Top 10 Fun & Engaging Eid Games & Activities for Kids


No matter which religion you belong to, it is necessary for your child to understand the significance of different religions and the festivals associated with them. The month of Ramadan focuses a lot on keeping yourself away from consumption and indulge in giving a lot to others. Eid is a culmination of the entire thought and is a time for celebration. Your child might not be fasting during Ramadan, so you can put together some Eid games for children so that he, too, can join in the celebration.

Fun And Interesting Eid Activities For Children

Here are some interesting activities that you can engage in along with your kids.

1. Making Decorations In A Variety Of Languages

  • Most schools will focus on learning English and another native language or two. So, this is a great time to let your kid decorate the home in various ways that depict other languages using the Arabic script.


  • Tell your kid a few positive messages or well-wishes and let him write those in English, as well as Urdu and other languages. If he isn’t used to them, the Internet is the best friend he’s got and he will have them for you in no time.

2. Glass Jars Decorated With Colourful Paper

  • All that’s needed is a glass jar, some coloured paper, water, and glue. Mix together the glue and water and coat the surface of the jar completely with it.


  • Then let your kid tear out pieces of coloured paper and stick them on the jar. Make sure the jar is covered completely with paper.
  • Once done, apply another layer of glue to stick them fully and let it dry.
  • Later at night, you can put in a candle or a small bulb and place the jar in a safe place. The light that emerges out will be magnificent.

3. The Quickest To Sight The Moon

  • The moon plays a vital role in the announcement of Eid and marks the end of the month of Ramadan.


  • Let your kids make their own binoculars using empty cans and use them to sight the moon. This can be turned into a game where every kid needs to sight the moon from a different location of the house.

4. Dangling Moon And Stars Around The House

  • Gather as many old colour papers, magazines, or gift wrappings that you can find. Use a marker to draw stars and moons on them. Using child-friendly scissors, let your kid cut them out from those.


  • Using some duct tape and strings, tape a moon and a star to a string and make a collection of those.
  • Now, these strings could be taped to your ceiling or tied to the curtain and your home will have moons and stars all around the place.

5. Making Your Very Own Kaaba With Paper

  • Find an old cardboard box that might have come when having purchased any electronic appliance.


  • Buy black coloured paper and wrap the box completely with it. Use glue to keep the paper stuck properly to the box.
  • Let your child use the Internet to find an image of the Kaaba to refer to and use golden stripes to decorate the box and make it resemble just like the real one.

6. Become An Arab For A Day

  • Girls can wear scarves and long dresses that have traditional Arabic prints or designs on them. Little boys can wear turbans, stick fake beards, and waltz around the house like a real Arab.


  • Learning a few lines in Urdu or any other Arabic language can be quite fun as well.

7. Gift Envelopes Made For Eid

  • When having guests, relatives, or friends over, gifting them a card or take away items or money in an envelope is a nice gesture.


  • Purchase plain white envelopes from the store and let your kid decorate them in the vein of Eid.
  • This could include writing Eid Mubarak in Arabic script or decorating the cards with the colours of Islam and other positive messages.

8. Tin-Holed Lantern For Eid

  • All you need for this craft item is a bunch of lids from a tin can.


  • Sketch out the design of a mosque or the moon such that the outline itself can convey what it is.
  • Paste this paper on the tin and give it to your child. Now, let him use a small pin and poke holes along the design through the tin. Make sure all safety precautions are followed.
  • Once the holes have been poked, the tin can be decorated with ribbons or coloured paper. Put the lid back on the can and tape a thread onto it.
  • Let loose a bulb inside it when it hangs. When you switch the bulb on, the lid will emit the light from it in the pattern of the design.

9. Understanding The Significance Of Ramadan And Eid

  • All these years your child might be too small to understand the reason behind celebrating Eid and the importance of the month of Ramadan.


  • Make this Eid a memorable one by sitting him down and reading out a story that talks about the history of this day in a way that’s appropriate for him.
  • You could make use of reference images or even use the world map to talk about various events that led to it. Telling the story in an animated manner with different characters, voices, and sounds will make for quite an entertaining tale.

10. Rolling Dry Fruit Balls For Everyone

  • What makes Eid great for everyone is the delicious expanse of food items that are there to taste.


  • Making sweet balls from a dry fruit mixture is a wonderful way to welcome your guest or bid them goodbye.
  • Make the mixture by yourself and let your kid help you out in rolling the balls. Roll a reference ball for him so that he would know what size to roll them to.
  • Arrange all paper containers on a plate and place the balls in them before serving those to the guests.

The day of Eid is a day of celebration, reunion and enjoyment. It is a day of togetherness and spending time with everyone as a family. The various Eid crafts for children not only develop a sense of understanding of the culture, but also helps them get involved in the festivities, and have a sense of belonging too.

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