List Of Christmas Words That Start With B

List Of Christmas Words That Start With B

As the merry season approaches, our homes resonate with the sounds of giggles and the soft patter of little feet, eager to learn about the magic of Christmas. This is the perfect time to introduce your little ones to some holiday-inspired vocabulary! This article focuses on xmas words beginning with B for preschoolers and kids. Strengthening the kids’ vocabulary with Christmas words is a delightful way to keep the spirit of the holiday alive. And, who knows? You might even find some new “words that start with B for Christmas” to add to your own festive lexicon!

Popular Christmas Words Beginning With B and Their Meanings

As Christmas approaches, a plethora of xmas words beginning with “b” come into play, helping us capture the festive spirit. This compilation explores the popular ‘B’ letter Christmas words, elaborating on their meanings and contexts.

1. Baubles

Meaning: Baubles are small, ornate decorations, usually spherical, that adorn Christmas trees.

Example: “Amidst the twinkling lights, the tree sparkled with gold and silver baubles.”

2. Bethlehem

Meaning: Bethlehem is an ancient city, revered as the birthplace of Jesus Christ.

Example: “During Christmas, pilgrims from all over visit Bethlehem, paying homage to the sacred site of Jesus’s birth.”

3. Bells

Meaning: Bells are musical instruments that emit a ringing sound and are symbolic of Christmas festivities.

Example: “As midnight approached, the church bells pealed, signaling the commencement of Christmas.”

4. Blizzard

Meaning: A blizzard is a severe, snow-laden storm, often accompanied by gusty winds.

Example: “A sudden blizzard blanketed the town, turning Christmas Eve into a winter wonderland.”

5. Bough

Meaning: A bough refers to the main branch of a tree, often used as a decorative element during Christmas.

Example: “She draped the boughs with tinsel, adding a festive touch to the living room.”

6. Boxing Day

Meaning: Boxing Day, celebrated on December 26th, is a holiday traditionally marked by giving gifts to service workers.

Example: “On Boxing Day, they handed out presents to the mail carrier, thanking him for his year-round service.”

7. Blitzen

Meaning: Blitzen is one of Santa Claus’s reindeer, known for his speed, and is mentioned in the popular poem “A Visit from St. Nicholas.”

Example: “Of all Santa’s reindeer, Blitzen was always the most eager to lead the sleigh ride.”

8. Bake

Meaning: To bake is to cook food by dry heat in an oven, a popular activity during the Christmas season for making treats.

Example: “Sarah decided to bake gingerbread cookies for the Christmas party, filling the house with a delightful aroma.”

9. Benevolence

Meaning: Benevolence signifies goodwill or kindness, a spirit especially encouraged during the festive season.

Example: “Christmas brings out the benevolence in people, making it a season of giving and sharing.”

10. Brandy

Meaning: Brandy is a spirit distilled from wine or fermented fruit juice, often enjoyed or used in Christmas recipes.

Example: “After dinner, they sipped on warm brandy, relishing the comforting embrace of the spirit.”

11. Boughs of Holly

Meaning: Boughs of holly refer to branches of the holly tree, traditionally used for decoration during Christmas due to their bright red berries and glossy leaves.

Example: “The front door was adorned with boughs of holly, making for a warm, festive welcome.”

12. Buntings

Meaning: Buntings are decorative banners or flags, often strung together and hung up during festive occasions, including Christmas.

Example: “Colorful buntings zigzagged across the living room, adding a splash of color to the Christmas décor.”

13. Ballads

Meaning: Ballads are slow, sentimental songs, and during Christmas, many ballads are sung to celebrate the festive spirit.

Example: “As snow fell outside, the family gathered around the fireplace, singing Christmas ballads.”

14. Biscuits

Meaning: In many parts of the world, biscuits refer to what Americans call cookies, and they’re especially popular during Christmas.

Example: “The children eagerly decorated the Christmas biscuits with icing and sprinkles, anticipating the treat.”

15. Bazaar

Meaning: A bazaar is a marketplace, and during Christmas, many towns have special bazaars selling festive goods and treats.

Example: “They visited the Christmas bazaar to buy handmade ornaments and indulge in holiday treats.”

16. Blanket

Meaning: While blankets are used year-round, they become especially cherished during Christmas as people cozy up in the colder weather.

Example: “Wrapped in a soft blanket, she sipped her hot cocoa and watched the snowfall.”

17. Bridle

Meaning: A bridle is a piece of equipment used to direct a horse. During Christmas, images of horses pulling sleighs often include bridles adorned with festive decorations.

Example: “The horse’s bridle was decorated with bells and ribbons for the Christmas parade.”

