Importance of Physical Activity for Preschoolers

Importance of Physical Activity for Preschoolers

Regular play and physical activity is an essential part of growth and development in preschoolers. Being active in activities like dancing, running, cycling, jumping, climbing, or playing any game (basketball, skipping rope, football, etc.) can go a long way in building their muscle strength and increasing their flexibility.

It is very important for preschoolers to indulge in any high-intensity physical activity for at least one hour a day. Till the age of 6, their body is growing every day. Being physically active improves their overall health and goes a long way in creating healthy habits for life. Apart from this, there are various benefits of being physically active for kids:

Benefits of Physical Activities

1. Emotionally Stable

It inculcates the feeling of achievement, confidence, relaxation and develops overall self-esteem of the children.

2. Social Skills

It makes them learn the importance of teamwork, meeting new people and developing new friendships. A healthy and active child is automatically confident and has self-esteem.

3. Mental Health

It improves the overall concentration levels. Children are able to handle feelings of anxiety and stress better.Improves the Mental Health

4. Physical Health

It improves the muscle strength and overall flexibility of the body. Physical activity is very important to maintain a healthy body weight and develops muscle tones.

5. Good Sleep

Physically active children are able to sleep well. The kids who are involved in physical activity are able to fall asleep faster than other kids.

6. Productivity

Active kids are better organized and are more motivated than the inactive ones.

7. Healthy Skin

Kids who are physically active have a healthy skin and fewer skin problems like rashes, acne, etc. This is because the impurities and toxins of the body are released via perspiration. Perspiration increases blood flow in the body and makes it glow.

8. Brain Development

It enhances their motor skills and brain development. According to a study, there is an association between physical fitness and brain development of a child.

9. Builds Stamina

Physical activity makes a child more active and energetic. It also helps in improving brain and body coordination. Exercising or being physically active can also help to establish a connection between different parts of the brain.

10. Good Posture

It also improves posture of children.

11. Good Health

Regular exercise can make it less likely that a child will get skin problems or hormonal imbalance, etc., which usually start when they touch the age of 10 years. It also boosts the immune system, which helps to fight against common symptoms of flu, cough and other infections.

As a parent, it’s important that you guide and support your child to get involved in any physical activity. Teach them on how to get started and make these activities enjoyable for them. If your girl likes dancing, enroll her in a dance class rather than forcing her to play football. Also, ensure that your children are hydrated before and after any outdoor activity. If need be, give them a water bottle along. Buy them the right size of protective equipment for the game and always play safe.

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