14 Hilarious WhatsApp Conversations Between One Baby and His Mom

If Your Baby Could Send You a Text, These 14 Would Be The Funniest!

Your little baby spends his days sleeping, feeding, crying, and doing everything he can to always keep you around. While you may not realize it at once, Mamma is the most special person in his life right from the outset – also the only one he can irritate to the hilt! If only he could, he would message you on your mobile phone when you were outside – or in the next room. Wait, what would he say? Wouldn’t you love to know?

Babies are remarkably smart even when they are very little. They understand facial expressions, recognize voices and faces, and can be choosy about people they like. So, when you think he is being a little darling with the massage-lady and not giving her any trouble, or being calm as millions of houses guests pull his cheeks, think again! The tables may turn and the taps may overflow any time!

Flipotalk gave one baby a mobile phone and a WhatsApp service – theoretically, of course. The results that followed will have you holding onto your sides with laughter – literally. These conversations that this little smarty pants has with his mom are spot on, hilarious and a terrific reminder of just how difficult parenting can be!

1. So you think you fed me? Don’t I get hungry as well as thirsty?FUNNY BABY CHAT

2. Just because I am little doesn’t mean I don’t have an advanced sense of fashion.


3. I don’t like this place, that place, or any other place. I only like being with you!


4. I want to meet whoever told you that jazz about how babies love to be touched.


5. Why don’t I have a say in the baby products you get for me? Some of them are downright ghastly…

6. Do you really like these birthday parties, Mom? These hundreds of people all pinching my cheeks?


7. Oh yes, it won’t hurt and I shouldn’t be a sissy! Ask Grandma how you behaved when she tricked you into getting a shot!


8. Who says I don’t love Dad? He is awesome. But I kind of cannot do without you, you know…

9. I finally have a defence mechanism against anyone who tries to pinch my cheeks again. Especially that babysitter aunty you got me.


10. Okay, I’m sorry, maybe Dad does help you with housework. But certain things are sacrosanct!

11. How am I supposed to know what is a toy and what isn’t? Maybe you should label them!


12. Jealous, who me? You’ve got to be kidding, woman.

13. You honestly believe all I want to eat and drink is milk. I mean, yes it’s delicious, but can a baby not have cravings?


14. Tell me that joke again, no? The one where this mom got some Me-Time…

CHAT BABYNow, this is one sassy baby! But if truth be told, all new moms understand just how challenging, overpowering and overwhelming parenting can be. For your baby, you are the world. Just hang in there, get as much support as you can from your family, and trust that the difficult times shall soon pass.

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