Here's What to Do When Your Child Isn't Playing Well With Others

Here’s What to Do When Your Child Isn’t Playing Well With Others

Playtime is an essential part of your kid’s routine. You must give it real thought and time as it is crucial for your kid’s development. The age between 2 & 5 is the period when your kid will come out of solo or imaginative play and venture into the outside world. In due course of time, your kid will have other kids to play with. Win and defeat will be a part of your kid’s life and he will definitely try to do well.

The transition age of 2 & 3 is marked by a lot of ego. This ego is a result of solo play till the age of 2. You as a parent can’t help it and the same will show up in his interaction with other kids.

At the end of the day, you want peace and rest. And at that time, you wonder what to do when your child is not playing well with others. There are some behavioural issues in your kid and you don’t know how to tackle them. To know how to tackle, first understand the reason behind it. At the age of 2, your kid will value his own feelings rather than others’. Kids will not stop doing something unless you tell them strongly, even after that they may continue. They will also refuse to listen to life lessons that are given to them. So, how can you tackle the above issues in your kid?

Well, you can teach your kid to behave well with others through the following ways:

1. Appreciate and Correct

This is a great hack that can teach your kids how to behave well with others. Appreciate your kid in front of others for every small gesture. It can be as small as sharing a toy in turns. Also, at the same time correct if anything goes wrong. Mind your tone though! Express your views in a way that your kid will perceive it in the same manner.

2. Self-realization

It is also correct not to jump on your kid in front of many people or kids present. This will throw your little one into an insecure cell. Rather, decide on a calm place and talk to your kid. Narrate the same story that happened and ask him how he would react to it. Your kid will automatically understand the difference between good behaviour and bad behaviour.

3. Practice makes a man perfect

Practicing social behaviour on a regular basis will benefit your kid immensely. Take your kid out for every possible invitation to meet more people and children of the same age. This will give your kid a chance to know more about other kids and behave accordingly.

4. Moral Story

Fairy tales and other fantasy stories will continue to fascinate your kid for life. Why not read some moral stories to your kid? And, ask what she feels about a particular character. Good characters will be liked by your kid for sure. If otherwise, take time to explain why the character is good.

Your kid is wet cement and will take shape according to the surroundings. Be the driver and help make a great shape. Spending time is the key and you as a parent should make some effort towards it.

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