List Of Christmas Words That Start With D

List Of Christmas Words That Start With D

Christmas is that magical time of the year when families gather, homes light up, and the spirit of giving fills the air. And for our little ones, it’s also an opportunity to learn and expand their vocabulary, merging education with festivity. If you’re a parent or educator searching for “xmas words beginning with d for preschoolers and kids”, you’ve stumbled upon the right place. Not only is it vital to help improve our kids’ vocabulary, but it’s equally important to do so in a manner that’s engaging and fun. So, without further ado, let’s dive into our warm and personal list of “words that start with d for Christmas.”

Popular Christmas Words Beginning With D and Their Meanings

Every festive season offers a treasure trove of vocabulary that enriches our conversations and stirs our imaginations. Exploring “xmas words beginning with d” is like unwrapping a linguistic gift. Here’s a comprehensive list of “D letter Christmas words” and their delightful meanings.

1. Decked

Meaning: To decorate or adorn, especially during the festive season.

Example: “Homes are decked with lights and ornaments, adding a magical touch to the holiday atmosphere.”

2. Dazzle

Meaning: To shine brightly and impressively, often causing admiration.

Example: “The Christmas tree’s lights would dazzle anyone who walked past the living room.”

3. Delight

Meaning: A feeling of extreme pleasure or satisfaction, often experienced during the festive season.

Example: “The children’s delight was evident when they unwrapped their presents on Christmas morning.”

4. Ding-dong

Meaning: A sound that’s often associated with bells, especially during caroling.

Example: “The ding-dong of the church bells signaled the start of the Christmas Eve service.”

5. Drummers Drumming

Meaning: Refers to the twelfth gift from the Twelve Days of Christmas song.

Example: “On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me: twelve drummers drumming.”

6. Donner

Meaning: One of Santa’s reindeers, often mentioned in popular Christmas lore.

Example: “Donner and Blitzen are two of the most recognized reindeer that help pull Santa’s sleigh.”

7. Deliver

Meaning: To bring or hand over a gift or parcel, usually associated with Santa’s primary job.

Example: “Santa delivers gifts to all the children around the world in one magical night.”

8. Dessert

Meaning: A sweet course eaten at the end of a meal, especially popular during Christmas feasts.

Example: “The Christmas pudding is a traditional dessert enjoyed by many during the festive season.”

9. Dove

Meaning: A symbol of peace and the Holy Spirit in Christian tradition, often seen in Christmas imagery.

Example: “A dove ornament was carefully placed atop the tree, symbolizing hope and peace.”

10. December

Meaning: The twelfth month of the year, in which Christmas is celebrated.

Example: “December is a month filled with joy, celebration, and anticipation for Christmas Day.”

11. Dance

Meaning: To move rhythmically to music, often done during Christmas parties and celebrations.

Example: “Everyone was eager to dance to the jolly Christmas tunes at the holiday party.”

12. Delicacy

Meaning: A choice of expensive food commonly enjoyed during festive feasts.

Example: “The Christmas market was filled with delicacies from around the world.”

13. Drape

Meaning: To cover or adorn with cloth or other material, like hanging stockings on a fireplace.

Example: “She draped the festive garland over the mantelpiece, enhancing the room’s holiday feel.”

14. Dream

Meaning: A cherished aspiration or ambition, often hoped for during the season of giving.

Example: “His Christmas dream was to spend the holidays surrounded by family and loved ones.”

15. Destiny

Meaning: A predetermined course of events, often believed to be guided by a higher power during this spiritual season.

Example: “Many believe that the Christmas star guided the three wise men to their destiny.”

16. Donation

Meaning: A gift given to a charitable cause, especially popular during the season of giving.

Example: “Many choose to make a donation during Christmas to help those less fortunate.”

17. Devotion

Meaning: Love, loyalty, or enthusiasm for someone or something, often amplified during the festive season.

Example: “Christmas carols sung at the church showcased the congregation’s devotion to the holiday’s meaning.”

18. Dress

Meaning: To adorn or attire oneself in special clothes, especially for festive occasions.

Example: “She decided to dress in her finest gown for the Christmas Eve ball.”

19. Dwarf

Meaning: In popular culture, a reference to small helpers or creatures, linked to stories like Santa’s elves.

Example: “While not exactly elves, dwarfs in fairy tales remind children of Santa’s little helpers.”

20. Ding

Meaning: A light ringing sound, often associated with the chime of bells or the notification of a festive message.

