5 Fun Ideas To Teach Kids To Rhyme Words and Sounds

5 Fun Ideas To Teach Kids To Rhyme Words and Sounds

Learning rhyming words helps develop phonological awareness in your child among other benefits. What rhyming activities can we use to keep our kids engaged?

Nursery rhymes offer a lot more than just entertainment. They boost language skills and are a great way of introducing them to storytelling activities. While rhyming words and sounds interest children, they won’t be truly engaged in the activity if they aren’t involved. Thus, if you introduce fun activities to help your kid identify rhyme units, then your child will be completely engaged in learning to rhyme words and sounds quickly.
Here, we list five engaging ideas that are effective in teaching your kids rhyming words in an entertaining style.

5 Smart Ideas To Teach Kids To Rhyme Words And Sounds

1. Rhyming Puzzles

Introducing pictures works better than using printed words when teaching rhyming words and sounds to your kids and rhyming puzzles are the perfect way to begin. Gift your child rhyming puzzles that have colorful images which your kids can identify easily. Encourage your child to assemble the puzzle pieces by identifying the images and their rhyme words and pictures without your help. Instruct your kids to spell out each word loudly so that he can listen to it and figure out how it sounds at the end.

2. Rhyming Bingo Game

The Rhyming Bingo game can be a group activity as well as an individual one and can promote social skills and a healthy sense of competition in kids. While in a group, provide a rhyming bingo board featuring a variety of images, such as a hat, stars, and hen, and some playing chips to each child. Now call out a word, say ‘Bat’, and your preschoolers will need to find an image of a word that rhymes with ‘Bat’, like ‘Hat’, on the bingo board and cover the image of the hat with a playing coin. Continue calling out words and let your kids find corresponding rhyming words till their respective board is full of playing coins. The kid who completes his board the first is the winner. Tell your preschoolers to speak out each word and its rhyming word aloud as they fill up the bingo board.

3. ‘What’s In My Bag?’ Rhyme Game

‘What’s In My Bag?’ is a common game to encourage kids to learn rhyming words. All you need to do is fill a bag with household items, such as a pen, bat, cap, hat, and others. Now, take out one item out of the bag at a time and encourage your preschooler to identify the item and say a word that rhymes with it. For instance, if you take out a pen, your kid should say ‘Pen’ and another rhyming word like ‘Hen’. Give him round of applause if he succeeds. Continue playing this rhyming game till your child finds rhyming words for every item in the bag.

4. Rhyming Hopscotch

Kids love to jump and run around. Thus, hopscotch is a great game to teach rhyming words to your growing child. Draw a hopscotch pattern by using a chalk. Place images inside each hopscotch square. Call out a word and instruct your kid to hop to the square containing an image that sounds rhyming with your called-out word. For instance, if you have placed a picture of a ‘Car’ in one of the hopscotch’s squares, you call out ‘Star’ and your kid should hop to the square having the image of a car. In addition to the benefits mentioned above, rhyming hopscotch also promotes gross motor skills of your kids as well.

5. Rhyming Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is an interesting game that your kids would enjoy. Hide colorful pictures or objects in the corners of your home. Provide your kids with image-bearing checklists and ask them to hunt for the objects or pictures that sound rhyming with the images present in their respective checklists.

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