Coping with Sexual Curiosity in Young Children

Dealing With Your Toddler’s Sexual Curiosity

The level of curiosity in a toddler can sometimes leave you red-faced. This especially holds true when your child starts to explore his private parts. However, you needn’t lose your sleep over this. Coping with sexual behavior problems in toddlers is easy, provided you handle this with patience and sensitivity.

As your toddler grows, so does his curiosity. However, this curiosity is not just limited to his or her surroundings. The child might also be curious about his or her body parts and that of others, especially if they seem different. If you find your child exploring his or her privates or that of someone else, don’t blow your top. Instead talk to your little one and do a bit explaining.

Toddlers Touching Private Parts – What to know

Just because you caught your toddler naked with another child doesn’t mean your little one is vile or too progressive. Most often than not, these games are just that- games. A genital play is considered to be normal if-

  • The other child involved is the same age as your toddler
  • Both the children were in agreement of the game
  • The children seemed to be playing a game like doctor and nurse
  • They were trying to hide from you

Toddlers Exploring Private Parts – How to Deal

  • Don’t Freak Out

    It is quite obvious that you would be in for a shock when you see your toddler’s deed.Yelling at the child and calling the game dirty and bad can actually give wrong ideas to the toddlers and can even increase sexual curiosity in young children.

  • Talking About the “Deed”

    Start off by explaining to your tot that you aren’t angry with him or her. Tell your child that genital play in toddlers is quite a natural thing. However, go on to explain why private parts are called “private”. Make sure that your tot understands that these parts are too personal and cannot be displayed to or touched by anyone other than the child, his or her parents while giving a bath and a doctor during a checkup. Also, it is important that you explain to your child that it is wrong to touch anyone else’s genitals.

  • Teaching about Private Parts

    When you teach your tot about body parts, you often forego naming the private parts. When you find your 3-year-old touching other kids private parts, this is the right time to teach your child about these. Go through the body part lessons all over again and include the names of the privates. Make sure you use the right words instead of the slang that you are used to.

  • Educating about Inappropriate Touch between Children

    Once you teach your child about his or her privates, go ahead and teach him or her that these parts should not be touched by any outsider, no matter who this is. Also, let your child know that any inappropriate touching should be immediately reported to you.

Encourage your toddler to play in the open or with the door ajar, such that you can keep an eye on him or her. Also, if the play continues in spite of your interjections, it would be a good idea to consult a professional.

How did you curb your child’s curiosity about private parts? Do share your insights.

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