7 Smart Tricks Every Moms Must Know To Converse With Negotiating Kids

7 Smart Tricks Every Moms Must Know To Converse With Negotiating Kids

Are you finding it difficult to negotiate with your kid? Kids can be really tricky to deal with and quite stubborn. It is important to remain patient and learn some smart tricks that will make your child to listen to you and act accordingly. And, if you have been looking for effective tricks that can make your child listen to you as your try and negotiate, this will help. Here, we list some smart tricks that work effectively catching your kid’s attention and make him follow your instructions.

1. Make Eye Contact

Before you direct instructions to your kid, sit in front of him and engage your little one in eye-to-eye contact while explaining your views. Maintain eye contact throughout your conversation as it makes your child focus on what you are saying.

2. Address Your Kid With His Name

Addressing your child with his name will ensure that he is more alert. It also will make him aware that you mean business! For instance, say ‘Rohan, will you please organize your study table?’ Saying his name firmly will reinforce that authority you have as a parent and ensure that your child takes you seriously.

3. Negotiate With an Offer That Kid Can’t Refuse

To avoid power struggles with your little one, make an offer to your child that will serve his interest as well as yours such that he would find it difficult to refuse. If your child is not listening to you to get dressed properly, say ‘Rahul, get dressed so that you can go out and play with your friends’. Your child will promptly get dressed as you want to.

4. Keep Your Communication Simple

Do not lecture your child with long sentences and mommy jargon. Continuous long speech is bound to bore your child and make him lose interest in talking to you. Keep it simple. Use short, firm sentences and make sure your child hears your request clearly.

5. Tell Your Kid To Repeat Your Request/Instructions

When your child is asked to repeat your instructions, it reinforces the idea in his head. That way he knows clearly what is expected and will either listen, understand or make counter statements against it. Either way, you can be assured that he has heard you loud and clear.

6. Be Positive

Keep your conversation positive. If you find your child running indoors and messing things around, then say ‘We walk when indoors, outdoors you can run, jump, and play.’ This will calm down your running child and he will look forward to go outdoors, instead of running and messing your house.

7. Offer Your Kid Choices

Giving your child choices makes your child feel like his opinion is important. So, if you want to make your child listen to you, negotiate tactfully by offering choices that may appeal to him. For instance, if you want your child to wear coat and he is refusing constantly, offer him a choice, such as ‘Do you want to wear red, black, or blue coat?’ He is most likely to choose a color, listen to you, and wear a coat.

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