18. Berry

Meaning: Berries, especially red ones, are a symbol of the festive season and are used in various decorations and dishes.

Example: “The Christmas pudding was topped with a sprig of holly and a cluster of bright red berries.”

19. Bustle

Meaning: Bustle refers to the energetic activity, and during Christmas, there’s often a bustle as people prepare for the celebrations.

Example: “The market was alive with the bustle of shoppers buying gifts and preparing for Christmas festivities.”

20. Beneath

Meaning: Beneath means under or below, often used during Christmas when referring to presents placed beneath the Christmas tree.

Example: “On Christmas morning, the children excitedly looked for their gifts placed beneath the tree.”

21. Befana

Meaning: Befana is a character from Italian folklore, often depicted as an old woman who delivers gifts to children on Epiphany Eve, similar to Santa Claus.

Example: “In Italy, children eagerly await La Befana, hoping she’ll leave sweets and presents in their stockings.”

22. Brunch

Meaning: Brunch is a combination of breakfast and lunch, and during the festive season, many families host a special Christmas brunch.

Example: “After opening presents, the family enjoyed a hearty Christmas brunch with pancakes, eggs, and mimosas.”

23. Brazier

Meaning: A brazier is a portable heater that contains a pan or stand for holding lighted coals. It’s often used outdoors during chilly Christmas events.

Example: “People gathered around the brazier, warming their hands as they sang carols in the town square.”

24. Brocade

Meaning: Brocade is a richly decorative woven fabric, often used in Christmas decorations or attire due to its festive look.

Example: “Her Christmas dress was made of golden brocade, shimmering beautifully under the party lights.”

25. Bromeliad

Meaning: A bromeliad is a tropical plant with brightly colored flowers, which can sometimes be used as an alternative to traditional Christmas plants.

Example: “In warmer climates, bromeliads were placed alongside poinsettias for a tropical Christmas touch.”

26. Bulbs

Meaning: In the context of Christmas, bulbs often refer to the small, spherical lights used in decorations.

Example: “The tree was adorned with multicolored light bulbs that twinkled in the dim room.”

27. Bundles

Meaning: Bundles refer to packages or groups of items wrapped together, reminiscent of presents or items brought together for Christmas festivities.

Example: “She walked in holding bundles of firewood, ensuring a warm and cozy evening by the fireplace.”

28. Butterscotch

Meaning: Butterscotch is a type of confectionery made from brown sugar and butter, commonly found in festive treats or desserts.

Example: “For dessert, there was a rich butterscotch pudding, a favorite among the Christmas treats.”

29. Bell Tower

Meaning: A bell tower is a structure where bells are placed, and during Christmas, they often ring out festive tunes or mark special occasions.

Example: “At midnight, the bell tower chimed, announcing the arrival of Christmas Day.”

30. Bliss

Meaning: Bliss refers to perfect happiness or joy, capturing the essence of feelings many associate with the Christmas season.

Example: “With family around and laughter filling the air, the room was filled with pure Christmas bliss.”

31. Bishop’s Cap

Meaning: A Bishop’s Cap, in the context of Christmas, refers to the pointed hat that is often associated with St. Nicholas, the figure upon which Santa Claus is based.

Example: “The statue of St. Nicholas stood tall, complete with a Bishop’s Cap, reminding everyone of the origins of the Santa Claus legend.”

32. Boughs of Pine

Meaning: Boughs of pine are the branches of pine trees, often used during the festive season for their fragrant and decorative qualities.

Example: “The hallway was lined with boughs of pine, infusing the air with a refreshing forest scent.”

33. Bountiful

Meaning: Bountiful means plentiful or abundant, describing the generosity and plenty that the festive season is known for.

Example: “The Christmas table was bountiful, laden with dishes that showcased the season’s generosity.”

34. Bakery

Meaning: A bakery is a place where bread, pastries, and other baked goods are made and sold, often buzzing during Christmas with festive specials.

Example: “The local bakery was a hive of activity, with customers lining up for their famous Christmas fruitcake.”

35. Bunting Birds

Meaning: While bunting birds are primarily known as a family of songbirds, they are sometimes associated with winter scenes in Christmas cards and decorations.

Example: “The Christmas card featured a serene snowy landscape with bunting birds perched on frosted branches.”

36. Beverage

Meaning: A beverage is a drink, and during Christmas, there are many traditional beverages like eggnog, mulled wine, and hot chocolate.

Example: “She prepared a tray of Christmas beverages, ensuring there was a drink for everyone’s liking.”

37. Bublé

Meaning: Michael Bublé, a Canadian singer, is particularly known for his Christmas album which has become a modern classic during the festive season.

Example: “The soft tunes of Bublé’s Christmas album set the perfect ambiance for the evening’s festivities.”

