Outstanding Benefits of Yoga for Your Entire Family

Amazing Benefit of Yoga for Your Entire Family

Yoga is not just about getting fit – it is a way to incorporate a healthy lifestyle in a world that is fast paced and chaotic. Yoga has many different aspects, and there is a branch of yoga for almost everything and everyone. For example, hatha Yoga focuses on basic postures, power yoga focuses on building strength, and hot yoga focuses on removing toxins from the body.

Everyone, regardless of their health or fitness status, can benefit from it.

Benefits of Yoga in Men

Men can benefit from yoga just as much as everyone else. Here are some ways:

1.  Productivity Enhancement

Studies have shown that doing at least twenty minutes of yoga every day can help a person focus better, eventually leading to better decision making. Better focus also means better memory.

2. Muscle Building

Hitting the gym and lifting weights is not the only way to build muscle! Yoga teaches you how to use your resistance and body weight to build muscles. It helps build muscle faster, as Yoga also helps regulate the flow of blood.

yoga helps in muscle building

3. Breaks Boundaries

If you are worried about not being able to handle some of the postures in yoga, you should relax and give it a shot. Yoga will push your limits and will help break boundaries and limitations. It presents a challenge where you push your physical limit with a calm attitude. The whole point is to be able to better yourself.

4. Relieves Stress

Yoga is known to help in relieving stress. The breathing exercises that yoga incorporate will teach you how to be calm in situations that would normally cause you a lot of stress. Through some of the poses that you need to learn and physical challenges that they present, you will be able to de-stress and relax.

yoga relieves stress

5. Better Sexual Experiences

All the concentration and body awareness that yoga teaches helps men focus their energy well towards their partner. Not only that – it also helps to gain control over premature ejaculation, making sex a more pleasurable experience for both.

6. Aids With Pain

Working all day can put our bodies through a lot of stress, even if it is a desk job. These days, people seem to work longer hours than ever before, and it eventually takes its toll. The postures in yoga improve flexibility which help improve body awareness. This helps in recognising any unusual pains and problems in your body at the early stages, thus allowing you to deal with it and heal faster.

yoga helps with pain

7. Improves Overall Health

Stress can affect men by giving them stomach and digestive problems; the long hours spent at the desk can also result in backaches and other problems. There are certain postures yoga incorporates that help digest food better and helps in the absorption of nutrients.

8. Better Sleep

The stress and worries of the world can sometimes cause anxiety and depression, leading to troubled sleep. Yoga doesn’t just provide physical benefits, but mental ones as well. Tension and stress will be relieved by doing yoga, and will make you feel lighter and get better sleep. Better sleep is one of the benefits of yoga nidra.

yoga aids better sleep

9. Weight Loss

The parasympathetic nervous system is activated, and the levels of cortisol are lowered by doing the deep abdominal breathing that is so common in yoga. Coupled with the yoga postures, you can shed the body fat even faster.

10. Increased Flexibility

The different postures encourage flexibility and balance in the body and helps men stay physically active. It also strengthens and sculpts the body so that men can build a stronger and fit body.

yoga causes increased flexibility

Benefits of Yoga in Women

Many women enjoy yoga as a way of exercise, and for good reason. Here are some benefits of yoga regarding women’s health.

1. Keeps Viruses And Allergies Away

The rapid breathing exercises that yoga involves and the ability it has to promote cleansing of the intestines ensures good health. Jal Neti is a practice in yoga that involves a neti pot, lukewarm water and a pinch of salt. It helps to cleanse the nasal passages by removing pollen and viruses from the nose, aids in draining sinus’ and also prevents mucus build-up.

2. Benefits Relationships

Yoga comes with the philosophies of honesty, not harming others, and taking no more than you need. Those who get into yoga for physical fitness are also exposed to the benefits of its philosophy. This has a way of improving relationships as it removes greed and discourages harming others.

yoga philosophies can be applied to real life

3. Keeps You Medication-free

Those who suffer from ailments such as high blood pressure, asthma, type 2 diabetes, and OCD have seen an improvement in their health after starting yoga and have noticed that their medication dosage was reduced and sometimes, stopped altogether due to their improvement.

4. Helps IBS And Digestion

Constipation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and ulcers are all provoked by stress. Since yoga helps in relieving stress, you are less likely to suffer from any of these issues. Not just that – the movements also help in easing constipation.

yoga helps with IBS and indigestion

5. Better Breathing

The breathing exercises in yoga improve lung function and increase the volume of breath and exhalation.

6. Releases Limb Tension

The tension in limbs can lead to soreness in certain areas. When you begin to practice yoga, it becomes easier to notice where this tension is and how to release it.

yoga releases limb tension

7. Improves Balance

Proprioception is the ability to understand where your body is in space and to feel the movements of your body. Yoga helps to improve your proprioception and balance.

