How to Get Up From the Bed During Pregnancy

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How to Get Up from Bed during Pregnancy

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Congratulations, you are pregnant! It is one of the most beautiful phases of a woman’s life and we know you and your partner must be excited about this new chapter of your life. You must be curious about what your little one is going to be like, aren’t you? No doubt, pregnancy is one of the best experiences of a woman’s life, but it also brings with itself body pain, muscle cramps, joint pain, and several other side effects.

As your pregnancy will progress, your belly will grow and it will be quite hard for you to balance yourself. Gradually, you will even experience difficulty in doing your daily household chores and will be at a higher risk of spraining your muscles or pulling a tendon doing mundane tasks. As your pregnancy will approach the last trimester, you will also face difficulty in getting up from your bed safely without injuring yourself. But there is no need to worry thinking about it because it’s common and almost all pregnant women have difficulty in getting up from the bed during pregnancy. Here, we bring you some tips that will help you prepare yourself to lie down on the bed and to comfortably get up from the bed. Read these tips carefully because you’ll need them in the days to come!

Steps to Get Out of Bed While Pregnant

Before you learn how to get up from a bed, you should know how to prepare yourself for bed before you lie down. Before you go to bed, choose loose, comfortable nightwear that will keep you warm enough or cool enough depending on how cold or hot the weather is. Sit on the edge of the bed and then slowly lower yourself into a sleeping position. It is best to sleep on your side when you are pregnant, especially in the latter half of the pregnancy.

Below, we share with you handy tips on how to get up from bed during early pregnancy without getting injured:

1. Roll on to Your Side Slowly If You are Lying on Your Back or Stomach

Bring your knees closer to your belly and move them to the edge of your bed. Using your arms for support, push yourself to come to a sitting position. Now, swing both your legs on to the floor. You can also use a pillow in between both your legs to get up.

2. Breathe in and Breathe Out

Pregnancy causes dizziness at times, especially when you try to get up. Practising deep-breathing exercises will provide you with relief and alleviate the back pain that you might feel after getting up.

3. Ask for Help

It is suggested that you ask for help in case you are having difficulty in getting up from the bed on your own, especially during the last term of the pregnancy.

Getting up from the bed during pregnancy can be an arduous task because your growing belly causes your centre of gravity to shift and you have trouble balancing. Do not get up in a hurry. Take your time, and get up slowly and safely from the bed.

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