Breastfeeding while Travelling made Easy

How to Breastfeed Your Baby while Travelling

The thought of travelling both with and without the baby might put a new mother into a state of quandary. A little planning however will put her mind at rest. Read this article to know more about breastfeeding during travel.

How You and Your Newborn can Travel Happily!

A new mother who has just begun to bond with her baby over breastfeeding might find the thought of travelling a bit overwhelming. Travelling with little children requires a lot of meticulous planning. A breastfeeding mother must ensure that the routine of her child is not disrupted. She should also ensure that her supply of milk is not affected during travels.

If you are a nursing mother and are looking forward to travelling this holiday season, follow these tips to make things easier for you and your baby:

  • Your baby is precious and is strapped to the car seat for safety purpose. Hence, although it might seem like a breeze, never nurse your baby in a moving vehicle. Take stock of all the rest stops on your way so that you can schedule your feed accordingly.
  • Wear clothes you are comfortable in. Loose, comfy shirts that open in front are perfectly suitable for this purpose. Bring a nursing cover or light cotton stole to cover yourself if it makes you more comfortable.
  • If you plan to pump your breast milk and carry it with you, make sure to carry a cooler and ice-packs. Also, make sure to book a hotel that has a tiny refrigerator so that you can freeze the milk and make ice packs.

How You and Your Newborn can Travel Happily!

  • If you are planning to carry pumped breast milk, it advisable to carry more than opposed to less. Breast milk storage bags make the storage of breast milk so much more easy and hygienic.
  • Carry spare replacement parts so that a damaged breast pump need not upset your feeding schedule.
  • Many babies who are nursing breast milk off the bottle might get confused initially. Hence, make sure to buy feeding bottles which have specially designed nipples for breastfed babies to avoid confusion.
  • Find a good place to pump. Many airlines have quiet, airy rooms for conferences. Make enquiries beforehand for facilities suitable for pumping. If these facilities are not available, let it not dissuade you from pumping, your baby’s health is of utmost importance!
  • Drink lots of water and stay hydrated. Also, carry light nutritious snacks like carrots, nuts and crackers with you so that the supply of milk is constantly replenished and you don’t have to go hungry either.

Following the above tips will help you enjoy your trip without the any added burden of guilt. A happy, contented baby is the key to making your trip hassle free and memorable.

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