Example: “Every ding from the doorbell signaled the arrival of another joyful guest for the Christmas party.”

21. Diadem

Meaning: A jeweled crown or headband worn as a symbol of sovereignty, reminiscent of the Three Kings or Wise Men.

Example: “In the nativity play, one of the wise men wore a golden diadem, shining brightly under the spotlight.”

22. Dandy

Meaning: Something or someone of exceptional quality, often used to describe gifts or festive outfits.

Example: “His new Christmas sweater looked quite dandy at the family gathering.”

23. Dulcet

Meaning: Sweet and soothing, often used to describe the sounds of festive music.

Example: “The dulcet tones of the choir brought comfort and joy to all who heard them.”

24. Draft

Meaning: A current of cool air in a room or other confined space, often used when referencing cozy fireplaces during the winter.

Example: “She closed the window to keep out the draft, ensuring everyone stayed warm during the Christmas dinner.”

25. Dazzler

Meaning: Something that dazzles or impresses, often used to describe spectacular Christmas lights or decorations.

Example: “The central plaza had a real dazzler of a Christmas tree, attracting visitors from all over.”

26. Ductile

Meaning: A material’s ability to be drawn out into a thin wire, reminiscent of crafting festive decorations.

Example: “Using ductile materials, the kids crafted unique ornaments for the Christmas tree.”

27. Domicile

Meaning: A place where one lives, often decorated and filled with warmth during the festive season.

Example: “Every domicile in the neighborhood was lit up, showcasing the spirit of Christmas.”

28. Dirge

Meaning: A mournful song or lament, a reminder of those we’ve lost during this time of reflection.

Example: “While Christmas is a time of joy, a dirge may sometimes be played in remembrance of loved ones no longer with us.”

29. Dedication

Meaning: The quality of being committed to a task or purpose, like ensuring everyone has a memorable festive season.

Example: “Her dedication to finding the perfect gift for each family member was truly remarkable.”

30. Delectable

Meaning: A term for food that’s delightful and highly pleasing, especially regarding Christmas feasts.

Example: “The array of delectable treats on the table made everyone’s mouth water.”

31. Dusk

Meaning: The darker stage of twilight, often the time when Christmas lights begin to shine the brightest.

Example: “By dusk, the entire town square was aglow with festive lights, painting a picturesque scene.”

32. Darling

Meaning: A term of endearment, especially prominent during the season of love and giving.

Example: “My darling, this Christmas gift is just a small token of my love for you,” he said, handing over a neatly wrapped box.”

33. Delusion

Meaning: A belief that is not true, often linked to the playful tales told during the festive season, like mischievous elves or flying reindeer.

Example: “Though some might call it a delusion, many children eagerly await Santa’s annual visit.”

34. Dainty

Meaning: Delicately small and pretty, often used to describe intricate Christmas ornaments or festive treats.

Example: “The dainty Christmas cookies she made were as beautiful to look at as they were delicious to eat.”

35. Durability

Meaning: The ability to withstand wear, pressure, or damage, reminiscent of well-crafted Christmas decorations that last through the seasons.

Example: “The durability of our family’s Christmas ornaments is evident as they’ve been passed down through generations.”

36. Dingle

Meaning: A deep wooded valley or dell, reminiscent of places where Christmas trees might be found.

Example: “We took a winter walk through the dingle, enjoying the snow-covered pines and festive atmosphere.”

37. Dowry

Meaning: Property or money brought by a bride to her husband during their marriage. historical concept but can be associated with the gifts of the Three Wise Men.

Example: “The dowry of the past might remind us of the valuable gifts the Magi brought to baby Jesus.”

38. Droplet

Meaning: A very small drop of liquid, like dew on holly leaves or condensation on a window during a cold Christmas morning.

Example: “Droplets of water clung to the windowpane, reflecting the lights from the Christmas tree inside.”

39. Dynamo

Meaning: An extremely energetic person, like someone passionately preparing for Christmas festivities.

Example: “Grandma was a dynamo, baking, decorating, and ensuring every detail of our Christmas gathering was perfect.”

40. Drizzle

Meaning: Light rain falling in fine drops, a weather occurrence that might add to the Christmas ambiance in the absence of snow.

Example: “A gentle drizzle started just as we began our Christmas caroling, adding a magical touch to the evening.”

41. Diverge

Meaning: To deviate or move away from a set path, like creating new traditions during the holiday season.

