Tips for Teaching Children About Their Private Parts

Explaining Private Parts To Your Toddlers

As a parent, it’s your job and responsibility to ensure that your child develops well physically and emotionally. Part of the job is teaching toddlers about private parts and even sex. This can be a touchy subject but it has to be tackled and with the utmost care.

Children are naturally aware of their bodies and have an innate sense of gender identity from a very young age. How do you lever a situation where your child touches himself and asks questions? There’s no need to shame a child for being curious. Be straight and gentle while explaining private parts. It’s okay to tell your child that they’re private and no one is allowed to touch them.

How To Teach Your Child About Sex And Private Parts?

If you are wondering about how to teach your child about sex and private parts, one thing you need to learn before going further is that it is possible to talk to small children about sex and private parts. most of the time, parents don’t know how to approach the subject, they think they will in fact end up feeding their curiosity instead of making them aware and alert. But this is not true. here are some easy tips on how to teach your child about sex and private parts.

1. Use Real Names

When you begin to teach your child about private parts, it’s absolutely fine to use anatomical terms. Teach him to say names right and without embarrassment.

2. How To Handle ‘Play Time’

You can start with body part activities for toddlers alongside playing doctor-patient. Talk to your child and let him know that his body should be kept covered and private. Set limits without making too much of a fuss. Teach him about different body parts along with respecting the personal space of others.

3. Avoid Details

It’s common for children to ask where babies come from and how they’re made. There’s no need to go into details when they’re really young. However, they should also know about the changes their bodies will go through over time. Kids under 6 years of age are too young to learn about sex, but tweens can be explained about it in more detail.

4. Good Touch And Bad Touch

It’s never too early to tell kids about who should touch them. They have a right to privacy and if anyone touches them inappropriately, they should tell the person to stop it and should be encouraged to tell parents and caregivers about it. They should never have to feel uncomfortable and ashamed about speaking up.

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Tips For Talking To Toddlers About Private Parts

While toddlers may not be old enough to understand the concept of sex, it is definitely possible to educate them about ‘good touch bad touch’, and how they can protect and safeguard themselves. Here are a few tips on how to talk to your toddler about private parts.

  • Tell your child that his body belongs to him. It’s okay to hold hands and hug known people but he has the right to say ‘no’ too.
  • Teaching toddlers about private parts with the right terms is important. Encourage your child to ask questions.
  • Make it easy for your child to approach you.
  • Talking to him while bathing him is a good way to point out and name private parts.
  • There will be occasions when a doctor has to handle your toddler to give shots. It’s imperative to help him understand what’s happening to avoid any confusion.
  • Empower your child to say ‘no’, especially when he’s being touched inappropriately.
  • Help your child trust his instincts to figure out whether a touch is good or bad. Doing role plays will help him learn and stay safe.

Just as your child learns that people should not touch him, teach him to respect the privacy and space of others too. The earlier you start explaining private parts to toddlers, the stronger their instinct to protect themselves will become.  It will help him grow strong and assertive as well as help him understand that each person is his own.

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