Is Vomiting Normal While Teething in Babies?

Teething and Vomiting in Babies – Is It Normal?

It is still a controversial factor whether vomiting is caused because of the emergence of teeth in a baby. Most doctors advocate that vomiting, diarrhoea and rash are not caused due to teething. When such severe symptoms occur, the family doctor must be consulted. No other drug, homoeopathic medicine or herb is recommended when the doctors need to evaluate why the baby is suffering from vomiting.

What is Teething and When Does it Begin?

Between 6 to 24 months of a baby’s birth, teething generally occurs. When the baby’s teeth emerge or break through the gums, they show various symptoms to express their discomfort by being irritable or putting objects in their mouth. If the baby happens to be an early developer, the first tooth may sprout as early as 3 months. The day the first tooth appears it is a milestone to be celebrated, and the date can be noted in the baby diary. By the time your baby is 3 years, a full baby set of 20 teeth can be seen. The first few teeth to cut through the gums are called ‘pegs’ which are followed by the top centre teeth. Most parents remember the teething period of their baby as they experience a lot of discomforts.

Does Teething Cause Vomiting in Infants?

Teething, an exciting milestone in a child’s life, is often not a very pleasant experience for some. Every baby experiences different symptoms during the process of teething. Experts do believe that teething can cause localised pain or soreness, but it is less likely to cause rashes or vomiting. The paediatrician should try to find out if any other reason is responsible for the vomiting. The passive immunity that a child acquires from the mother gets affected because of exposure to a range of food to bite and chew after acquiring the first set of teeth. You might wonder at the question, can teething cause vomiting at night? It is very rare that babies vomit during their sleep unless they have a bacterial infection or indigestion. It is tough to predict the onset of teething in babies accurately.

How to Manage Teething Symptoms

  • Teething toddlers do not ever show any normal teething symptoms. Some babies drool, some become irritable whereas some have trouble in sleeping during their teething period.
  • An indicator when your baby is teething is slight visibility of a white mass below the gum and mothers can anticipate the emergence of teeth.
  • When babies start teething, you need to keep your drooling baby dry by making the baby put on a bib. The baby is sure to feel uncomfortable in wet or damp clothes.
  • When babies start behaving cranky, it is understood by mothers that they are uncomfortable and so, sullenness is another indicator of a baby’s teething duration.
  • If your baby happens to have inflamed and red gums, some relief can be provided to the baby by gently massaging the affected area with your forefingers.
  • Another symptom which confirms a baby’s teething phase is crying very frequently when the discomfort of teething becomes unbearable. The new moms should try to find out the other symptoms and try to pacify the baby.
  • Babies show different symptoms during teething. When they start chewing anything that comes their way, it is a sure sign of teething, and they should be provided with clean, hard toys or eatables that can soothe their gums.
  • Babies can be given relief for their unbearable pain by painkillers, but parents must avoid doing so and try giving cold compress, a teething ring or chilled spoon to reduce the discomfort.

It is quite a known fact that teething apart from being a joyous milestone can cause sleepless nights. It is quite a challenging task for new parents to understand the cause of discomfort of their babies. As the babies keep growing older, they become susceptible to many diseases which can cause vomiting. Sometimes intolerance to a specific food can also cause vomiting. Parents and caregivers should deal through the process of teething very gently and patiently.

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