Example: “While we usually celebrate with a roast, this year we decided to diverge and have a Christmas BBQ.”

42. Dauntless

Meaning: Showing fearlessness and determination, reminiscent of those who brave winter storms to be with loved ones during the festive season.

Example: “Despite the challenges of the year, the family’s dauntless spirit ensured a memorable Christmas celebration.”

43. Demeanor

Meaning: Outward behavior or bearing, often reflecting the joy and goodwill of the festive season.

Example: “His cheerful demeanor throughout the Christmas period spread happiness to everyone he encountered.”

44. Dim

Meaning: not shining brightly or clearly, like a room lit solely by the glow of a Christmas tree.

Example: “In the dim light of the room, the Christmas tree lights shimmered, creating a cozy ambiance.”

45. Duet

Meaning: A performance by two people, often referring to festive songs sung in harmony during the holiday season.

Example: “The siblings sang a heartwarming Christmas duet, captivating everyone in the room.”

46. Dodge

Meaning: A sudden, quick movement to avoid something, reminiscent of kids playfully dodging snowballs.

Example: “The children laughed and played, trying to dodge the snowballs thrown their way.”

47. Doleful

Meaning: Expressing sorrow, often felt during times of reflection or when missing loved ones during the festive period.

Example: “Amidst the joy of Christmas, there can be doleful moments when we remember those no longer with us.”

Activities That Will Help Your Child Learn Christmas Words With Letter D

As we dive into the festive season, introducing kids to the vast vocabulary of Christmas can be a delightful experience. It’s even more exciting when we focus on “Christmas words starting with the letter D.” Here are some fun activities that will not only entertain your little ones but will also help them remember these “Christmas words that begin with the letter d.”

1. ‘D’ Christmas Word Scavenger Hunt

Instructions: Hide various items around the house that correspond to Christmas words starting with the letter “D” (like a doll, decoration, or drawing of a donkey). Provide your child with clues or written words, and have them hunt for the corresponding items.

Example: “This ‘D’ word is something you put on a tree.” (Answer: Decoration)

2. Decorative ‘D’ Christmas Collage

Instructions: Gather magazines, newspapers, or old greeting cards and encourage your child to cut out images or words that represent Christmas and begin with the letter “D.” Once collected, they can create a festive collage on a poster board.

Example: Images of “drums,” “doves,” or “dresses” can be added to their collage.

3. ‘D’ Letter Christmas Bingo

Instructions: Create bingo cards filled with “D” Christmas words. Call out the definitions, and let your child stamp or mark the corresponding word on their card. The first one to get a line wins!

Example: “It’s a sweet treat you might leave out for Santa.” (Answer: Donut)

4. Christmas Charades with ‘D’ Words

Instructions: Write down various Christmas words that start with the letter “D” on individual pieces of paper. Take turns drawing a word and acting it out without speaking, while others guess the word.

Example: Acting out “dancing” or pretending to be a “dwarf” from a Christmas tale.

5. Christmas ‘D’ Word Storytelling

Instructions: Provide your child with a list of “Christmas words starting with the letter d.” Ask them to weave a story or create a scenario using as many ‘D’ Christmas words as they can.

Example: “Danny the Donkey was feeling quite dandy as he saw the dazzling decorations in the distance.”


1. Why is it beneficial to teach kids Christmas words starting with specific letters?

Teaching children Christmas words by focusing on specific letters helps narrow down the vast vocabulary, making learning manageable and more engaging. This targeted approach also strengthens their alphabetic knowledge, linking letters to specific festive themes.

2. How can parents reinforce the learning of “Christmas words that start with the letter D” at home?

Parents can reinforce the learning by naturally incorporating these words into everyday conversations, reading Christmas stories that emphasize ‘D’ words, and encouraging kids to label or draw items associated with the festive season that start with “D.”

3. Are there any online resources to aid in teaching Christmas words with the letter “D”?

Yes, many educational websites and apps offer themed vocabulary games and quizzes, including Christmas words that start with specific letters. Websites like ABCmouse or Starfall might have festive-themed content that can assist in teaching and reinforcing these words.

In conclusion, the holiday season presents a unique opportunity to enrich our vocabulary, especially with words that resonate with festive cheer. By focusing on Christmas words starting with the letter “D”, we not only introduce kids to new terms but also deepen their understanding of the holiday’s essence. Engaging in activities, stories, and playful discussions centered around these words will undoubtedly make this Christmas more memorable, educational, and joyous.

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