How Kids Can Learn to Recognize Their Name In Print

How Kids Can Learn to Recognize Their Name In Print

Your little one is getting better at drawing different kind of lines. He also gradually starting to understand that the wiggly lines that you write actually have meaning. This is known as print awareness.

One of the first things your child will want to know as he develops print awareness with an understanding that written words represent a spoken language. For you to help him do this, we have a guide to help you understand everything about print awareness among kids and how your little learner can recognize their name in print.

How Kids Can Recognize Their Name In Print

Pictures, objects, animations, and other illustrative things are more meaningful for kids. So, first kids learn to recognize the pictures, animations, and objects before they learn to identify printed things, such as their name. It needs coordination of various mental functions to recognize print that include

  1. Recognizing the printed letters
  2. Pairing the alphabet with the right sound
  3. Pairing the sound of various letters in the right way to spell the word as whole
  4. Recall the meaning of the spoken written word
  5. Finally read and understand the entire sentence then paragraph and eventually the complete story. ||

So, your child may call out his name verbally first and, after his mental systems develop well, he learns to recognize his printed name. Print awareness helps your child to relate how the written language complements with the verbal language. And, you can certainly help your child recognize his name in print by developing print awareness in your little learner by following certain effective tips.

4 Effective Tips To Help Your Kid Recognize His Name In Print

1. Acquaint Your Kid With Print

Gift your child printed books containing big-sized alphabets and words. Sit along with your child and read out each and every alphabet of a word in the book. Show him the letters of his name in print. Focus on introducing capital and lowercase letters.

2. Guide Your Child To Identify Printed Words

As you read out every letter and word aloud, tell your child to spell the same. As you read, run your fingers beneath the printed letters. This will help your child learn and grasp the way each letter sounds like. Soon, your child will learn to identify the printed letters and words and eventually recognize his printed name.

3. Encourage Kids To Blend The Letters

Provide two or more letters’ combinations, once your kid masters identifying printed letters. And, ask your kid to blend the adjacent printed letters and spell them. Doing so, your child will learn to identify printed words, such as his name, and spell them accurately.

4. Teach Puzzles

Simple puzzles comprising square-shaped card pieces with one printed letter on each card piece can help your child recognize his name in print. Arrange the combination of printed letters on the card pieces that makes his name and guide him to read his name. Soon, your child will arrange the printed alphabets in the right order and create his name.

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