweet as any bon-bon.
  • Jellybean: Cute for a wife that tends to get a bit jealous, or simply because you think it suits your wife.
  • Button: For the wife who is cute as a button.
  • Peanut: Perfect for the wife who is petite and a little nutty.
  • Honey Bee: Putting a sweeter spin on ‘busy bee’, this is great for wives who are always busy.
  • Peaches: For the wife who is a delicious as a peach.
  • Kitten: This nickname is great for wives who are cute, petite and feminine.
  • Titli: Meaning ‘Butterfly’ in Hindi, this name is great for the happy-go-lucky, social butterfly of a wife.
  • Rasgulla: Really the name of a favoured Indian sweet, but perfect for any wife who brings her sweetness into your life.
  • Gummy Bear: Another sweet nickname for an adorably sweet wife.
  • Bubbles: For the wife with a happy and cheerful personality.
  • Care Bear: When you love how your wife cares for you, there’s nothing cuter to call her than your care bear.
  • Freckles: Many people have freckles, but they look particularly cute on some. If your wife has the most adorable freckles you have ever seen, you can call her freckles’ with affection.
  • Pixie: Best for the petite wife who brings child-like fun and happiness to your life.
  • Pudding: The name gives the image of soft and delicious comfort, and if your wife is someone who you can take comfort in, this is a cute name for her.
  • Vixen: A vixen is a female fox, so if you feel like you have a foxy wife, you’ve got the right nickname!
  • Twinkle Toes: The wife that loves to dance or is light on her feet is the perfect candidate for this cute nickname.

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Funny Nicknames for Wife

If you have a wife with a sense of humour, here are some options for you:

  • Giggles: Your wife is the type too laugh easily, and you always find her giggling about something or the other, making giggles a cute and fun nickname for her.
  • Mrs. Dynamite: This nickname is perfect for the wife with a short fuse, but a great sense of humour.
  • Tinkerbelle: Some women love DIY projects or getting crafty with things, and such a wife can be called a little tinker, making tinkerbelle a fun nickname for her.
  • Superwoman: It’s not easy being a woman and having to juggle so much; calling her superwoman will make her blush with pride because you are acknowledging that she is a superhero for all she does.
  • Chikki: Calling your wife by the name of this delicious sweet just tells her she is different and sweet.
  • Cherry Bomb: A popular punk rock song from the 1970s, this is a great nickname for the wife that loves to rock out.
  • Muggle: If your wife is a Harry Potter fan, you can tease her by calling her a muggle, or a non-magical person.
  • Lady Luck: If your wife is your lucky charm, then calling her lady luck may be something that suits her perfectly.
  • Titania: This is the name of Shakespeare’s Queen of the Fairies from his play, ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ and is the perfect name to call your fairy queen.
  • Genie: If your wife is somehow capable of seeing to your every need like magic, then calling her your genie is a funny way of showing her you notice and appreciate it.
  • Khaleesi: A term that became popular because of the show Game of Thrones. A Khaleesi is the wife of a warlord and can equal the term, queen.
  • Chipmunk: Your wife may have cute characteristics and calling her a chipmunk is different and fun. This works best if she has a high pitched voice.
  • Shorty: A nick name that has become more popular recently and is a cute and sometimes funny way of referring to short girls. If your wife is short and cute, call her shorty.
  • Habanero: If your wife’s temper can get as hot as a red habanero pepper, then this nickname is the perfect way to tease her about it.
  • Chutki: Another nickname for someone who is small or fun sized.
  • Dilruba: If your wife is responsible for stealing your heart without warning, this nickname is for her.
  • Doughnut: Very few people can resist doughnuts, and if your wife is irresistible but different from others, this is perfect for her.
  • Pikachu: If your wife is a fan of Pokémon, call her Pikachu.
  • Hummingbird: If your wife is quick, spontaneous and quirky, this can suit her perfectly.
  • Mermaid: This name is great if your wife loves to swim or has very long curly hair.

You don’t have to necessarily use one of the names listed here, but remember that while choosing a nickname for your wife, you can base it on her personality or looks to make it more personal. Don’t pick anything that is degrading or mean and make sure that she knows that you are being affectionate.

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