8. Reduces Menstrual Cramps

Linking the breathing with movements can improve the flow of blood into the reproductive system and this aids in reducing cramps and bloating during menstruation.

yoga reduces menstrual cramps

9. Reduces Symptoms Of Perimenopause

Some of the postures in yoga are more restorative, and they help calm your nervous system and improve the functioning of the endocrine system. Thus, yoga helps support the hormonal changes that a woman goes through in her perimenopausal time of life.

10. Improves Posture

If you have the right posture, your muscles will be less strained while holding your head up throughout the day. Yoga helps with improving your posture and relieving the neck, back and muscle pain that comes with bad posture.

yoga improves posture

Q & A

Apart from the general benefits that yoga provides, it also offers specific benefits to other groups of people. Here are some popular question and answers about Yoga:

1. What are the Benefits of Yoga for Pregnant Women?

Prenatal Yoga is the routine of yoga that pregnant women practise. Listed below are some benefits of yoga during pregnancy:

  • The Pelvic Floor

Expecting mothers need to strengthen muscles of the pelvic floor so that they can have a smoother delivery. When the flow of blood is stimulated to the pelvic floor, it also helps the healing process once the baby is born. Prenatal yoga helps to lift the pelvic floor that strengthens the muscles. Strengthening the pelvic floor should only be done from the second trimester onward.

  • Posture

Growing babies usually change the centre of balance and a woman’s posture, causing muscle strain and pain. Yoga can help alleviate the lower back pressure during this shift in pregnancy. It involves gentle exercises that will not cause problems for you or the baby.

  • Flexible Hips

During pregnancy, a woman’s hormones will cause the cartilage and bones around the pelvic area to soften in order to prepare for childbirth. Prenatal Yoga can aid in making this more comfortable as well as making the hips more flexible to facilitate a more comfortable birth.

  • Breathing

Correct breathing is very important during delivery as it can help with the stress and pain. In prenatal yoga, “conscious breathing” is taught so that a woman will be able to breathe correctly during labour and help relax her body.

yoga helps with pregnancy

2. What are the Benefits of Yoga in Kids?

Here are some benefits of yoga for students:

  • Builds Strength And Energy

Strong bodies are healthier, and practising yoga will benefit your child by building a strong body that is able to digest food better as well as maintain a proper and healthy weight.

  • Awareness And Focus

Deep breathing exercises help children to be more aware of their bodies and their movements. This makes them more confident and strong, and improves their ability to focus. Improved focus is one of the benefits of Yoga on academic performance as it will enable children to focus better on their studies as well.

  • Calming And Relaxing

Since Yoga has a very calming effect, during meditation and even while moving through the different postures, children will find themselves much more relaxed.

  • Better Movements And Flexibility

Flowing through the different poses during Yoga can help children to have better control over their movements. It also helps develop more flexible bodies.

yoga is helpful for children too

3. How Will Yoga Benefit in Your 30s and 40s?

Here are some benefits of Yoga and meditation in your 30s and 40s:

  •  Maintenance

As you get older, your body starts reacting differently to many things that never really had any effect on you before. Not only will you start to lose bone and muscle mass, but the body fat will also always go to the wrong places like the tummy, upper back and thighs among others. By keeping yourself active with Yoga exercises during your 30s and 40s, you are ensuring that your body remains fit and slender and you are also ensuring problems such as arthritis, blood pressure and so many others are kept at bay for longer.

  • Slows The Signs Of Ageing

Unfortunately, if you don’t take care of yourself, your 30s is when you will start to notice strange things like creaky necks, hips and drooping body parts. While they may not be very noticeable, your 30s are when it all begins, and your 40s only make it worse. One of the greatest benefits of Yoga every morning is that it will help tremendously in starting your day off right and will help slow down the internal signs of ageing.

  • Mental Health

Being an adult can get pretty challenging, and most people start paying the price for their youthful life choices in their 30s and 40s. Yoga meditation practices can help you clear your mind and is great for your mental health.

  • Balances Hormones

With age comes a shift in hormones. Men and women both experience their own versions of hormonal change. Men may experience a drop in their levels of testosterone, and will also undergo emotional changes, and sometimes hair loss. Women experience a change in their menstrual cycle and experience more mood swings. Yoga breathing techniques and postures can play big role in regulating blood flow, which in turn improves your mood and smoothness the fluctuations of your hormones.

yoga benefits people of all ages

As seen, Yoga can play a huge part in a healthy lifestyle as it has so many benefits for pretty much everyone. Even seniors can join hop on the Yoga bandwagon to keep themselves feeling young and to help with their many health problems. Yoga is not just for a certain group of people, and it is not just something you do only if you are interested in weight loss but hate the gym or if you don’t want to do anything that is too stressful on your body. It is a lifestyle with philosophies, and pretty much everyone can benefit from it.

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