38. Bisque

Meaning: Bisque is a smooth, creamy soup, and during Christmas, variations like lobster or shrimp bisque are popular in certain cultures.

Example: “The dinner started with a bowl of rich lobster bisque, warming everyone’s bellies.”

39. Bell Choir

Meaning: A bell choir is a group of individuals who play handbells, often performing special carols during Christmas.

Example: “The evening’s highlight was a performance by the local bell choir, ringing in the festive spirit.”

40. Blithe

Meaning: Blithe means happy or joyous, capturing the mood that many feel during the Christmas season.

Example: “Her blithe laughter echoed through the house, a sound that epitomized the joy of Christmas.”

41. Bangles

Meaning: Bangles are rigid bracelets, often adorned with festive designs or colors during the Christmas season.

Example: “She wore red and green bangles that jingled merrily with her every movement, adding to the festive cheer.”

42. Balsam

Meaning: Balsam refers to certain trees and shrubs, especially the balsam fir, which is commonly used as a Christmas tree due to its fragrant needles.

Example: “They decided on a balsam fir this year, filling their home with the aromatic scent of the forest.”

43. Barefoot

Meaning: Going without shoes. During the festive season, it’s a cozy idea to go barefoot indoors, especially when warming up by the fireplace.

Example: “After playing in the snow, they kicked off their boots and went barefoot, toasting their toes by the fire.”

44. Bells-a-Ringing

Meaning: A phrase indicating the joyous sound of bells ringing, especially prevalent during Christmas celebrations.

Example: “The town square was filled with the sound of bells-a-ringing, heralding the start of the Christmas market.”

45. Baste

Meaning: Baste refers to pouring juices or melted fat over meat while it’s roasting, a common practice to keep the Christmas turkey or roast moist.

Example: “She continued to baste the turkey, ensuring it would be juicy and flavorful for the Christmas feast.”

Activities That Will Help Your Child Learn Christmas Words With Letter B

The festive season is a fantastic time for young learners to expand their vocabulary and familiarize themselves with the magic of Christmas. By introducing them to Christmas words starting with the letter B, parents can infuse both fun and learning into the holiday preparations. Below are some engaging activities that can help your child dive into the world of Christmas words that begin with the letter B.

1. ‘B’ Word Christmas Hunt

Set up a scavenger hunt around the house where kids have to find items or pictures representing Christmas words with the letter B. This can be a bauble, a drawing of a blizzard, or a picture of a bell. Hide these items in various corners, and let the fun begin!

2. B-themed Christmas Storytelling

Encourage your child to create a short Christmas story using as many words that begin with the letter B as possible. This can be about a ‘bear in a blizzard looking for a bough of pine’, or any creative combination they come up with. Afterward, gather around as a family and share the stories!

3. Christmas ‘B’ Bingo

Create a special Christmas bingo card filled with Christmas words starting with the letter B. Every time a word is called out, the child can cover it with a festive marker, like a little bauble or bell. The first to get a line of words wins a festive prize!

4. ‘B’ Word Christmas Crafting

Crafts are an excellent way for children to learn while doing them. Create simple Christmas ornaments based on words that start with B. For instance, they could make a simple braid to hang on the tree, bedeck a paper bell with glitter, or design a bunting with Christmas designs.

5. Christmas Word Puzzle with ‘B’

Design a crossword or word search puzzle filled with Christmas words that begin with the letter B. As your child searches for and discovers each word, they’ll not only enhance their vocabulary but also improve their problem-solving skills.


1. Why is it beneficial for children to learn Christmas words starting with specific letters?

Focusing on specific letters like ‘b’ narrows down the vast vocabulary, making it easier for children to grasp and remember. It also provides a structured approach, allowing kids to make connections between words and their meanings more efficiently.

2. Can I use these ‘B’ Christmas words for other festive activities beyond teaching my child?

Absolutely! Christmas words starting with the letter ‘b’ can be incorporated into festive games, card-making, storytelling, or even as themes for holiday parties, adding a unique twist to traditional celebrations.

3. Are there resources or tools to aid in teaching Christmas vocabulary to kids?

Yes, there are numerous online platforms, mobile apps, and books designed to make learning festive vocabulary fun and interactive for kids. From animated stories to interactive quizzes, these resources can enhance your child’s vocabulary in an engaging manner.

Incorporating Christmas words, especially those starting with specific letters, offers a unique and structured way to immerse children in the festive spirit while enhancing their vocabulary. Through engaging activities and tools, parents can turn the holiday season into a fun-filled learning experience. As we embrace the joy and warmth of Christmas, it’s a beautiful opportunity to blend education with celebration, making memories that last beyond the season.

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