Tips to keep toddlers active

How to Keep Kids Active

Is your toddler getting too tired too quickly? Does your toddler hate running around and is content to keep watching cartoons or games on a tablet? You should probably be hearing a warning bell ringing inside your head. Read on to know the importance of physical activity for your little one.It is important for toddlers to be active

For some, it becomes easier because of their natural inclination, but for others it is important to impress the need to be active. With new age distractions, the slightly less active toddler might tend to get a bit more lethargic. It is, therefore, even more important for parents to be aware of the need to be active.

Why Be Active?

Physical activity is important for people at any age. It helps you stay healthy. Inculcating an early liking to being healthy sets in the good habit and helps toddlers develop skills early on to stay active in their later life. Children, who are not physically active, have a higher risk of being obese, and it might restrict them from participating in sports as they grow older. Such toddlers may not lead a healthy life as they become adults.

When toddlers are active their bodies receive regular exercise, making them more flexible and agile. Regular exercise develops stronger muscles and bones, helps them maintain good posture, keeps their weight under control naturally, improves cardiovascular fitness and tires them enough to have good sleep in the night. Kids who are active have decreased risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Healthy kids are more alert, successful in their studies and have higher self-esteem at a very early age. Self esteem usually builds in children when they interact with other children and make new friends.

How to get Children Involved in Physical Activity?

At an early age, toddlers have their own free play time when they are dancing, skipping or running. As the toddler grows up, it is important to identify age- appropriate activities and the activities, he is interested in to keep him active. As a parent, you need to provide plenty of opportunities to your toddler, keeping the focus on fun and letting him do things that keep him interested.

Tips for Getting your Toddler Active

The first rule is almost unwritten. Since children imitate their parents most, be active to let your child follow your lead. Spending time playing with your child, lets him associate being active as fun. Encourage your child to play outdoors and interact with children of a similar age. When there is an opportunity to enroll the child into a group lesson or sport, do let your child participate. These include joining a summer camp, swimming or dancing in school. Organise outdoor family activities like camping and encourage your child to help you in household activities like dusting and cleaning. When travelling with your kids, make sure there are balls, bats, hula hoops and other such ‘active’ toys that you carry along, instead of just books and smartphones with child-friendly apps. Try to keep them away from video games and phones as far as possible. Playing with balls, scooters and cycles will encourage toddlers to be active.
Screen time should be minimal. Keep a watch on the time that your child spends on screen- playing games on the computer, tablet or smart phones, or watching TV.

Younger toddlers are usually active all the time. As they grow older, the intense activity periods reduce Encouragement to remain active will allow them to maintain a healthy level of activity as they grow.

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