Is Sleeping on Your Right Side During Pregnancy Safe?

is sleeping on your right side safe during pregnancy

Sleep is essential for a mommy-to-be because any kind of sleep-related issue can affect your prenatal health. You may be sleeping comfortably in your first trimester; you might experience difficulty in sleeping as you enter your second trimester or when your baby bump starts to show, and you might look for the most comfortable position to sleep in – left, right, or on your back. Which position is safe for your baby? Let us discuss whether sleeping on your right side during pregnancy is safe.

Why Does the Right Sleeping Position Matter During Pregnancy?

Sleeping in one position may come as a shocker to mothers who are already struggling to sleep with their big bellies. You are advised to sleep on your back or side till the baby bump starts to show, and sleep on either side once you have that baby bump to flaunt! It is important to note that sleeping on your back for a short duration may not be harmful; however, sleeping that way for a long time can restrict blood circulation to the foetus and might also cause issues like backaches, haemorrhoids and can also cause digestive issues. It is best to follow the SOS, or the ‘sleeping on side’ position during pregnancy. Sleeping on your right side is a better position in comparison to sleeping on your back or tummy, because it ensures good blood circulation to your uterus and hence your foetus.

Also, your kidneys function well in this position – meaning lesser swelling and discomfort, and great sleep.

sleeping on your left side is a better idea than sleeping on your right

Can Pregnant Women Sleep on Their Right Side?

As you progress and reach the 20th week mark of your pregnancy, you may find it difficult to get good sleep because of all the extra weight that you’re carrying. However, is sleeping on your right side during pregnancy dangerous? Research says – NO. Several studies conducted testified that sleeping on the left side may be better than sleeping on the right side. In one study, it was observed that women who slept more on their left side were at a lesser risk of giving birth to stillborn babies in comparison to women who slept more on their right side. A study proved that sleeping mostly on the back or right side reduced the blood supply to the growing foetus in comparison to sleeping on the left side. Therefore, in order to be doubly sure and be safe, we suggest that you try sleeping on your left side during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, it is important to avoid any kind of stress. Researchers and scientists are of the opinion that sleeping on your left will prevent any damage to the foetus, so try sleeping on your left side. However, if sleeping on your back for some time makes you comfortable, go for it by all means. Remember, if you are a high-risk pregnancy, consult your doctor about the best sleeping position for you.

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