Holi Safety Tips for your Kids

Holi Safety Tips for your Kids

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Holi, the festival of colours, is just around the corner, and everyone is eagerly waiting to celebrate it, especially kids. However, as we prepare ourselves for the festival, we need to realize that the number of accidents that take place every year during the festival is high, given the carelessness and lack of knowledge in kids. Therefore, ensuring safety of our kids is of utmost importance, to keep any sudden mishaps from ruining the festive spirit. Read on to find some tips and precautions to play it safe.

Holi is the only festival where everyone indulges whole-heartedly in spraying colours and water at each other, no matter which part of the country they belong to. But while doing so, we tend to use colours that are laced with chemicals, that can cause skin allergies, rashes, or hair damage. All these can be very damaging to the adult’s skin and hair, leave alone that of a child, whose skin is all the more delicate. So, it’s upon the parents to ensure that apt Holi precautions are taken ahead of time.

However, in the midst of all this, you should also make sure that the spirit of Holi does not get dampened, and that kids have a blast while you enjoy yourselves with the grownups.

Tips to Celebrate a Safe Holi with Your Kids

1. Keep a Watch on Your Kid

Make sure that you or an adult is always present near your kid while he is playing with the colours or water. Especially when a large drum or tub is used to supply water. The kid canaccidentallyy fall into the tub or drum while bending down to draw water in his ‘pichkari’. So, always stay close to your kid. This will help in preventing accidents that otherwise may prevail.

2. Use Eco-Friendly Colours

Try opting for natural colours. You may make herbal and skin-friendly colours at home by using turmeric, sandalwood, henna etc. Avoid using toxic colours which contain harmful chemicals that may cause skin allergies or rashes in kids. These eco-friendly colors are easy to wash off and cause no damage to the skin. In addition, your motive of celebrating Holi in an eco-friendly way will also be accomplished.

3. Use Pichkaris Safely

Advise your kid to use the pichkaris in a manner that will not cause any harm to others. Ask him to avoid spraying water on the face, in the eyes or ears of other kids.

use pichkaris safely

4. Avoid Water Balloons

Balloons are fun to play with, but it can hurt the person whom the balloon is being thrown at. The impact with which it falls on them, may have adverse effect on the skin, eyes or ears.

5. Colours Should be Kept Away from The Mouth

Make sure that you teach your children to not put colours in their mouth. These colours contain harmful chemicals, which if consumed may cause severe reactions like vomiting and can even lead to poisoning.

6. Dressing in Appropriate Clothes

Make sure your kid wears a dress that completely covers the exposed skin. Full-sleeved clothing should be opted for both, boys and girls. This is mainly to avoid the contact of colours directly with the skin.

7. Give Respect Take Respect

Train your kid to respect other’s independence on the day of Holi. Ask your kid not be rude to neighbours, or colleagues and to not allow them to be rude either. Aggressiveness of all sorts should be curbed. Teach them that if someone is unwilling to join or in getting the colour applied on themselves, then forcing should never be resorted to. In addition, do not allow your kids to use eggs or mud to play holi. Unclean behaviour should never be accepted.

8. Keep Emergency Numbers Handy

Keep a list of emergency contacts with you.The list should include the contacts of your kid’s doctor, ambulance, nearby hospitals etc.

Skin and Hair Tips for Holi

Follow these steps to protect the skin and hair of your kid from the harmful effects of colours while playing Holi.


Apply oil or cream all over the body of your child, before he goes out to play Holi. You may use coconut or olive oil to moisturize the skin. If required, you may apply sunscreen lotion too, to keep his skin moisturized and as a protection from sun rays. These skin care tips for holi are to make sure that the skin and hair remain protected from the harmful effects of the chemical based colours.


Oil your kid’s hair thoroughly the night before Holi. Repeat this in the morning as well. Tie your girl’s hair before she leaves to play. You may also tie a scarf on her head, as a means of protection.

Holi, the festival of colour, is for bonding and celebrating. It sure is fun-filled, but also invites sudden accidents. So, you need to keep the tips given above in mind, and prepare your kid before you send him out to celebrate the festival of colours. Ensuring that your kid is safe and sound, would give you peace of mind, so that you too will be able to enjoy the festival wholeheartedly.