12 Foods to Feed Babies and Toddlers with Diarrhoea


The digestive system of young babies is yet to grow to its full matured state to be able to sustain different food items and indigestible fragments. The immunity system of the baby is weak as well leading to a propensity for stomach infections. Knowing which foods to give to toddlers with diarrhoea becomes the need of the hour as everything your little one eats might end up as vomit or continue to be expelled out without giving him the necessary nutrition. Certain food items could help reduce the symptoms of diarrhoea as well.

Foods during Loose Motion for Infants and Toddlers

The diet for a child with diarrhoea should usually include a number of food items that are not only easy to digest but can work towards resolving the problem in the first place.

1. Ginger


Many mothers and people from the earlier generations swear by the power of ginger in reducing the symptoms of diarrhoea. Usually, this is meant for kids that slightly older and not young babies. Giving them ginger mixed with some rock salt and jaggery works on reducing diarrhoea and chances of indigestion.

2. Nutmeg


Also known as jaiphal in various parts of the country, this is yet another age-old remedy used in various Ayurvedic preparations even till this date. It is usually prepared by rubbing a small portion on stone and mixing that powder with water to give to your child.

3. Lemon


There seems to be no ailment that lemon cannot cure. In diarrhoea, lemon plays a vital role in replenishing the body with the salts and fluids that are lost due to constant pooping. Mixing lemon juice with warm water and adding some salt can help your little one get the relief he needs.

4. Cumin Powder


This is a great remedy for children who are more than a year old and suffering from diarrhoea. Mix some cumin powder with fennel seeds and roast on a pan. Mix this powder with boiled water and let your kid have small sips of it.

5. Vegetable Soup


Some types of diarrhoea are alleviated only when the infection goes away. The necessary part to do until then is to keep the energy levels intact. Making simple vegetable soups without any solids and just a pinch of salt can help your baby feel better.

6. Coconut Water


Dehydration can take quite a toll on the little one and take away the appetite as well. Water taken from a tender coconut is key to treating such a situation. Coconut water has a lot of natural salts and minerals, along with the most natural form of glucose. And the best part is that coconut water works even for babies that are 6 months old, too.

7. Sabudana


The khichdi or porridge that is made from sabudana during fasts, is actually quite beneficial for little kids as well as babies. Soaking the sabudana and cooking it, straining the water and making porridge using curd is the best way to give to a child. You can add some salt or hing to it for some flavour.

8. Rice


This seems like a no-brainer but many parents forget that rice can be very easy for a kid to digest, especially in diarrhoea. Moreover, drinking cooked rice water is a well-known remedy that has the power to stop repetitive loose motions in a baby. Start by giving it twice a day and observe. If the motions seem to increase, then avoid giving any more.

9. Potato


Food items with starch in them can work as great nutrition for a baby who loses on all the nutrients during diarrhoea. Intensely mashed potatoes flavoured with little cumin seeds can work in reducing the stomach gas as well as work on diarrhoea.

10. Pomegranate


If your kid has teeth and can chew well, you can give pomegranate seeds as they are to your kid. Else, it is best to extract pomegranate juice and dilute it with water. Giving it to your baby once a day can work towards reducing diarrhoea.

11. Idli


Yes! Not only are these one of the most healthy food items, but it has been observed that idlis dipped in cold water are known to help reduce the chances of diarrhoea. Crush them properly into small pieces before giving to the child. Don’t use chutney along with it.

12. Watered Dal


Cook a small proportion of daal with turmeric powder in water. Then, sieve this out to get a fine version of the liquid. Giving your baby this water can help him with stomach pains and reduce diarrhoea.

Diarrhoea in a young baby can make everyone quite frenetic and worrisome for the baby’s good health. Ensuring good foods for babies with diarrhoea is the first step that can put the child on the path of recovery. If diarrhoea does not show any signs of reduction, contact your doctor to check if any medication might need to be administered.

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